Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iphone 5 - What users say

"The remote wipe flaw found in Samsung devices apparently can wipe out
any Android device and also black out the SIM card. On WP8 or iOS this
would be solved by an update. However on Android, it goes to
manufacturers. Samsung have sent an update, but others have not,
leaving a very long lag between vulnerabilities and the software patch
coming in time"

"Any body got iphone scratched edition lol I have one"

"Played with the actual phone at the Apple training. Looks just like
the iphone 4/4s but slightly taller. With IOS6 on the older phones. I
dont see how this phone is so amazing.....! I really dont. How ever it
is a money maker for our business due to all the apple fans. But if
people ask me for my recommendation, it is going to be the S3. Hands

"This phone is NOT winter resistant. Nor it's water, dust or shock
proof. I bet using iPhone in extreme winter temperature where the
needle drops to -30 degrees, will be awful since it is made of
aluminum. You may not even hold it unless you wrap it in rubberized
housing. Aluminum absorbs the cold and it shrinks. I wonder what will
happen if it gets frozen. Putting it back to warmer environment
produces condensation because humidity sticks to metal and might
affect internal parts. Polycarbonate and kevlar phones are still

"$200 for the 16GB Black or White, but you have to sign a two year
contract with a carrier. Its the same price for most new smartphones"

"In the US we pay a lot just for cellular service, around $80 a month
for voice/limited data /text/email etc"

"iPhone 5 is already outdated. Making an iPhone5 costs only $ 260, so
why the hell should it be sold at $1200? I have purchased/used 3
Iphones (3g/3gs/iph4) and thrashed after switching to Android like HTC
Amaze, SGS2 and now SGS3. Apple has nothing to convince people to buy
iphone 5, increasing length and using nano SIM is simply not enough to
attract, in reality apple offers same user experience ,
indistinguishable menu's and icons from 3g to iphnoe5, non expandable
memory, total reliance on itunes, no mass storage as always, I can
afford this master piece of apple but don't have single rational
reason to buy it."

"Very disappointed after updated to ios6. Any way to downgrade IOS5?"

"Why my iphone5 got so many problems? Weak signal ,drop call and worst
battery life - surf internet only 4-5 hrs the most. Is my set faulty?
I barely got it a week ago"

"Some love Apples and some love Oranges"

"You gotta admit that the Note 2 and even the S3 has a greater
processing power than the iphone 5 and it also supports Flashplayer
which will greatly increase your web browsing experience and further
enhance the versitility of your phone which the iphone 5 does'nt
support. So why buy an iphone 5? For me iphone 5 is just a piece of

"Whatever iPhones are made of, they must be doing some things right.
Some guy dropped his iPhone in a lake, found it 6 moths later and it
still works! I'm guessing iPhones are either made of Amazinginium or

"Actually its made of that rare Apple patented metal called
Jobzniakium which has a special property of absorbing all money it
comes into contact with"

"All they've really done is keep smoothing the edges of a 6 year old
operating system"

"A perfect phone"

"Everyone wants iPhone for simplicity and these NFC tags do exactly
that. I just put the tag on the car holder and I have it setup so as
soon as you put it in, it automatically starts up Google Maps and I
have another on my car keys to start up Bluetooth so it connects to my
headset with nothing more than waving my phone past it. So I'd
seriously start bugging Apple to get this included in the next iPhone"

"I bought Sony Xperia P last week (30,000PKR i.e appx 320USD), its a
very good phone, but I would still say that iphone is the best. I
hated iphone last year, but now think its spotless. I dont need a map
to find my way round UK for gods sake its well signposted. In seconds
I can be watching TV then putting in calender entry then setting alarm
with NO stress lag or crash or force close over and over again with 64
apps open. Try and crash an iphone, push it over and over again and it
just keeps doing it with no lag or crash"

"Every iOS device I've worked with and the ones I own, have completely
frozen on me, because of an app crash. The only thing that makes iOS a
better experience when it does completely lock up, is that it reboots
way faster; at least faster than my Android devices"

"With my Android devices, none of them have been disabled by an OS
update. My iPad was thrown into recovery mode and nothing I tried -
I've been an Apple developer since 2005 and happy Mac guy since the
System 7 days - on my Macs here, could get it out of it. It wasn't
until Apple's next update that I was able to get it working again"

"The iphone is an object of lust and the IOS just backs that up with
flawless operation. Thats what so good about iPhone"

"Wait for the 128GB version"

"Fact is, when an app crashes, if its Android, it wouldn't crash the
phone. The OS prompts you that the app crashes and asks you to force
close it or send a report"

"iphone 5 sucks in storage. It is going to become something like Nokia
because it relies on its logo, not its technology"

"In Android, the app doesnt have access to the lower level of the OS,
it is executed from a VM called Dalvik VM. Though there will be little
chance that might crash the whole phone together, its probably 5% of
the time or even less"

"It's not the app that crashes. Close running apps, it automatically
frees resources. Then launch your app and it will be stable"

"OH wow! Face call over 3G? Wake up! We are in 2012 not in 2000 when
video calls were already old. What is next MMS?"

"I am going to spend $1800 for a remote control looking phone. By the
way, do I get a TV with it? for that price I should"

"I thought about apple the same before I got my hands on HTC one X, my
friend had one of those. All I had was an Ipad 3 that time. I tried so
hard to win the comparison we did between these 2 items. He was able
to beat me easily. Believe me apple is a great brand for easy use
(elders and old people) but 4 us (young generations) Android items are
the best"

"My son is well pleased with his iphone5. Fast, great graphics, some
of the apps have updated to IOS6 already and camera is better than 4s,
SIM smaller as now its a namo sim but free from service provider,
overall so far so good"

"Apple maps auto-cache actually saves double the data of Google maps
offline mode"

"The app approval process is easier for Android. Developers issue more
updates (with bug fixes) more quickly on the Android platform"

"When I used Android and it crashed, it CRASHED - the phone froze on
whatever screen and became a ligthed paperweight until I pulled the
battery and started over. When my iPhone crashes, the only thing that
happens is that the app I was using closes suddenly, and that's it. I
won't argue that iOS crashes more often, but with iOS its much less
tiresome and annoying, because while an occasional app may crash, the
phone never does, while android does that quite often"

"My Nexus One and Asus Transformer (Android tablets) are more stable
on average than my iPod Touch and iPad, or any model of iPhone I'v
used for development for that matter. But having said that, there are
some really bad Android phones out there that will make all iOS
devices look like good; but all consumers should do their research
before buying"

"Once you go with Apple, it's hard to turn back"

"Converted from Windows XP to Mac OS X 2 years ago. Now I am reluctant
to switch back to windows. Why? OS X is simpler and easier to use
(after you know how to use OS X) But that does not mean that OS X is
the best OS. I think windows is still the best"

"This reminds me the antenna issue with iPhone 4. Apple executives
holding different Samsung / Nokia phones in different ways and were
telling people, 'see all phones drop signals, its normal', hahaha...
if it was normal, why did they add dual antenna in 4S?"

"Two of my friends bought iPhone 5 and both had to visit the iStore
twice to replace their handsets"

"I bought an OPPO finder last week in China (black color), and found
that the phone is not bad (for half the price of my iPhone 5). Comes
with Android 4.0 and amazingly thin. Build quality on par with iPhone
5 (both made in China). OPPO finder feel real nice in the hand and the
size is about perfect, my iPhone 5 screen size is still a little too
small in real life usage"

"How can dual core with a very high price compete a quad core for half
the price? Apple is so expensive. You can even buy an hectare of
property in our province for that price"

"Got my eyes on Lumia 920 now"

"If its scratched then WHY are you not just returning it to Apple? you
have 14 days to return for full refund"

"What I like the most about this is, it's velocity, it is very fast.
IOS6, it's sublime. Thanks Apple for this masterpiece"

"Been using iphone5 for 2 days. Cool phone and very user friendly. BUT
always have to keep it boxed cause scratches easily"

"Iphone 5 feels like a slim remote control. I'm very disapointed with
Apple. I have been an apple user since 2010 but now it makes me sad to
see that a mobile that costs that much has scratches and feels stupid
in my hands"

"Both platforms have their pros and cons. Android for superphone/
computer like functionality and iphone for simplicity of use and it's

"As for os updates are concerned, the rest is assured that the iphone
you invested money with will have upto date updates as long as it's
supported, thats not the case with Android phones, unless you use a
custom ROM"

"I bought the phone yesterday. Butterly smooth. But I'm getting purple
haze while taking photos"

"I specifically hate how Androids save contracts. When you save a
contact it goes straight to phone mem. now you loose them if you
accidentally factory reset ur phone"

"Comparing Apple to Android phones these days is problematic since
Apple have decided to go thinner and lighter when everyone else has
decided to go bigger and heavier to accommodate all the tech that
iPhone users don't get. If you compare a S3 to an i5, the S3 is like a
top-flight Corvette and the i5 is like an NSX Type-R. The Corvette
would blitz it in a straight line, the NSX would kill it in
manoeuvrability. Unfortunately the NSX, for all its brilliance, never
took the same evolutionary path as other cars in its class, so like
the iPhone it just doesn't offer the same things others do"

"Maybe I had made the wrong decision to go for the iPhone5, thinking
that it's an upgrade to my 4S! To me, it feels more like a downgrade
in a way. Maybe I should have waited for the Samsung Galaxy Note2"

"And now I notice there is a WiFi connection issue - my friend told me
it's a problem with iOS6, and one of the things I can do to make WiFi
work better is to turn off security, which is crazy!!!"

