Hottest search on Ebay

Hottest search on Ebay " Android tablet "

No doubt, Ipad rules the tablet market with a brimful share but android tablets are evidently catching up fast. According to ebay's top 5 searched items list, android tablet tops the list making it a worthwhile buy as ebayans are eagerly looking for home ragged android tabs

A big chunk from the reasons behind andy pads demand and that they have become most sought after at ebay, goes to the abundant advent of cheap chinese Ipad clones that box freely available android solar systems (oops! ecosystem) and the incessant and consistent updating of the OS which compel the owner to throw the tab that carry the old version.

However most listed items at ebay under the category '' Android tablets '' for mouth watering $99 price tags that measure at a 7" display and claim to have a 4GB inbuild flash memory are from shadowy chinese ebay stores which ultimately have proven to be scams.

Ipad, ipod, hp touch pad fill the rest of the top 5 list respectively. Its convincing in the meantime that hp touchpad which failed at retail outlets earlier this year and now sales at pennies has fueled a new market niche for the flopped tablet or rather has triggered a new marketing trend?

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