Samsung Galaxy S3, dont buy it till you read this! what users have to say

Here are few carefully selected immaculate user opinions on the latest Samsung Galaxy endeavour, Samsung Galaxy S3

Sources: XDAdevelopers,, GSMarena, fonearena and few others

"After browsing the net for approx 10 mins through phone data, I could feel the unusual heat at the back. I never had this issue before on my HTC DesireHD"

"The only reason people brag S3 is Coz they can't afford it"

"I found S3 is better than S2 in signal reception"

"Samsung will never get any single penny from me again. Now I am left with a S3 with poor signal"

"I had Galaxy S, then S2, next is Note, now S3. After several fones from Samsung, I could say, their fones are just toys"

"A good gadget to play casual mobile games, but $600?"

"After the recent firmware update, battery life is way better"

"GS3 is using Super AMOLED display which shows white color as blue which is rubbish. hTC uses Super IPS LCD2 which displays true colors, not saturated like in GS3"

"The Linux kernel supports multiple cores, may be upto 32 cores(used on servers). Current Android build doesn't actually need 4 cores. It hardly uses more than 2 cores for most of the tasks. But future builds may use them"

" A battery sucker. I charge it full but whenever I play HD games it sucks more than half of it"

"My company bought 14 of these as our work phones. The spec is good and the camera is great, but its not as stable and intuitive to use as an iphone. But its biggest problem is poor signal, we are always dropping calls which never happened when we had BB's or iphones on the same network"

"I only played just one movie for 2 hours, but my battery easily dropped to 4%"

"I cant download Tango"

"By far the BEST fone I have ever had (w995 close second). You can make it as complicated or as easy as you like. Awesome screen (better than my flat screen TV), smooth in response and just feels comfortable in the hand (no sharp corners or edges)"

"Phone volume drops in the middle of a conversation. The person on the other end says the volume drops, or I sound as if I'm talking from inside a tunnel or with my head in the ***** bawl"

"Just bought two of this great phones yesterday (one for me and the other for my GF). I had to think a thousand times and researched a million times before buying this phone and I have to say that I am very happy with it. Samsung never failed my expectations. Very nice phone. Sold my galaxy S for this upgrade and the upgrade was a success!"

"Lags a bit while scrolling in the menu and when you pinch to minimize all menu/widget pages"

"The S2 had a lag while opening unread messages in Messaging and the S3 also has the same lag"

"Multitasking is not even close to the S2. You can open max 5-6 apps after which the system shuts down apps automatically, which means all your unsaved data is lost"

"If your playing a 3D game and you need to open the browser (a couple of other apps open like watsapp, chaton, gallery), most likely your game will be closed due to less memory"

"Apps like Watsapp & ChatOn lag like crazy while scrolling through the chats"

"The looks of the phone is not what you expect out of a high-end phone. HTC One X and the S2 look much better"

"Build quality is pretty good though and it feels very solid in the hand"

"S Voice is just an added feature and does not work as expected"

"For those not owning a SGS 2, you can buy the S3 without second thoughts. You wont regret it"

"It's not worth upgrading from the SGS 2 to the SGS 3 because the S2 user interface was smoother and multi-tasking was much better than the S3"

"Palm swipe to screen shot, cover screen to mute, lift to call, all amazing and very useful"

"Facing issues with maps. It is not working and forces to close and lags"

"Awesome Screen"

"The vivid display is great to watch videos and pics"

"The touchscreen is much smoother than the S2 and less prone to fingerprints"

I sold my HTC OneX to lay my hands on this big beast. Here is what I have to say

1. I was floored with the feature where the call is made when you bring the phone near your ear when viewing a particular Contact
2. I must admit that i am not at all disappointed
3. A very decent battery backup
4. Awesome display (though not as good as LCD of OneX)
5. I do miss the Beats audio from HTC as the sound via headphone is not that good compared to my HTC.
6. Earphone quality for radio is very good. I haven't experienced such a clarity in any phone I have used so far(HTC Desire HD, SGS2, Galaxy note, XperiaS, iPhone 3GS, HTC OneX, SGS3)
7. The sound quality is another field where it scores over HTC. In a nutshell, there is not much that is different from HTC OneX but it still scores over my previous phone
8. The phone is very sleek and feels great when you hold it"