"What's wrong with Apple? My brand new black iPhone 5 came with a
scratch along the side, the touch screen is not as responsive as my 4S
- sometimes have to press a few times before it react"

"Mono recording is better for mobiles. I had Sensation and N8 and
stereo video audio on mobile devices is crap"

"You can run a lot of apps or almost all Android apps with jb'ing your iphone"

"I completely disagree with the speed test against S3. A rooted S3
with JB and also an active ad killer app, S3 is the fastest, totally
lag free. I also saw the speed test in youtube. I wonder that s3 had
updated or not. Trust me, Android can be very best, unless you follow
some rule, for an example, if you don't clear your ram and kill
applications on every 10 minutes, you will find at least 20 to 30
applications constantly running in the back which is awesome and
ridiculous at the same time. To me, I love both of my phones, they r
good and efficient, because I run them efficiently"

"Apple only allows the things on iStore to be leased under license, it
still does not belong to them, same like music on iStore"

"Apple going after Android however, is quite straightforward, Eric
Schmidt was on the board, he saw IOS, Android for phones suddenly
magically transformed from Blackberry clone to iOS clone. Steve
blocked Eric from iPad, and Android suddenly magically slowed on
tablets unlike in smartphone case"

"It's important to note that other phones have serious issues but they
don't get covered by the media"

"The screen doesn't fit for HD games"

"I've had the iPhone 5 for about a week and a half, and I'm still
annoyed about the dock connector thing. But it's a small problem, and
in retrospect I was wrong to allow myself to become overwhelmed by
dock-based frustration. That's because, in all other ways, the iPhone
5 is the best phone ever to grace the earth. It beats every single
rival on just about every metric you can think of, including speed,
battery life, and especially beauty and workmanship"

"I have the Galaxy Nexus and have had Jellybean running on it for
about a month. I think most of your problems stem from the horrible
Providers in the US (Verizon, AT&T)"

"International version only has bands 1,3,7 of LTE which means you get
no 4G service from most operators and no 4G service at all in many
countries. No matter how fast the processor is, you are getting no
real improvement"

"Unlocked 16 GB version reached Egypt. But it costs about $1400
without the protecting case. With this price I can buy 2 SGS3s with
their acessories. Disappointed"

"If you want to buy a Smartphone with a whole package, the Samsung
Galaxy S3 is for you"

"The only thing that came out of apple this year was from samsung's pocket"

"As far as I know, phones running on Jelly Bean are working great with
no lag at all"

"Well yes, Android has malware, but if you are smart enough, you will
not have problems. You don't need to use 100 applications. And it's
safe if you don't use the stock browser. Google Android is attacked
because it's very famous. I think in the near future other OS'es will
be attacked as well"

"I finally convinced myself to drop Blackberry and give the latest
iPhone a try and Im severely disappointed. I cant get more than 4
hours battery life, the phone scratches easily and looks 2 years old
after just one week! As dated as the Blackberry is, its so much more
functional than this piece of crap"

"Once you pay for an app, it is recorded in the server so you do not
have to pay again, even if you lose all your apps you can just
reinstall them for free on an iphone"

"To my shock, I found few scratches below the phone. I thought this is
only 1 in a million but went through sites and found this problem is
worldwide. Went back to the shop the next day and had a replacement.
But when I got back home, guess what! scratches and a dent. Whats goin
on? Returned and refunded. I will be using my reliable 4s for now and
may check other phones. Will be avoiding apple for sure"

"Its your iTunes account and your credit card or itunes voucher is
linked to that account. All your purchases stay on your account. You
can change your iphone everyday but when you sync it to your itunes
account, all copied back to your new fone. Once you bought an app, its
yours forever. Two things, you only copy across what you wish. If an
app you dont like but bought, you can untick it and it wont sync, plus
if you buy an iphone 3 or 3g some later, apps may not work on that
lower spec hardware"

"So impressed with ip5, no stress with it but not saying 4s is a slow
device. This is even faster. Android phones have always been a
terminal for advertising since day one"

"Most free games have Ads? All you have to do is pull down the
notification bar and turn data off. Then they are truly free. But
Apple doesn't want to allow free games because it's impossible to get
a cut from a free game"

"So far, over past week had 42 updates. Most are to fit into 4inch screen"

"HD 720p display. The best display is provided by Sony and Htc
Example: Sony Xperia S, Htc Rezound etc"

"Gaming on ip5 is better than s3 because the SGX543MP3 is stronger
than MALI-400MP"

"Mono audio recording in videos"

"Its too tall. I've had S3 and eye tracking does not work when you
want it. Its too at bedtime"

"NFC is non existent in UK"

"Only Siri makes Iphone look cooler. Samsung for example has phones
that range from phones with better battery capacity to phones with
built in projectors to waterproof ones"

"Apple is too rich to die but if they don't change, they'll end up
like they were in the early 90s"

"I've the Black iPhone 5, it does scratch easily, the white one is
much better for casual user; not for businessmen"

"I live in Indonesia and there are no phone discounts here by the
provider (telkomsel). I pay full price for each device I own and it
comes completely unlocked and open. With that said, I have always
enjoyed the latest Android update within days or weeks of its US

"Many blindly buying iphone 5 just for showmenship without even
knowing its software applications suitability to geographical
locations. eg: Apple maps is not reliable and not accurate outside the
State. NANO sim wouldn't be available in most developing countries
before later part of 2013. likewise full LTE network services wouldn't
be available in India before another 3 to 5 years time"

"4G Services being launched in India (Airtel & Reliance) is the half
evolved TDD-LTE where as all major manufacturers including Apple and
Samsung have better evolved FDD-LTE. Hence 4G capability of these
devises is useless in India"

"1,440 mAh non-replaceable Lithium Polymer battery? Galaxy NoteII has
got a 3,100 mAh user replaceable Lithium Ion battery. What a great
dump to all ip5 admirers"

"I bought one on monday and sold it by wednesday. Its terrible, feels
cheap and games have black boarders because they dont fit in the
stupid skinny screen. Later bought One X which is better in every way"

"You will find some difficulty in faster text typing on iphone 5,
while others will enjoy freedom of finger movement on GNII"

"Have been an iPhone user for years but totally disappointed with
iPhone 5, especially with iOS 6"

"Smaller screen can also help to save more battery life"

"After calling it's maps as the most beautiful and powerful EVER,
Apple now adds new section for alternative mapping software in the App
Store. How pathetic"

"In my country it is sold at 1000euros. thats 1200$ and people are
buying them like crazy. I will wait for iphone5s"

"Recently I visited several Apple Stores in UK and found all the
iPhone 5s had gotten scratches on their edges after 3/4 days of use in
the shop. Whether it's black or white, every iPhone 5 had scratches. I
am really shocked"

"From my experience, in terms of Anodized Aluminium unibody, HTC is
the best. They've made the standard of Anodized Aluminium unibody by
making legendary HTC Legend, Desire HD, Desire S, 7 Mozart, One S and
so on. Apple should have learned from them"

"The iPhone 5 is a real disaster, I already own an iPhone 4S and the
construction quality is not comparable, the 4S wins in every aspect, I
saved more than $1000 on a separate bank acc just to buy the iphone 5
but I won't and I'll wait till a fixed version is out"

"Amazing how seamless it is. Really have not used anything like this
before. No stutter, not even a hint of it. Perfect speed. Maybe in the
future new apps and redesigned (fancy) UI stuff will slow this down..
maybe not? Its very snappy. I can open a game so much faster than

"Warning to all users who want to downgrade their IOS 6 to IOS 5. Do
not try to do so as IOS 6 is still a Beta version. What's shown on the
YouTube for IOS 6 downgrading are proof to be untrue. It will only
give u errors & kill ur device. Keep what u have now and wait for
Apple to resolve the problem. Wait for Apple's official announcement"

"Its a happy shopper product built in a cheap chinese factory, sold at
Rolls Royce prices"

"A massive bug in the system where the operating system uses cellular
data instead of connecting to wi-fi. Across the country, people are
getting hit with big monthly bills from their cellular provider for
unsuspected data usage. One user burned 1.8 gigabytes of data over
five days on his iPhone 5 despite being connected to wi-fi 75 percent
of the day"

"It's amazing how something very normal is a disaster when it happens
on an iPhone"

