Samsung Galaxy S3 - 25 most important things you should know. Facts and Q&A sheet - Most frequently asked questions

Samsung Galaxy S3 Facts and Q&A sheet

Q: Is there any software update for S III recently?
A: The most recent update weights at about 74MB

Q: Is S-III OS Upgradable?
A: Yes, but there isn't another OS out to upgrade to officially. You could get a rom of Jellybean off the internet but Ice Cream Sandwiich is the latest OS and this has it (4.0.4)

Q: My s3 hangs and shuts itself down then restarts again and again?
A: Update the software or It's possible that you are running an app that isn't compatible with Android v4.0.4. Uninstall any app that you have installed since the problem began. As a last resort perform a "Factory Reset".
Menu -> Settings -> Back up and reset Factory Settings. If issues persist, go for a replacement, your handset must be faulty

Q: Even after I killed these apps using Advanced Task Killer, they still appear?
A: Try using System Tuner or System Panel instead. Its the way that Android caches the most used programs in unused memory so that they are more quickly accessible when required

Q: It gets hot at the back bottom part after playing games or surfing the net for a long time?
A: Reduce the screen brightness to a minimum and turn auto brightness on. Clear RAM from time to time

Q: Reception is poor?
A: Go to Settings -> More settings -> Mobile Networks and select GSM in network mode. Select Auto Mode only if your SIM is 3G enabled

Q: Is there any good ROM?
A: Try i9300 XXLFB 26 jun build.

Q: How can I move apps to sdcard?
A: You cannot

Q: How can I know the hardware on which my phone is built?
A: Use benchmark test apps like Quadrant Standard

Q: My phone lags?
A: Turn off Power Saver in the settings

Q: Does Skype work?
A: Yes

Q: Is it Dual SIM?
A: No

Q: Why most games and apps are not running smooth or not running at all?
A: Samsung Galaxy S3's Quad core processor is not compatible with many Android apps. Many Android apps are only made for 3.5 inches screen and its 4.8 inches large display makes some apps blurr

Q: What is in the update?
A: 1. UI has become more faster
2 Before the update, the battery percentage became 99% after disconnecting from the charger. Now it remains 100%
3. A flipboard app is present in the widget screen

Q: What about the quality of indoor photos and videos?
A: Audio when recording video is unsatisfactory. Indoor photos are too grainy and you can see every single pixel if zoomed a little bit. But outdoor pictures are superb. Without flash, there is much noise in photos taken inside

Q:PC doesnt recognise the phone when connected with a USB cable?
A: Try a different USB port. Reinstall Drivers. Go to device manager (right click my computer, manage, device manager) whilst plugged in and you can see an Android device with a yellow exclaimation mark. Delete, unplug or replug. Reboot the PC. Try toggling USB debugging in development settings. Try KIES and switch the phone off and on. Try the Galaxy S3 Toolkit from XDA. Uninstall Kies and turn on USB Debugging in "Developer options"

Q: WiFi issues?
A: Go into Service Mode (dialling *#0011#), go to menu, select Wifi and turn off the option for power save mode

Q: How to transfer iPhone contacts to the Samsung Galaxy S3?
A: Use cardDAV - SyncFree", it mingles with your icloud account and downloads all your contacts from there. Or alternatively If you have backed up your contacts to iCloud, you can see your contacts on the website by logging into your account. Click on Contacts Icon, at the bottom left you will find a Settings button. From there you can select all your contacts, Export as vCard. Save the vCard or copy it to your extSDCard and import it on your S3.

Q: I cannot stream well with WiFi? I have not been able to get through 5 mins of a movie while using allshare play to my telly, it just freezes and cuts out, but my wifI signals very good?
A: Set the wifi sleep policy to "never"

Q: No USB mass storage?
A: Use FTP

Q: The wallpaper doesnt scroll?
A: Use the stock wallpaper. Download PicSpeed Wallpapers

Q: Can't change the home screen from portrait to landscape?
A: Pulldown notifications and turn on screen rotation

Q: Exchange email doesn't download existing emails?
A: There is an option within the email settings as to how many old emails it will download. Its set at 3 days as standard but you can change it to ALL and have every single email and folder downloaded

Q: Can I use Titanium backup to force move apps to the SDcard?
A: No. Galaxy S3 considers the SD card and the internal memory to be the same

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  1. In my galaxy s3, my mp3 file are not working correctly... (wtf)... all the songs don't begin from the start and when I try to play one specific song another song is playing... its irritating...!!!


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