"Another firmware update (I9300XXLFB). Here what I notice as new

1. Made the device smoother in operation
2. There is now a much cleaner transition back to the home screen when exiting apps
3. There is also now a screen brightness adjustment bar built into the dropdown notification panel
4. An extra button has been added when you make call to enhance the in call volume. This I guess will help when you are talking in some crowded place or are on Speaker"

"UI is not as responsive and stable as my previously owned Razr"

"Browser crashes a few times but I can live with it"

"Battery life? Here is my observation. I started at about 7am from 99%. Without charging in between, went online for couple of hours with intervals, spent 2hrs listening to music, had calls for about 20mins, Whatsapp messaging with 3G connection throughout the day. By 9pm, battery was left with about 30%"

"I did cut my SIM-card manually into a micro-SIM-card, and use an adapter when I want to use my old S2"

""All in all a very nice product. But found 3 issues where Samasung needs to provide an update:
1) S Planer (integrated calendar app) is not included in Google search as a searchable item.
2) S Planer can not sync tasks with Google Tasks.
3) USB mas storage mode changed. No drag and drop file transfer possible in Linux"

"I am using facebook widget on my homescreen which shows updated status of my friends on facebook, but it does not update on regular intervals, infact it updates after every 6 to 8 hours"

"I have rooted my phone and now am going to flash it with official s3 4.4 firmware, because alot of branded firmware has alot of trouble"

"I can download apps and other stuff in less than a minute"

"Lockscreen themes are unstable but it may work out after a few tinkering""

"The screen is a bit dimmer. If auto brightness turned on, sometimes the screen flickers a few seconds before adjusting to the sureounding light"

"Just give some time for the developers to add support for the galaxy s3""

"In still images, it is grainy and blurred. While taking videos it takes a lot of time to focus. Due to that, recordings are blurred"

"My S3 drains a lot of battery even if its inside my pocket! and my brother's OneX on the other hand just lost a single 1%. We both didnt use them at all and my S3 lost 18%! just inside the pocket for about 3 hours. I even set up the signal to GSM only"

"Lags a lot sometimes"

"For battery problems, try "Easy Battery Saver". It really works"

"Samsung rushed the phone in my opinion and dropped the Dual A15 core to use a Quad A9. Seems a liitle silly"

"Now using the phone, get to 11:30am and the battery is already on 60%"

"Samsung should fire their design team"

"When typing an email in landscape, there is very little you can see while typing"

"The phone works great. Comfortable to hold and use, the menus are smooth, settings are easy to use and a good battery life"

"For me the stock email app is simply fugly as sin, so I just use GoSMS instead"

"One thing that I don't like is the lack of scrolling wallpaper when using the Touchwiz interface"

"Its not waterproof"

"Screen isn't bright enough, even at maximum brightness levels"

"Wifi dropouts constantly and reconnecting to ANY router"

"Screen locks when waking up phone (maybe associated with the above) it's unresponsive to touch (not all the time)"

"Home button is flimsy. The button has 'sunk' into the phone whereas before it was slightly raised"

"You need long fingers in order to reach the numbers and letters on keypad"

"There are honestly very few things I dislike about it. Only thing I can think of so far is high battery drain from the radio, but apparently the update fixed that problem"

"Not being able to switch off e-mail vibration on its own without losing notifications on the status bar or vibration when the phone isn't on silent. Can do it with GMail but not the e-mail app"

"Accuweather widget being tempremental in updating"

"Being able to edit vibration for calls by contact but not texts by contact"

"Only being able to concatenate up to 3 text messages at a time"

"You can't turn off camera shutter sound from camera settings. You can turn it off only by turning off your phone ring tone volume. Use mute or vibrant mode. It's the stupidest thing ever"

"THERE IS NO USB MASS STORAGE! For me it means no offline maps for navigation and can't backup some apps because I can't get backup files from phones folders"

"Wallpaper doesn't scroll"

"S Voice, not only is it pointless but it doesn't work well at all"

"Touchwiz UI Isnt great. It's ok and works fine but isn't great"