"Benchmark data suggests that the A6 can dynamically overclock itself
to up to 1.3GHz and downclock to just 500MHz, depending on workload"

"I have a Samsung tab which I like, but I hate that region by region.
Firmware upgrade & in Australia we are most of the time last. At least
with Apple you don't have that stupidity. Also with Apple care my
iPhone has been replaced on its 23rd month as the home button became
not as quick as before. So I would say the customer service is good"

"With Android, that blue cursor when typing is not user friendly at all"

"Apple 'added authentication chip' to iPhone 5 cable to stop
third-parties making cheaper versions. Then charges you $30 for its
own adapter"

"iPhone 5 introduced in-cell display, merging two layers into one,
improved speed incredibly and stretched battery life yet in a body
that's thinner. They changed material so that in three drop tests, by
ANDROID users, it beated SGS3 in each one. The iPhone 5 is one hell of
an advancement over the iPhone 4S"

"Iphone 5 is the recycle of Iphone 4s. Specs are like the specs of old
model Samsung GS2. I was expecting Iphone 5 would be 4.3 to 4.6in in
display and a Quad Core since it is too expensive than Samsung GS3"

"The new iPhone, which is capable of connecting to 4G LTE networks,
will increase security risks. For example, Rob Enderle, an analyst at
Enderle Group, said the ease of sharing photos with the new device
could lead to pictures of unannounced products "[finding] their way
out of the company more frequently"

"The iphone 5 camera edges seems more distorted and I hate the bottom
position of the headphone socket"

"Cracked my screen already just from the table. Its not very sturdy at
all. Apple store said it will cost e170 to fix, I've made a huge

"The iPhone 5 unerwhelmed me; it's time for a new phone, but it just
doesn't feel like one"

"iPhone 5 is not bad, but not the best for the price"

"Almost every iPhone owner who's honest does realise the UI on ICS and
Jellybean is much nicer and more modern than the flat old UI on IOS.
20 reasons not to buy iphone 5

1. Poor maps
2. Small screen
3. Wifi problem
4. Too prone to scratches
5. Unusual lines while trying to type a message
6. Camera with an unusual purple color on the pics taken
7. No more access to youtube
8. No more access to google accounts
9. No more google search engine
10. Have to use a silly case to protect its very fragile body
11. Same old boring UI
12. Nothing new but a silly thing called lightning for charging the
phone and a panorama for pics
13. No turn by turn
14. No eexpandable memory
15. No video calls over cellular
16. No flash for streaming videos
17. Escaping light from the phone
18. Too light , seems like a toy when hold
19. No xvid/divx
20. Too expensive for a half baked Os"

"The benchmarks were only done on the US S3 with dual core Snapdragon,
obviously the iPhone 5 gonna thrash it. But the S3 that's been on top
of the tables is the Quad Core Exynos international version which
benchmarks have shown on the Jellybean that it will be about 20%
higher than ICS. The S3 still has a Hell of a lot more potential
performance under it's hood when it gets more optimised. So don't
expect to be bragging for much longer when it gets Jellybean very
soon, and the Note2 will make it look like even more of a little kids
plaything when it's released"

"I have the iphone 5 and the galaxy S3 now. The S3 is a bit big, not
too easy to use but a super smart phone. The more you use it, the more
you will get to know what u like and make it more easy to use. I have
never seen this on any mobile phone or computer or laptop. The back
cover is a cheep plastic but with $10 you can get a new one"

"I will use the iphone 5 for a dinner or a meeting, look cool but I
want to use a real mobile phone for other things, I will go for the
Galaxy S3"

"Android has the chance to beat Apple and get NFC into mainstream like Japan"

"I just slide lock down on side of iphone and it mutes all sounds
except in emergency if someone needs to contact you, then go to bed
with podcast playing"

"Most people are on two year upgrade cycles because of the contract
process anyway. So what in the world is the incentive for a carrier to
update a phone? Smartphones are full blown computers that just
happen to be able to make phone calls. That means they have all the
issues that regular computers have, including bugs and security holes.
I personally am not interested in seeing my phone get hijacked to be
part of some botnet. And if there is a software bug, I expect it to be

"After reading all the scratch issues, I was very worried. I ordered a
black one so it should have been even worse than the white one. I can
confirm that my phone is sparkling black, not a single scratch or a
dent anywhere at all. My partners one is white and hers was also
perfect. Body is perfect and black looks amazing in person"

"Its now a perfect weight. Doesnt feel too heavy anymore like the 4S
was. I didnt mind the weight of the 4S, but now I have seen and felt
the lightness, its unbelievable"

"The general speed, my goodness this phone is fast. Just when you
thought the speed of the UI and apps were already as fast as possible,
Apple proves me wrong. Flicking about the apps, is just butter smooth
now. I can close it faster than before. Awesome"

"Display; it really is nicer now. I am not an expert by any means, but
I have looked at a lot of screens in my time with phones, (all
iPhones, HTC Desire/ONE X, SGS 2, Nokia E6) but this is very nice"

I've had the black iPhone5 for two weeks but after 3-4 days the edges
started to rub off with a silver colour coming through"

"UK, TMobile customer and only getting 3.45Mb/s downlink but hell fire
ip5 browser is fast. Its displaying wiki pages instantly"

"My classmate also gets that kind of haze in his Cybershot Camera when
he faces the lens in the sun, He said it's normal and he also has this
in his DSLR. But I never have such issue. I also have Sony cybershot
camera. I have taken pictures from several gadgets like Galaxy Note,
ipod touch and Galaxy Tab 7+., did take pictures against bright light,
but never had such an issue"

""I quite like the Motorola and Nokia phones due to come out, but it's
the OS that holds me back. I'm waiting to see how WP8 runs"

"I have a Galaxy S3 with a custom ROM and the camera module from a
GNote2. I also get a slight purplish hue with a strong light source
which is barely noticeable. I have tried to reproduce my co-workers
iphone5 results but could not even come close. I don't remember seeing
this on my stock firmware though. Apple will not be able to keep up
with LG, Sony, or Samsung. It is hard to keep prices down when you
don't actually build/manufacture your own parts"

"You like BT filetransfer? first jailbreak your iphone, second get
your BT file transfer apps on Cydia and transfer your files (idevices
to idevices) so simple"

"Bluetooth used in iphones is not that same ordinary bluetooth that is
used in other phones. It is used only for calling and listening to
music via car stereo etc. Other than that u cant transfer any file
like picture, video or music"

"Too much control over what you can do. They don't want people
transferring files over Bluetooth because if one send a music track to
another iPhone over BT, then there wont be any necessary for that
person to go after buying that same track paying for it"

"If you dont like to jb your iphone, you can buy Shake2u apps for file sharing"

"If you want a basic feature like Bluetooth file transfer, you risk
losing your warranty if Apple find out you Jailbroke your phone"

"We were lucky that the US courts didn't side with Apple, because if
Apple had their own way it would be illegal to Jailbreak"

"In South Africa, IPhone 5 works perfect"

"Well, from the specs it seems that the Note2 has more power horse. I
put my hand on Note One and have a note 10.1 and both are fast (like
there is no lagging at all). You can get the advance of the S-pen,
google market, the Quad-core CPU with 2GB of ram and that beautiful
5.5' screen and great USB connections as well as the SD-card slot"

"Android users even dont know why they need Quadcore CPU on their
phones. My old Nokia N9 has a single core CPU and I bet it can beat
Galaxy S3 (2gb ram & quad core cpu) on multitasking and web browsing.
Android is laggy and always will be because Android is linux OS that
runs Java. Android 5 will need Intel core i7 to run and still will be

"My current usage of constant messaging and news reading lasts me 2
full days. Turning LTE on (where it's unavailable) drains battery
unnecessarily, so I'm testing with it OFF"

"In UK we want NFC to pay for small items like newspapers and snacks"

"If folk really want NFC, they would ask at point of sale and reject
iphone for Android or Nokia"

"Blacks look blacker. Colours look more rich. Very happy with new
screen. Videos fit perfectly. Earphones, they are now very nice. Sound
richer and bass is not tinny anymore, still stays clear when you turn
it up"

"I never liked their business model anyway. Another drawback of ifail
5, I shall now blame the sun for the faults of Apple. But "never"
should I blame Apple"

"Iphone5 build quality, it feels like a piece of Jewelery in your hand"

"I think most of your problems are with Verizon, not with Android"

"WiFi speed, it now connects to WiFi at greater distance which for me
now means the whole of my house. and its speeds are quick like its
hooked up via ethernet"

"No spin about it! When taking shots, never point the lens into the
sun! It's basic photography knowledge. You will get Lens Flare and
Chromatic Aberrations when you point ANY lens at the sun"

"Apple files for a Purple lens flare patent. They will be working hard
to ensure that white, black, green, red and yellow lens flares are
available soon, innovation takes time"

"Personally I love my Nexus tablet (my SGS11 can go rust on ebay) and
I've been looking quite openly at hardware for my personal phone
replacement (work phone can't be iOS due to lack of linux/bsd itunes)"

"With my business device being Blackberry, until about 18 months ago
when I went Droid. It's like the old days of Nokia firmware updates -
oh you can't have that feature because your carrier hasn't worked on
it yet?"

