Few WindowsPhone 7/ 7.5 facts

Your logged into the market place and you cant still get the apps you want? Its still prompted " your not logged in with your windows live id?

1 Restart the phone, most times it do the trick
2. do a factory reset, add your Live/Hotmail account once again.

Multitasking, to quickly switch between open apps, a good task manager to manipulate apps?

Actually there is on multi tasking available in windows 7. But the apps itself have the ability to save their current status and jump back to the status quo when started again

Can I have fixed tile for a web page?

open the web page, tap at the bottom right
and select "pin to start"

Why this file and that file I cant open with windows office mobile?

windows mobile office still doesnt render most. So you want be able to open most of the complicated layouts

The MS reader doesnt recognise .lit files. Convert them to more understandable format like pdf

Zune Music is only accessible by few Marketplaces so far due to licensing complications

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