50 Samsung Galaxy Note facts you should know

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With mouthful of apps it sometimes hangs, freezes and even reboots or auto turns off itself without owner's prior consent

Widgets or such things won't perform from external storages

To manage your cut or copied texts from browser or any other apps, use Andclip(free). You can easily view save or delete them with it

The stock video player of the Note supports almost any type of videos. No need to convert. If your desired video is not playing, download mobo player from the app market

Sketchbook Mobile app is one brilliant app that recognises S-pen

Sony Ericsson MW600 Hi-Fi Wireless Headset is one of the best bluetooth headsets for Galaxy Note

If you think making calls with it holding it against ears is such a big ludicrous thing, use a handsfree

When you try to hang up and the screen stays black, press home button. It will bring back the screen.
Its not a bug but a security measure to avert your ears from accidentally hitting any unwanted options during an ongoin conversation

To switch between landscape and potrait modes in the browser, press menu>settings>landscape view.Check it or uncheck it accordingly

Samsung Galaxy Note will get Ice Cream Sandwich this year. Note it down

US carriers don't offer the Samsung Galaxy Note on contract yet. To get it from offshore, throw $650 to $700

On AT&T's 3G and 4G HSPA+ 21Mbps network it works perfect

On T-Mobile, you will get 2G EDGE

Its rumoured that the Galaxy Note is coming to AT&T

Dual core 1.4GHz Exynos CPU is considered the fastest

The Galaxy Note has a 5.3" Super AMOLED HD display with a massive 1280 x 800
pixels resolution, the same specs you get on an Android 10" tablet

The Note is empowered with a Wacom dual digitizer, supports capacitive multi-touch and active pen input from a EMR digital pen ( boxed ). It's a good news for artists, writers, bloggers on the go

Only on Samsung's notes app, drawing programs and few others you can use the pen. Adobe Reader, Quickoffice Pro and DocstoGo don't support it

Use ezpdf reader to sign documents on the Note( a paid app)

The copy paste thing of the note is cross platform, so it works everywhere. Virtually you can copy any text from any app and paste it on any other app

If the battery shows unusual behaviours like you fully charge it during night and still its 62% or 70 something left when you wake up, the machine is faulty. Go for a replacement. (the drainage should be around 3-4% for such instances at most)

To manage large HD video files about 5 to 6GB easily(to transfer to SD card etc), convert them to MKV format. It reduces the file size

If your on 2.3.5 firmware make it 2.3.7 through update. It fasten the performance

To get it to work with at&t, just input the APN after the SIM. Reported off peak downlink with AT&T is around 10.5meg, during the day, around 5-6meg

A white screen consumes a lot of battery since it has an AMOLED screen. It can be easily observed while browsing

A blurry effect occurs when a screen protector is used. However it's Gorilla glass after all which is also scratch-resistant. So if you go after screen protectors you want fully get what it offers

Note has the resolution of a tablet (1280x800), hence, the games are limited (unlike the more common screen resolutions like 480x800 of S2). So G-Note doesn't run most of the games out there

Using a bluetooth headset isn't that ugly even it sometimes can be interpreted as your talking to yourself. You get less radiation from bluetooth than you will from the antenna on the phone

Smart Communications, the Philippines' leading wireless services provider is giving this away free on an unlimited data plan, about USD44 but is charging for push mails and social networks. Plug in a Smart pro unlimited plan sim, the updates are free of charge

SAMSUNG GT-N8010 is the rumoured Galaxy Note II and will feature a bigger display, delightful ice cream sandwich and supposedly a WIFI dual

icloud, red eye reduction are two distinguishable features of the iphone you won't get on galaxy note

The battery life is far better than Galaxy S II, the formula is simple, bigger display = a capable battery

4G Network, Touch-sensitive controls, Corning Gorilla Glass, USB On-the-go are present

Some have replaced their laptops even

To transfer media, files to note from your laptop/pc by data cable, connect usb, click on mass storage from note then go fishing

Many consider it a tablet + a phone, thus samsung has set a new standard, leading marketing trend and has emancipated the consumers from the burden of carrying two devices at the same time. However in reality its yet a phone bundled with android 2.3.5 aka gingerbread. What's your moto? too big to be a phone or too good to be a phone ?

If the default battery juice doesn't quench your energy thirst buy an extra battery which will boost the performance and cost around 12 bucks for the same capacity

Asphalt 6 HD is now available on samsung app store to download

S-pen and S-note application do not work on other samsung phones

S Pen takes the user to a new level of functions

Sony ericsson Nozomy is on the way and the tabphone sphere will be on fire soon

Price is 620USD in Cambodia

To hide files, use Hide IT pro. One of the best tools. Rated 5* in android

To sync windows contacts to the phone, export your windows contacts as a .csv file and import to google account. Then login with the google ID from the phone

Can use as a modem via kies air and with wi-fi hotspot, tethering other devices is a breeze of ease

To watch live TV
on note? yes popular live tv apps like SPB Tv, rentadrone and live tv are facilitated

To move multiple items with one stroke, try Astro from andriod market.

More apps to hide your photos, videos or other files that you don't want the world to see,Try Vaulty

If the system memory isn't enough to pack all your apps, use App2SD Pro. It will automatically save apps into microSD memory card and with it you can transfer apps to USB memory too. Default system storage/memory of the galaxy note is only 2 gb. However its equipped with 11gb of usb storage. To move apps to an external memory card or USB memory the natural way, press menu key -> go to Manage Apps -> App (whatever you got) -> Move to SD card or USB. But most apps cannot be shifted this way

To move your files in bulk the natural way, go to 'my files', press options then more,then select move. Mark the files you want to move

Tubemate is the one of the best youtube downloaders out there


  1. Does it really work with the Sony Ericsson MW600 Hi-Fi Wireless Headset? I am planning to replace my Sony Ericsson with the G-note, but it's soo big that I want to use it with the MW600. I'm just worried about the compatibility of these two devices and haven't been able to find too much info about it!!

  2. I have the MW600 and it works great with the Note


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