"I do have one follower who had Nexus S about a year ago and he did
NFC stuff with tags. I always remember him telling folks to buy 2 tags
for each operation. You enter bedroom at night and bedside clock
activates and ringer shuts off. But you need another tag so that when
you leave bedroom it returns to the state it was before you entered
the bedroom in"

"I don't understand why people think that iPhone is the only hightech
gadget in the planet. Obviously there are many brands / models to
choose from. Only mobile cameras that are getting up there with DSLR
are, Nokia 808, Lumia 920 and Pureview"

"I also have an Iphone 4S and use both phones. I also wanted to say
that my service for 2 phones is cheaper than I paid for one phone on
AT&T about 2 years ago"

"Not all the apps fit perfectly yet, and a lot of people would mention
MAPS as an issue, but I have used it, it was accurate, and the 3D
thing is off the hook"

"I decided to jump for Android a few days after playing with the i5.
The galaxy S3 is a great piece of device, though I'm still struggling
with the UI after a couple days of usage. I would say if you are like
me, a long time iPhone user who wants something more refreshing than a
longer screen, switch to Android for a year. Samsung did a fantastic
job with the S3. Give it a try, if you don't like it, switch back to
iPhone next year. You do not miss much from the i5"

"Had the 3GS, 4 and 4S. The 5 was quite a letdown - very little
innovation, very minor upgrade from the 4S. The build quality was
superb at first glance, but the phone is too light - yes, lighter is
not always better. Soon you will realize the 5 is much more prone to
scratches than the 4/4S. The anodized aluminum chipping issue is very
real and your new 5 will look older than my 4S in no time. I'm fine
with the iOS6, I even like the new map - the 3D view is just

"My goodness, this is the most important feature of the phone to me.
Some tests I did on my iPhone 4S using's app, got a
speed of around 3-8Mbps DL and around 0.65 Mbps UL. From the same spot
with my new iPhone 5, I ran the test again. Brace yourself! DL - 52.74
Mbps UL - 27.48 Mbps. I dont know if this is great, good bad
whatever.. but for me, this is amazing. It smashes my broadband ADSL
2+, which is hard to comprehend"

"I have run speed tests, and in general been using the crap out of it
with many things running at the same time (syncing dropbox, screen
on), and even downloaded heaps of apps. It is now 1AM and came off
charge at around 7:00pm (so about 5h 45 minutes so far). Battery has
69% left. This leads me to believe that at almost maximum discharge
(bar playing a hardcore game) it wil last at least 15-20 hours. When I
start using the phone normally after the excitement calms down, I
expect easy 24-36 hours"

iphone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 - what real users are saying - Part 1

Here are a hundred and a few more things that users have uttered for
the past few weeks since that shiny gadget was launched, on there
selected platform against its arch rival

Sources: XDA developers, phonearena, androidforum, GSMarena and few others

"Observed the display model of iphone 5 is getting visible scratches
in showroom and iPhone 4s still looks much better even after
undergoing longer torture as display piece. Read that they are having
same issue with iPad mini. So waiting now to see if the quality gets
better. I hate covers"

"ip5 screen keypads too small for normal fingers to do faster text typing"

"Actually I opened 43 apps in my Nokia 808 pureview"

"I already sold out my I5 yesterday due to screwed up design and IO6.
If you already have I4S, better wait I5s, because nothing much
different for this i5 and i4s. I'm planning to see note 2"

"Looks like I must go for nokia lumia 920"

"I once found out my phone was running over 60 apps at a time. I
realized when I sensed a periodical lag while playing Need for Speed
Shift, I exited the game and went to advance task killer and saw 32
apps running, Killed most of them, Then I went to Android assistant
app and saw another 16 or so still running and killed them, went to
task manager and closed another 6 running apps, Then I cleared the
ram, went to runing app option in settings and I was like what the
f***? Over 12 apps was running which I had to force close, I did face
this kind of multitasking crisis 4 times, don't know why this occurs"

"The only reason IOS runs faster is because it's so flat and basic"

"An iPhone is a good investiment, For me is the best! The iphone 4
still gets updates and it was released 2 years ago! With iPhone 5 I
have a super smartphone for 2 years at least! And allways updated! And
android phones? You buy one top android phone and after a couple of
months some company release one wich is better and with a new version
of android that your mobile doesnt support or supports but cant use
all the bells and whistles"

"Think their creativity peaked in iOS 4 and the iPhone 4"

"Looked at a white unit, no scratch marks. Decided to give it a good
scratching. No scratch marks appear"

"I was on a call with my friend who just got a s3. Dropped call"

"Dropped calls, random phone reboots, random crashing, random page
reloads, waiting for updates, waiting other updaters to fix another

"Was on a website, I needed the wide view, to look at the page, So I
turned the phone sideways, to see sideways view, bloody thing reloaded
the entire site!! So I lost my search! WTH. Is the S3 really that

"2012 is quadcore era. this is only dualcore"

"The Samsung Galaxy S III was good phone but I eventually got pissed
by it occasionally freezing and some apps crashing"

"I've purchased a new iPhone 5. It's all so different from and better
than Samsung Galaxy S III. It's so fast, and buttery smooth, never
encountered a single crash on my apps"

"Worse part is playing HD games on iphone 5"

"Really surprised, first of all the the phone feels cheaper in quality
than the iphone 4, yet its more expensive"

"I expected them to add 4mm to the width. It makes it
dis-proportionally longer. My car does not recognize ios 6"

"Now Apple's strategy of delivering on time shows a standard rushed
product, that does not fit with the apple culture"

"No major apps are prepared to launch with this phone. How different
it was when Steve launched the iphone 4"

"Apple have also go wrong with its new operating systems. I never want
my MAC BOOK PRO into an IPAD type Gadget!! Most people have standard
professional applications they want to use on there PC. Many people
are not interested in cluttering their PC with semi professional
applications which end up being used a few times as they would on an
iphone. What hurts even more is the core programs that distinguished a
mac have not been well updated to function smoothly. In the past Apple
used the motto 'everything Works with a MAC' Apple lived to that
Motto. Now before Apple keeps launching a new OS every year I think
they should make the software companies have their software updated in
time so that 'EVERYTHING WORKS' AS things stand now"

"Real Iphone gone with steve jobs...we dont care about Iphone
now..very pathetic n outdated features..lame"

"Do u know what is nokia s40 os? d same as IOS"

"Mine lasts for a whole day as I call for 3 hours and do a little
gaming and web browsing"

"Nano SIM locally not available now"

"I try to buy from Uk but they show me a waiting list of 2500 people,
and finaly I buy it from Bulgaria @ 1050euro"

"It has got Purple Lens Flare Problem during photos bad"

"If these folk want to play games its stupid to buy a phone with tiny
screens and more expensive"

"iSwipe to enable swype text input"

"No USB Mass Storage mode
No FM radio
No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot
No NFC connectivity (though that may be nitpicking)
Stuck with iTunes for loading content
Mono audio recording in videos"

"kind of boring, is the same as iphone4"

"This is the worst innovation of the year. Nothing new. Same old grand
daddy story"

"Only those cannot see logic will say this is a good phone. Yes better
IOS but not fantastic as compared to competitors like SIII or Optimus
4X. I think Lumia 920 will beat iphone 5 with one eyes close"

"iphone 5; every one in Cambodia doesnt like it"

"No wireless charging"

"Still no Swype text input"

"I've been using a panoramic camera on Symbian since before iPhone ever existed"

"Apple Help Centres not available in the near by cities"

"Samsung is like that little kid who likes to steal cookies from the
jar, but becomes very angry when caught"

"If you want to listen to music and browse web at the same time you
should carry around an iPod as well as an iPhone and also an iPad if
you want a bigger screen"

"Its same old wine in new bottle"

"Unless I'm mistaken, smart still means clever. And iPhone can't do
much compared to it's competition. So as a Smartphone it seems quite

"Instead of trying to fairly compete like Samsung does, Apple just
tries to destroy their competition"

"ios is very simple to use, which I kinda hate. I mean smart phone
should be complicated like Androids"

"I usually get 38 hours battery backup. I use JuiceDefender ultimate,
Ad kilter Pro, Advance CPU tuner, Lookout Security Premium, Battery
Percentage. Jb updated and rooted. My friends ip5 has browsing time
around 7 hours where Im browsing for nearly 15 hours, twice as much
than ip5 and yet this metal junk costs twice as more than s3,,,

"Samsung S3 now; I got 612 applications in my phone, My phone runs
nearly 35 to 42 application at a time without any lag, can the mighty
iphone can perform this"