"Quite a few games are not yet supported on Galaxy S3 at least not in UK, like Dead Space, Need for Speed Shift, Shadow gun (works but freezes often) and some Gameloft games. I assume this will be rectified before long. Apart from these it is almost flawless"

"Multimedia wise, it just plays anything without a hiccup"

"What is particularly annoying for me is waking the screen up. It is biblically slow sometimes"

"It runs GTA3 perfectly. The one shame is that quite a few EA games aren't compatible with it yet, for example NBA Jam and PvZ"

"I would buy it again"

"Had my Galaxy S3 for 3 weeks and my calls keep dropping in and out"

"I'm actually jealous that it didn't get the same awesome audio chip (Wolfram) that's in the international versions. It has the Qualcomm audio chip instead"

"What I don't like is that, I don't have mine yet"

"Speaker isn't loud enough"

"Sometimes swipe lock ripple effect, the water ripple effect is slow and laggy. But it's random occurred"

"There's one seriously annoying problem: you cannot move or install apps to the external SD. This is especially annoying if you use the phone to play games (which can be huge) and only have the 16GB model"

"What annoys me is scrolling up and down. I dont know if its just me but it feels different from what I was used to. It feels a bit "jerky" at times"

"It does get a bit toasty when playing a game. I was running Max Payne mobile, which I do guess does take a bit of power to run"

"The screen in bright light, much harder to see"

"It is MTP mass storage, so not the same file freedom and speed of pre Honeycomb/ICS devices. Previous OS's used true USB mass storage like a sd card or hard drive is used. Much faster and less issues and you can multitask the drive. With MTP you can only do one transfer process and can not view files at same time. Plus can be picky.
MTP sucks in comparison, but still better than the Apple way"

"Default gallery pulls in a lot of stuff you won't want, and no way to filter it out"

"Pressing the home key to get to the unlock screen is instant, everything is silky smooth, reception is a million times better"

"Default keyboard sucked. But I bought SwiftKey X and it's stunning"

"Two things I don't like is the speaker audio quality and also the sound recording quality"

"The sound in Samsung phone gets off automatically. When somebody calls me there is no sound on speaker and there is no comunication. It sucks to get connected and not able to talk. The problem gets rectified after 5 to 10 minutes and then everything becomes normal"

"Put a forward button, at least in the browser"

"When watching youtube videos on my old iPhone, I liked that the buffer bar was at the top where your thumbs were which made for easy skipping of parts you didn't care about. Now on the S3, the buffer bar is on the bottom and with the huge screen, not as easy to adjust"

"I do find the volume rocker to be super sensitive, which sounds great, until your volume goes to full blast with a slight grazing/accidental touch"

"A physical button for ringer/vibrate would have been nice"

"I snapped a picture with my SLR, and emailed it to both phones and I found the detail a little crisper on the Iphone, but the color depth and contrast better on the GS3"

"A picture of my backyard shows lush green grass on the S3, though we are in a drought and have slightly green grass at best"

"Compatibility issues with Bluetooth and Toyota car radios"

"What I hate most so far is the calendar (very user unfriendly IMO) and the redundancy of having multiple apps that seem to do the same thing (ex 2-3 apps to watch videos or play music...each!!)"

"I don't like the location of the back button. So many times I am just scrolling a web page and I go too low and hit it. Just need to get used to it when I am opening a picture message the phone tries to play it. I had to get a 3rd party SMS app to get around this"

"This phone is amazing. I have one gripe, but for me its kind of a big one. I hate that the colors are not accurate. If I am looking at pics I have taken with the camera, on apps like Instagram or Facebook, or on websites like the Chive.....colors are so over- saturated and unrealistic. I understand it makes for nice deep blacks and all that, but the colors are off. I cant be sure what the pictures I take truly look like unless I view them on a PC. Frustrating"

"My Palm swipe screen shot stopped working after a week and how the hell do you turn off face unlock?"