"I bought it two days ago and accidentally fell out of my pocket but
fell on soft carpet and now it has a cracked screen. I don't even
believe it"

"Still no Flash"

"ip5 is fast bcos there is no true multitask. Thats simple, they dont
even dare to make true multitasking for ios bcos they know their
hardware is limited. Otherwise more lagging than android"

"Problems; black out screen, SIRI giving worng weather updates, freeze
up screen, maps is hell worng, most of the app are not full screen,
battery dies within 6 hours full used. ios6 is dump on 4inch device
apps are too small you have black bars"

"Main problem is no attachments with Bluetooth to other mobiles. Only
used with apple to apple. A big disadvantage"

"Apple maps is so data efficient, it's automatic caching saves more
than Google maps offline mode"

"Unbelievable! Apple bought 1GB memory at US $ 0.42 rate and selling
to customers for US $ 6.25 each, making a clean profit of 93% margin
per GB sold"

"Majority of Android phones are still at risk of the data wipeout
malware and helpless to do anything unless they root their phones"

"Ever wondered why WP8 philosophy is closer to iOS even though Android
has the larger market share? iPhone is a proven success, while Android
is grappling with unsolvable systemic issues. Malware, fragmentation,
and this crippled because of an agonizing slow upgrade path, making
solutions impossible"

"When u install 64gb things in it, it will surely hang! or become a
turtle! but for s3. it can support maximun 128gb memory card! but
still no hang"

"It was engineered by APPLE with 1000 engineers on the job perfecting it"

"90% of singaporeans use iphone"

"In S3, graphics are very detailed, I played Dead Trigger, Counter
Strike Mobile etc. It runs so smooth, while in the 4S, it sometimes
lag in 3d games. But when it comes to handling, I prefer 4s coz I can
text smoothly unlike S3 which is much bigger"

"Very impressed but the fact that I cant connect to a lot of other
bluetoothed phones mean I cant swap photos ect with friends and

"IOS is faster because it has no homescreens, no widgets"

"I think LG Optimus G will be best"

"If someone manages to port iOS to the s3 and then benchmark it, it
will be a disaster for Apple"

"You can't even call iphones smart phones"

"Try anrdoid for just one day"

"iPhone beats S3! What happened? Thats engineering, apple proved
itself yet again, its easy to build a higger device with more specs,
but to build a device even more compact then its predecessor and yet
better then it in every aspect is called INOVATION!"

"iPhone 5 price is more expensive than Galaxy S iii, but the
specifications are almost same with Galaxy S ii"

"Each Android OS version upgrade is much advanced than iOS. And more
app developers begin to focus on Android because Android user market
share is 67% compared to iOS's 18%. Apple can't win with competiton"

"I wish Steve Jobs still alive"

"If you want innovation, go with Nokia Lumina 920 and Windows Phone 8.
It's the year of Microsoft! Apple is on it's way out"

"Looks like Samsung won the presidential seat with hundred varieties
of phones to choose, daily millions of customers from rich to poor"

"More than 100 types of Samsung phones, a 25% share. 5 types of
phones, a 17% share.. OBVIOUSLY APPLE RULES"

"I am a programmer and an expert game developer. Apple policy is "we
will sell you a car but you can not attach any device to it and you
can not drive it over 30 m/h. The car wont broke. Any car wont broke
if you don't drive it over 30". Apple is basically sealing a brand.
The worst telephone on market from view of any non Apple developer."

"Still no FM radio huh?"

"Played with it for an hour. Same, borring stuff. Sells like hot
cakes, but dont't know why. It's like iphone 4S long"

"As I tried the computer out I couldn't help but notice an Apple Store
employee taking a key to a black iPhone 5, just as you've seen in the
videos . The customer he was helping had a coupon for an
InvisibleSHEILD in her hand, and was asking about how the iPhone 5 is
reportedly prone to scratches. After the employee finished scratching
the iPhone (without leaving a mark, may I add) he handed it back to
the customer. The customer then threw the coupon in her purse,
responding with "I guess I won't be needing this after all."

"How can dual core with a very high price compete a quad core for half
the price?"

"Where is true multitasking and files grab/drop facilities on this phone?"

"I returned the opened set for resale at a 500$ loss"

"I have an Iphone on my hand and battery back up is horrible"

"Aluminum is the cheapest material to use, but some people consider as
premium. Imagine, your phone has the same material as your home screen
door or sliding door, boat, window frame, power lines, etc. It's cheap
because it is abundant. Aluminum is categorized as POOR metal in the
periodic table. When aluminum corrodes, it produces white powdery
oxides leaving the surface scarred. Aluminum is particularly extremely
sensitive to acids and leaving it exposed for few minutes produces
oxidation leaving the surface damaged. Aluminum is a soft metal that
falls on the same category with Lead in the periodic table"

"I'm using Iphone 4 and excited that I'm given 500 bucks voucher so
that I can upgrade without cost to Galaxy Note II. But, my voucher
expiry can only
allow me to get Iphone 5 before
expiry, and the Starhub Telco
called that they can deliver
Iphone 5 right to my door steps,
the 64Gb version and at no cost. Out of convenience, I agreed, as
Samsung Note II is not launched in Singapore yet, and my voucher can't
wait. I merely "upgrade" at no cost to me based on Convenience, as I
do not have burning desire to get the iphone 5. Well, after receiving
it, physically, yes, slightly longer and lighter. Software wise, I
think I'm not impressed nor excited at all, as what I'm getting is
some minor software tweaks, just like 4.0 to 4.2 kind of upgrade.
Let's not state the obvious, as there are tonnes of reviews out there.
However, my experience had not been very pleasant.

1. It got overheated and show me a message like "overheated, please
let it cool before use" can't remember the exact phrase though. This
is NEW to Iphone 5, I never see this message in my Iphone 4.

2. Battery life is extremely bad. I thought my Iphone 4 is bad, but
I'm left with 30% at 1400hrs, I'm full 100% charge at 0930hrs. I
didn't answer call, but having 8 miss calls and some sms. that's all.
Well, perhaps I got a lemon with defective battery. As far as I'm
concerned, I'll be selling it away and getting Note II, will never
return to Apply until real innovation comes in their future phones,
and not 6 rows for Iphone 6"

"I'm sick of companies such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung releasing
several variants of the the same phone every year. What's worse is
that those who buy into the hype and purchase a so-called "flagship",
device that's outclassed only months later, run the risk of getting
delayed software updates or no updates at all. Even though HTC said
the One X will get Jelly Bean this month, who knows how long it'll
take for carriers to push that update through. By the way, remember
that remote wipe hack that was discovered recently? It has been proven
that exploit can be used against a number of phones that aren't made
by Samsung. My personal phone, the HTC Sensation is at risk, but do
you think I'll ever get a security update? I don't."

"Iphone 5 is cool and easy to use. It is for busy people who have no
time to learn new things"

"The one and only thing I like about the iPhone 5 is the display. sRGB
and "almost" properly calibrated. It would be awesome if it was 100%
properly calibrated"

"Absolute rubbish"

"Absolute rubbish phone. Waited 4 hours and it was pretty much same as
4S. Returned it to Apple and staff looked at me as if it can't be
because its 'so good'. Apple maps is rubbish, I travel a lot on
business and use google maps to find places but can't find anywhere
now. People will start switching to competitors because Apple isn't
the 'only' phone on the market"

"I'm an iphone 5 user and the wifi connectivity just sucks so much
compared to my 4s, I think they focused so much on LTE connectivity"

"I had iphone 5, but its already back into the box it came and being
shipped back to AT&T. Why? Cuz that phone is garbage. No I dont own a
S3. I went back to my old Galaxy Nexus. I will wait till Galaxy Note 2
LTE comes out or the Xperia V, both phones eat iphone 5 for breakfast"

"Paint on Aluminium is fading off... LED light leak.. Apple EXEC say
its NORMAL... Home button making very loud sound.. (same sound as
clicking on the lock button).. threw the iPhone 5 away, picked up my

"Ios 6 a piece of shit, coz I have installed the ios 6 to my iphone
4s. After I installed, my wi-fi has greyed out, its nearly 2 weeks. I
spoke to Apple customer care. They said still working on it. I have
tried all the options to get rid of the wi-fi issues but no luck.
Wasting my hard earned money on internet data"

"Apple maps is up to five times more data efficient than Google maps.
Apple now has to work hard to improve the map data set , and only then
will the actual map app shine"

iphone 5 pros and cons. The most comprehensive article online

2G Network - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
GSM A1428
CDMA 800 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100
CDMA A1429

3G Network - HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
GSM A1428
CDMA2000 1xEV-DO - CDMA A1429

4G Network - LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100 - GSM A1428 or LTE 850 /
1800 / 2100 - GSM A1429
LTE 700 / 850 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 - CDMA A1429

LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen

16M colors


Corning Gorilla Glass

oleophobic coating

No memory card slot

I16/32/64 GB internal storage variants


WLAN - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band Wi-Fi Plus

Bluetooth v4.0 A2DP

USB v2.0


LED flash

Simultaneous HD video and image capturing

Touch focus

HDR 1080p videos @30fps

LED video light

Video stabilization

A 1.2 MP, 720p@30fps videocalling over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G


Gyro Proximity

No Radio

GPS with A-GPS support


Nano-SIM card support only

Active noise cancellation with dedicated dual mics


iCloud cloud service


iBooks PDF reader

The price is the same as its predecessor, $199, $299 and $399 for 16,
32 and 64 GB versions respectively
(operator-locked, US)

7.66mm thick, means 18% thinner

Weights 112 gram, means 20% lighter than 4S

A quad-core Cortex A6 processor, processing graffics, photo and video
is twice as fast as its predecessor

An 8MP rear camera. Most disappointed

Panorama mode

Backside illumination

An Hybrid IR filter

Five element lens

f/24 aperture

Dynamic low light mode

Sapphire crystal

Precision lens alignment

The front camera now supports HD videos at 720p and features an
aluminium rear sensor

A 4-inch 326ppi

Retina display

A resolution of 1,136 by 640 pixels

A 16 x 9 aspect ratio

iSight camera for panorama

4G LTE connectivity. For most, it will be the first time with an iphone

Its a 4-inch screen, with more icons and stuff, navigation will be
easier. Your big thumbs will be happy

No black bar "letterbox" effect in HD movies any longer

4G LTE will suck battery heavily

Apple folks promise a better battery life. To improve battery life,
Apple has dropped few features

With the iPhone 5, you get just one glass pane. What a relief!

IOS 6 will roll into 4S soon (Sept. 19)

Features like turn-by-turn navigation, 3-D maps, Passbook ticket and
gift card system, sports-score-spouting Siri will be freely available
with scheduled iOS upgrade. Whats your moto? Jump to the latest wagon
while its still running?

The design wont set industry level standards like previous ones did.
Guess who is coming to dinner. Its not "Design", its "Patents"

Home screen customization? You must be daydreaming or talking about
Android or Windows

Regarding notifications, data management and voice recognition,
Android still is the king

A fifth row of icons on the home screen

Your favourite apps will appear letterboxed until they are resized to
fit to the new screen size

Panoramas that count for 28MP per image.

Can take pictures while shooting a video

The YouTube icon is missing

Smart reminders

Now you can reject a call sending a message if you're busy. It also
reminds you to call someone back when you leave your office, home
(current location) etc

A "Do Not Disturb" mode when new messages arrive, they wont either
notify you or light up screen. But you can spare calls from your
beloved once (can make a list) or cut off repeat calls from same

An Instapaper-style offline reading mode

A VIP feature in iOS 6 Mail. VIPs messages will appear on lock screen
and will be accumulated in a specific mailbox

Pull to refresh (mail app)

Its made of aluminum and glass. Not of plastic cans (an anodised
aluminium body with diamond cut edges and glass inlays)

A better image processor (a 3,264 x 2,448 BSi sensor)

Three microphones, including a new beam-forming directional microphone
(higher quality of sound)

Support for cellular wideband audio for enhanced audio clarity and
natural like speech (wideband audio will be supported by over 20
carriers worldwide at the launch)

EarPods for better sound quality

iCloud tab syncing and photo sharing website integration

Smart App Banners (websites will show you their IOS apps when you visit them)

Siri will understand better. Likes of sports scores, statistics and
trivia, booking restaurants, cinema scenario etc

UK is an exception. Its not confirmed whether which Sat Nav features
will roll into UK

Local search will be available worldwide and more languages will be supported

Siri's Eyes Free feature will be featured on steering wheels (Jaguars,
Land Rovers, BMWs, Mercs, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM
cars, within next 12 months)

Fear, you shall not, Guided Access feature lets you disable parts of
the screen. Children wont be able to accidentally hit the wrong
buttons and amass a pile of bills

Traffic information, alongside turn-by-turn navigation (Siri enabled)

Sat nav is worthless outside major metropolitan areas in the UK

Flyover 3D views of major cities (Yelp will be integrated soon into maps)

iOS 6 beta 2 already Jailbroke

Passbook, a native new e-tickets app. (lets user carry electronic
tickets and it also accomodates tickets update)

A strong and native social integration

Sharing photos or videos from within Mail available

A dedicated Podcast app With iOS 6

Its now not necessary to enter passwords each time you download free
apps. Once you link iTunes account your done Passwords also wont be
necessary when re-downloading a previously purchased app

An in-app purchase protection to curb that iOS 5.1 vulnerability

iOS is operator independent when it comes to updates (80% of Apple
users use the latest firmware. Only 7% Androids use the latest)

Bluetooth 4.0 bridge

iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever

225 hours of standby time 8 hours of 3G and 4G LTE browsing 8 hours of
3G talk time 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback 40
hours of music play

It will switch between antennae to catch the network

No NFC support (NFC is not only for sending out payments, but also for
sharing photos, contacts, videos and many more). Ice Cream Sandwich
has built-in NFC capabilities and the app Android Beam

No elegant Custom widgets on your home screen

No micro USB, Apple rules!

No third-party software keyboards. They called him "The King" and he
used to "Rock & Roll". But both short lived

iOS6 mail app let you attach images or videos only. No Docs no
presentations or anything else

Not so transparent file hierarchy. Cannot brows (or blow) like an
Android With a PC plugged in, you can only access the digital camera
(DCIM) folder

No Haptic feedbacks

Share isnt mighty. With Android you can share with a plethora of
services and functions. But with i5 the list is limited.

Can use iTunes to transfer media files back and forth

No Pen support

Can use a third-party capacitive styluses to do what a stylus could
do. But capabilities are limited and its not deeply rooted to the

iOS 6 will carry over 200 new features

Now Siri knows a lot of new languages (Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and more)

OpenTable, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes and few others are now Siri's dates

Siri will also tweet for you

Now its possible to launch apps using

Siri A "tap to post" option and a "tap to tweet" buttonin in the
Notification Center

Facebook is deeply integrated into the Calendar (Facebook events ,
birthdays will be featured on calendar)

FaceTime now over 3G, not just over Wi-Fi

Phone numbers and Apple IDs are now knotted. FaceTime calling without worries

iCloud tabs in Safari. Now you can sync browsing sessions across your idevices

An offline reading list in the browser

Can upload photos directly from Safari to any websites of favour

Thanks to few recent integrations Siri now knows more about sports,
restaurants, movies etc

Siri can make restaurant reservations

Siri now delivers movie reviews (bit rotten though)

Real-time crowd-sourced traffic data. (automatically re-adjusting routes)

"Flyover", gives the whole world a 3D look

Turn-by-turn directions. Siri will also guide you to and from places

When it comes to public transportation, Siri is directionless

The Lost mode (Find My iPhone feature) now carries a "lost mode." This
will let you to send a phone number to a lost device (if someone pick
it up fortunately@Õ%*#=##) to contact you back

A smaller and an improved speaker

Three microphones, one on the front, one on the back, and another on the bottom

LTE support with 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi combined onto a single
"ultra fast" chip

Apple mistakenly offered the legendary Lighting dock for free on its
UK site and pulled back the deal when it erupted

iPhone 5 won't be able to do calls and data at same time on Sprint and
Verizon (but AT&T is an exception). Those carriers dont do voice over
its 4G LTE. When a call is placed on a 4G LTE of those two, it recedes
to CDMA which cannot handle both data and voice like AT&T does with
its 3G (keep reading)

Game console quality

Game Center, a new Time Shifted
Multiplayer mod which enables players to race with
a friend asynchronously

No street view

Connector is 80 percent
smaller than that of the iPhone

Adapter doesn't work with
speaker docks? Wrong!, here is the Apples official statement
"The Lightning to 30 Pin
adapter supports analog
audio output, USB audio, as
well as syncing and
charging. Lightning to VGA
and Lightning to HDMI cables will be available in
the coming months"

Video and iPod Out not
supported by the adapteri (just iPod
Out, not Audio Out)

700,000 apps

The micro USB is a 5-pin connector, the lightening is 8-pin

The old Map chap used Google's massive keyword search. But apple's new
venture uses Yelp's database. They say it isnt that good

No public transit directions in map

Maps has 100 million business listings (80 million business listings
for Google Maps)

Business listings in Maps are out-sourced from Acxiom Factual and Localeze

Business reviews are sourced from Yelp

New Dock, faster data connection to computers

The ease of
connectivity between different iOS
products, ceases

Cannot use your 4S's Micro-SIM card

With iPhone 4, Apple's first retina display, they
laminated the display to the
glass surface. In i5
Touch sensors are
integrated into the screen (
earlier the display and touch sensors were
two separate things)

Thus a thinner screen.