"love the phone and would recommend it to people without hesitation"

"The main thing I don't like is the lack of text reflow, coming from a HTC Desire I loved that feature, made internet browsing so much easier. Aside from that there isn't anything else that "sucks""

"We can't really judge a book by its cover"

"The screen is very bright and clear, just make sure you have power save options disabled and turn off auto brightness. I find it to be not very responsive in changing light conditions"

"Only real beef with the phone is that when in a call I hear a beep like an incoming call but pull away and nothing"

"What sucks most is the fact that Samsung designed a phone for international release, and put in the ability to encrypt the bootloader, even though only one carrier on the entire planet uses it. They should have simply not offered the feature. AKA, the Verizon version won't run alternate kernels/etc"

"After latest international upgrade, stock email app shows number of email but can't download them, tries and says connection error. I like the stock email app so this is starting to grind my gears"

"I do not like the finish of the phone, it being slippery and the back scratches very easily"

"In next three months there will be new phones out that will better it. Its impossible to keep up with this techno', the quest for the best and latest has even conquered me, I give up, can't keep up with it and I love the latest technology"

"Putting the speaker in the back is not smart. Laying the phone screen up muffles the sound of the ringer and notifications"

"The Verizon locked bootloader is the only issue I have with my SIII. I've lived with a locked BL on the Droid X for 2 years. It really didn't hamper development much. The DX had ICS a couple of months ago even though Moto and Verizon never thought twice about upgrading it"

"What sucks about the S3 is that since it's much better than my ip4s no one wants to buy 4s anymore"

"Screen isn't bright enough. No better than the GNex display, actually more pixelation. Can't use outdoors like my MaxX. The iPhone and OneX beat this screen hands down. If the MaxX was HD there would be no contest"

"Hate the gallery, for some reason I'm having trouble deleting, rearranging photos"

"The media volume level sucks when using netflix. Also pretty upset I dont have the voice texting on the stock app like I did on my SII"

"To be brief....this phone rocks"

"I wish this phone had text rendering. I don't like having to scroll to read text"

"With the earplugs plugged in, I get no notification sound for texts or a ring for incoming phone calls"

"Bluetooth issue when having a aux in the microphone jack and the calls get routed thru the mic jack. Even if you have a bluetooth headset or car setup already"

"The only problem so far is the screen in direct sunlight. And the homescreen redraw after leaving apps"

"I have sounds from MMS messages saved on my sd card, my eris plays them fine, the S3 does not. The default message app sucks"

"My list of grips

1. Feels cheap on my hand. My IP4s feels better and so did my Thunderbolt
2. Default text messaging app feels like a large cartoon
3. Phone feels laggy"

"I may have a dodgy handset here but the things that suck....

1. Wifi dropouts - constantly dropping and reconnecting to ANY router
2. Screen locks when waking up phone (maybe associated with the above) it's unresponsive to touch (not all the time)
3. Home button is flimsy. The button has 'sunk' into the phone whereas before it was slightly raised. Again, I may have a dodgy unit (which I'm hopefully going to get replaced by Samsung - when they call me back) The jury is out for me ATM"

"Not all international versions get Sony sensor. Only SGS3 produced till May has it. They did same with SGS2 also. Early produced SGS2 had sony sensors then they put Samsung S5K3H2 sensor later"

"The default SMS app lights up the screen and displays the first line of your "private" SMS to anyone who wants a look"

""You also need long fingers in order to reach the numbers and letters on keypads. Otherwise you may overstretch and drop the phone (when in portrait)"

"The speaker is loud but I have heard louder"

"I think some people just thought so high of the phone that any little big will spark outrage. At the end of the day it's just a phone"

"Music quality is superb...much better then the S2 (I had to use Mixzing player in the S2 coz the stock player produced crappy bass effects). No need to download any external player for the S3 (album art is messed up big time though)"

"Battery life is pretty decent. I get about 1.5 to 2 days of battery life with normal use including calls, SMS, chatting on watsapp, music, taking a few pics, watching videos, and a little bit of gaming"

"It's absolutely comfortable to hold due to its design and even though it quite big, I can use it with one hand"

"Voice quality on calls is very good and also has options for noise cancellation and equilizers"

"The North American version has a crappy camera (Samsung sensor instead of Sony), shame on Samsung for this. Also we dont have the FM Radio... Rest of the phone is great"

"For Smart Stay to work properly, your face need to be visible clearly in the light"

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