New displays will be cheaper to replace than previous ones

Apple acquired C3
3D, Placebase and Poly9

light, only 3.95 ounces. Even an ounce lighter than the iPhone 4S (4.9 ounces)

The camera launches itself fast

One-finger typing

The earphone connector is on the

You can flyover (the world) with a two-finger swipe down

No burst mode shooting or a Best Shot mode

The Rumor was that i5 will have a unibody construction similar to the
Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. Now you got your answer

Be an Android faniac. Androids are released almost weekly. Be an
iphone maniac, you can sigh and wait for 4 to 5 months (in betwixt)
till the new eyephone is released

i5 breed was supposed to be the post-PC era?

Where Android sucks? Lot of lags, frequent reboot and most times
requires resets

Battery is not user replasable

If you want more memory, just buy the most expensive version. Buying a
low memory version and hooking up a memory card must be the most
wisest and logical way I guess. Prove me wrong


Android lets you set "defaults" for apps you want to use instead of
stocks like browser

System-wide Facebook integration

If you have an iphone 4S, you can get (through update) every feature
iphone going to have such as Dedicated signatures for all email
accounts, face time over cellular, flyover, offline reading list,
panorama, passbook, turn by turn navigation, shared photo stream and
VIP inbox etc. So whats the rush?

10-face detection on the rear and single face detection on the front camera

Thinnest smartphone in the world (Who said that? Apple said that mom)

Just hoist the phone aloft and pan across the panoramic view. You get
a seamless panoramic image, suitable for framing

"More development went into the plug than did the phone," one user
comment caught my eyes

4G LTE networks does not do voice and it only does data. Then how
Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III, a 4G LTE phone, managed to do calls
and data simultaneously ? Samsung has an extra antenna. It fetched
data from the 4G LTE network at the same time when it used another
antenna to do voice

You cant swap SIM cards between i4S and i5. The iPhone 5 uses a
nano-SIM, and the older iPhones utilize a micro- SIM (large)

(Heart) Breaking News! Pricing for unlocked iPhone 5s touch sky, $700/$800/$ 900

Another brilliant comment I found online, "Apple patents the
connector, and then licenses the right to make chargers, docks, etc.
This way, Apple even gets a cut of the sale of third party
accessories. They're cornering a whole extra revenue stream at the
expense of the waste and cost to consumers from needing duplicate
cables and chargers and so on"

Siri still doesnt cater configuration requests, such as "Turn
Bluetooth on," or "Turn ringer off" etc, but does book a restaurant
through OpenTable etc. She doesnt tweak core settings yet

Pictures taken simultaneously while video recording aren't 8
megarpixel shots. They are screen captures of the video itself (aspect
ratio is different and the image quality is weak)

Flyovers only available for large cities, and again not for all of them

Apps do load quicker

It gets warm, when using 4G LTE for flyover in the Maps, calls and Facetime etc

Considering JavaScript performance and 3D graffics rendering, its
twice as fast as the iPhone 4S

Its "Facetime", and its posh presentator AT&T; your required to have a
specific plan to enable FaceTime over cellular

A smartphone is not always about its specs. Its the power of its eco
system and the finest components that will never fail you. Iphone's
platform was the first of its kind which nearly hammered platforms
with (Cr)apps and still stand out of the rest as the best

The 9-pin can be plugged in either way. Its reversible

Every part of the software is rewritten or retouched

The A6 processor is custom-designed to be smaller and more power efficient

Sturdy iCloud integration for music playback via iTunes Match

No option to open web pages in multiple different browsers

Wile iOS 6 is available for any of 3GS, 4, 4S, Siri and Panorama will
ride only on iPhone 5 and 4S

Autobrightness adjustments performance or Ambient Sensor enhanced. It
will find the right brightness balance effectively than an i4

A good update to the iphone 4 and marginal for the 4S

Web and iCloud-connected apps loads up faster

Restaurants and local stores; Yelp ratings and reviews are briskly
shown (not available on Google's Maps app for iphone)

Google's built-in Maps search is more posh than the new Yelp one

The third microphone takes care of audio improvement, enhancing voice
quality, speakerphone quality and adding improved noise cancellation

Wideband Audio; none of the U.S. carriers of the iPhone 5 will support it

Slow motions are smooth than before

A layer is removed from the screen but no harm yet. Its still as crisp
and fast-responding as before

With new mail app you cannot sync your GMail contacts (use Exchange to sync)

Some movies still have letterboxing (shot in the superwide CinemaScope
aspect ratio; 21:9)

Video zoom ins with a tap on the screen

Strict iCloud restrictions

Web pages load quickly

Shared Photo Streams; you can share photos with friends or make your
sisters photos public and take revenge

You remember Symbian second edition phones which vomited all apps
located inside folders when the memory card was removed and
reinserted? (though there was a Python app to cure that) A similar
issue exists in the iOS6 which can be observed when sync through
itunes to replicate your i4

Ergonomics are not that great

The cable looks fragile

Connector is not sturdy

In the Maps app, traffic stats may go missing

Cannot set a limit on data usage (like in Android). LTE can be a pitfall

Safari sometimes loads the cached page instead of refreshing it

No Viruses or Malwares

No fakes that pull user data unbeknown to user

Heavily depends on iTunes

Custom Vibration alerts

It isnt a global LTE phone. LTE roaming is still not possible

44 percent extra color saturation

A boyfriend took his girlfriend to a football game. On the way back
home, the boy asked how was the game from the girl.

"All I heard was quarter back! Quarter back", she replied, "Hello, its
only 25 cents!"

All folks talk fanatically about how app developers will take the
advantage of the added space. Hello! its just 0.5 inches!

There are some camera apps that provide Panorama modes but Apple's
move is the most fine tuned of all

Geekbench score of 1,628, SunSpider scoring an average of 924ms
(, its the king of benchmarks

A Passbook API for custom apps to fork into

Maps does show traffic

Wifi doesnt keep pace with LTE. Switching to it instead of Wifi will
be your first concern (when you discover it) even at an expensive
rate. Excessive usage, expensive rates!. A data cap or a bottle neck?

Regarding the battery, still Droid Razr Maxx is the king

Bookmarks arent visual thumbnails like Android offers. In Safari its
just a flat list

iPhone 5 as an hot spot, it gives as strong results as an iPad. Now
tethering charges and data usage fees

Photos added to the Photo Stream appear within 30 seconds

Photo Stream isn't as perfect as Google+ Events and furthermore bit dry

The very top and bottom of the rear is still glass

When compared to other platforms, iOS 6 lacks aesthetics

Lens are guarded with a sapphire crystal glass

The colors are now more saturated but not too oversaturated like most
AMOLEDs. The most interesting fact is, its not so accurate either

A nice readability under sun light

Superb viewing angles

There's distortion with voices when use the speakerphone (keep reading)

A slightly weaker signal strength on Sprint when compared to other
Sprint devices

No continuous focus, only touch focus

Support for the videos playback out of the box is limited to videos
encoded in MPEG-4

Earpods headphones, feels loose in the ear

Videos recorded in low light conditions easily gather noise

A capture rate of 24 frames per second though its 29 on paper

The black surface may gather up fingerprints and skin oil easily that
are difficult to clean

Click options in the camera view and select Panorama, iPhone will
guide you through the rest and will even warn you if you move too fast

The notifications panel lets user post messages to Facebook or Twitter
and thats it. Nothing new other than that in the notification area

Three microphones and beamforming, the reciever hears a hell out from
the calling party

World thought Iphone 5 will shake the world or tear it down into two
pieces, send a cold shockwave through spines of every man, cure
cancer, boil pancakes without real pans, bring back Steve Jobs into
life, pay the national debt of Greece, float itself on air without
human intervene and finally bring world peace and put an end to all
civil wars. Worse, I know few who had plans to set a nuke on fire with
it and throw off there inherited worn out grandpa lighters away. As it
turns out, all rendered futile

The "passes" of Passbook are location-sensitive and shown directly on
your lock screen

New dock doesnt support iPod Out. Sell your BMW that came with that
expensive dock

Its "Lightning" but really based on USB 2.0

Wifi a/b/g/n compatible and dual-band. You can drop jammed 2.4GHz to
get more from 5GHz

The Siri-driven restaurant reservation system is only available in the
US, Canada and Mexico

No live tiles and widgets. Boring. Now with most smart phones the case
is most functions are happening in the lock screen. But with iphone
you have to dig deep into apps and folders to have a look into live

NFC would have made the Passbook much better

The tactile king is still Nokia's Lumia 800

A friction to the edges and the metal back. Its less likely to slip

One layer laid off from the screen. It can be confusing at first

The "Panorama" cannot go beyond 28MBs a scene

One layer is off and its just like your touching a very sexy Pixelized
version of Kate winslet itself with your dumb ass thumbs, only a layer
of pixels deep. A screen intervene is null (no, not that saucy still
from the ship that sunk leaving her ashore)

Its Hanuman! No its Ravan! No its Rama! No actually its iphone's
Panorama! Samsung Panoramas forces user to stay focussed! Just
kidding. Samsung Panoramas force user to stay in one place and move
the camera around. With iphone you can even move yourself. After all
its made in states where the freedome is the most talked about thing.
With that levels of shooting freedom, they have built the true
"Democratic Shot".

Siri wont serve cricket

In the offline mode of Safari, links remain as links unlike Androids
dead links in lethargic PDF like offline docs

Web pages are served swiftly

You cannot flyover most residential areas and less significant or less
storied arenas

No traffic warnings

Maps lack the infografic layers of Google Maps that can be applied for
individual uses

Map's loading is swift unlike Google's. Zooming is smooth and image
processing is brisk

Siri can now easily pick up your words even when the atmosphere is
crowded or noisy

Siri still dates Google as its still not outdated in the area of
search. Siri does Google things if the queries are too stupid and
cannot be interpreted herself. Love or hate?

The new handset is not for "Lets try it again" attitude. If you
disliked the way iphone behaved in the past, you wont like it this
time either

The greenish hue issue of the display of 4S is fixed

Panoramas wont be always perfect. Be prepared to have few freaked out ones

Eight Reminders on one screen (it was five on the iPhone 4S)

In the Mail app, you can preview 6 mails with one line text of each

The extra length spaces for more text above the virtual keys

The extra screen height; pop ups will be bearable

Apple took 5 years to give that extra 0.5 inches of screen

Fits in the pants

The extra pixels cover a bit more of faces on phone calls

An easier grip

The screen is tall but not wide

UI still hasn't changed. Looks like a first gen Ipod touch

For most, iphone was way ahead of the competition when it was first
launched. Now its just catching up

What matters most beside its design gimmic is how well it will perform when it
comes to cellular and GPS signal strength with all that aluminium trunkage

IOS 6 on i4S? On an 800MHz and a
512MB RAM set? It will be bit sluggish

Docs will be furnished with more space beside the virtual keyboard

Landscape-oriented video playback (larger size and less letterboxing)

Samsung's S Beam transfers data between NFC devices

Improved call-management tools

App and iTunes Stores redesigned

Video out isn't supported by that new adapter (a Lightning-to-VGA or
Lightning-to-HDMI cable will be required)

"An entire city is in the ocean, a farm has been labeled as an
airport, highways end in the middle of
nowhere and a hospital now covers the entire center of British city
Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's home" Yahoo reports on Maps app

Apps that uses Google Maps/data, will be redirected to Apple's new map venture

Free turn-by-turn navigation

Name your home with a pseudo (any name other than "Home") as a
security measure. Otherwise it will be easier for thieves to track you
down to your dining room or somewhere more inconvenient

Siri isnt AI-the-perfect, you dont have to bother about the context of
what you command

Siri's dictation isn't perfect (Now I've got two shes that everytime
get the opposite of what I command. Wow! They say Steve Jobs is a
visionary. For whats sake? They say he had a passion for electronics
and used to screw things since he was a child)

Details such as road names seems greater

Data transmission speeds are reportedly at or above comparable Android
LTE devices

Switching between 3G and 4G connectivity, the iPhone 5 does an
excellent job at finding and keeping signals

The Maps app does public transportation directions, but in a different
way. When you click on that bus-shaped icon, it directs you to do a
search for "Routing Apps" in the App Store and you'll be redirected to
a list of apps that offer you public transit information (though non
exists at the time)

Maps will list some important POIs, mostly gas stations and
convenience shops etc

You can send texts or emails, or make phone calls with her without
unlocking the phone

She does weather forecasts and stock prices too

Reportedly, AT&T is still honoring grandfathered unlimited plans for
those who bought the original iPhone. Better stick with AT&T

If it is wires that matters most to you such as Lightning, go wireless

"If iphone doesnt do what I want, there is still one option, "Early
Termination," when I convinced my wife, she demanded two tickets for
the new flick (from Sylvester with Arnold)

New Lightning is nearly 20 percent
faster than previous solutions. But whether its purely a cable miracle
or internal hardware marvel is unknown

Video capturing seems to gather more noise than before

Public transports dismissed but you can get directions for driving or
walking (if you were just confused over all this public transportation
missing link)

3D flyover, just a two-finger swipe away

Apple executives say the smaller "Lightning" connector allowed it to
make the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch thinner. Now I get it!

AT&T has said you'll be able to keep using your existing plan if you
upgrade to the iPhone 5

Will Strauss, an analyst at Forward Concepts, which studies chips,
says the iPhone 5's all glass and aluminum body precludes it from
using NFC

Even if your contract is up on AT&T and you have an unlimited plan,
you can still get an iPhone 5 and keep the unlimited plan

Google slashed the price of its Maps API by 88 per cent

The Panorama stitches a 360-degree wide image together. Next time you
can send a 360-degree image of your new invention to the easily

Just utter "give me directions to'" to Siri, she will transform
herself into a GPS

When you purchase the iPhone 5 through AT&T or Apple, it includes a
SIM, and you activate it with your number through iTunes. You won't
have to swap cards or go to a store either

The Apple's Facebook app API is
public, so non-Apple apps can share to Facebook too

Verizon has a larger 4G LTE coverage than AT&T and Sprint

New customers of Verizon can choose only a shared data plan (costs
more eventually. If your after Verizon, share a plan with the family
members or room mates or you can use multiple devices)

AT&T offers customers to choose a shared data plan or an individual
"tiered" plan. Better if you're on a budget

Your Facebook friends' App Store recommendations will be visible. No
need to waste time on forums asking for best apps

Older apps run letterboxed (tiny black bars on the top and bottom)

Non optimized Apps still work perfectly fine even letterboxed
,especially in portrait mode

New 16:9 aspect ratio reduces or removes letterboxing across the
screen in landscape mode

YouTube videos looks great

LTE comes with expensive rates and data caps

The landscape 16:9 aspect ratio closes to the dimensions of a standard
HDTV screen and most game console screens. Game developers will be

The bottom is freshly filled with new shiny stuff, the headphone jack,
the larger, redesigned speakers, a new type of perforated grille and a
tiny Lightning connector port

Airplay Mirroring

$649 for the 16GB with no contract

Maps replaces the lock screen image when the phone's lying idle and
when required (for turn by turn nav etc)

Snaps are lightning-fast, faster than an i4

You can capture multiple shots with quick tapping. Though its not a
multiburst, a triple-tap can shoot three photos. Something that wasnt
available in i4

Forget about LTE, international roaming is possible between 2G and 3G

Low-light pictures, grainier and lower resolution than images taken in

Slide two fingers up or down on either end of the screen, you can flyover 3Dly

Rotate the maps with two fingers

Go straight to the north by tapping a compass

The virtual keyboard in landscape mode provides more space to t[humb+t]ype

The anodized aluminum is the same as that on its MacBook laptop counterpart

Lightning port-speaker dock incompatibility

Its interesting to see that an updated HDMI adapter will be coming
soon, along with a VGA one for projectors and other displays

Analog and USB audio will flow scot free. But its a speaker dock, an
adapter and your iphone on top of them. How it will look like?

Works with USB 2.0, won't work with USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt or even Micro-USB

In landscape mode, text gets bigger and thus better because page width
stretches out. More words fit on a single line

If you go astray up or down, Panorama will tell you to keep in line

Ultimate goal of Passbook is about taking consumer activity paperless

Three variants to comply with the various 4G LTE networks around. One
for AT&T, another for Sprint and Verizon and a third to handle the LTE
networks in Europe and Asia

When you reach callers via speaker phone, they recieve a clearer call than i4

It's odd. Pages of e-books could feel more stretched

In portrait mode, document text may not seem larger

iPhone 5 doesn't look entirely different with the screen turned off

iCloud Tabs, just like Android's live synchronisation to the Chrome
Browser, which will be available with iOS 6's and Mountain Lion's
Safari. A simple synchronised list of opened tabs between the devices

Will icloud Tabs be available for users of Safari on other non-Apple
devices? Still no words

When you activate a new iPhone with your existing iCloud account, you
can still have your old gold, including photos, apps, settings and
passwords for email, calendars, Wi-Fi,and alarm times etc

Android or Windows will download your apps but you have to fill in the
settings and recreate your alarms and app settings

Turning off notifications with iOS 5 notification center was tricky.
Do Not Disturb seems to fix that. It allows to easily schedule time

From the browser to the photo gallery, there is a share button. Its an
universal list which grows, depending on what software and services
you have installed (from Facebook to your SMS messenger to Bluetooth
transfers and even Pinterest if you install it)

On carriers without LTE, the iPhone 5 will run on dual-band 3.5G HDPA+.

"I was in NYC at a Wall Street dinner and everyone put their BB's on
the table; not a single Iphone. I asked the bankers why and they said,
they are in the business of business and not the toy business" one
reader of a leading web portal commented