BOOTDROID Dual Boot Android OS and Apple IOS 4 on Android


Dual Boot Android OS and Apple IOS 4 on Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S 2

A project titled Bootdroid is under weigh ( Google Project Hosting ) which enables android users to dual boot both IOS and android on their devices . The project is now on development phase and not in a official stable state . An official version has not been released yet , but you can enjoy an unstable version of the project for open source and code improvement purposes . A big news for those who missed simple IOS on android devices . The developer of the project is the owner of such apps like Blackberry Connect , Desire Freedom and Wiblaze

The app description from the project home

What is BootDroid?
BootDroid is a project which enables android phones to dual-boot both Android OS & iOS 4. Please note that this project is still under development and is currently
not in an official stable state. It is suggested that you do not install BootDroid until an official version has been released. Until then, the download will be available for
the unstable version of the project for open source & code improvement purposes of beta testers & other developers.
Why is This Beneficial?
There are many reasons that this project is beneficial to some. Some users switch from Apple devices to Android devices and miss the old layout that the iOS
offers. While others may like the simplicity that the Android OS doesn't offer. Some other positive reasons are listed below..
Battery: The Android OS is known for killing battery with all of its background data being shared with many different applications, as well as high quality
animations running all the time. iOS doesn't have as much going in the background, and is known for keeping a very long lasting battery (note: when booting with
ios on android devices, a lot of battery is conserved because of the operating system's, simplicity.)
Apple-Unique Apps: Apple devices running iOS have very unique applications which help make Apple devices as popular as they are today. Apps such as
FaceTime, iMovie, AppStore, iTunes Store, ect. can now be enabled to work on Android devices with this project.
Easy iTunes Sync: The one thing that Android failed to to enable is easy synchronization with computers (especially Mac). When this project is enabled on your
Android device, you can easily sync with iTunes as if it were an Apple Device.
Dual Booting: Once booted on an operating system, it is very easy to boot to the other. All you have to do is power down the device, and boot it up again to
select which operating system to boot from.
Jailbreak Freedom: In order to get iOS working on Android devices, the firmware ported & installed onto the phone must be jailbroken. So yes, you are
booting a jailbroken iOS firmware. Cydia and all 3rd party applications will work perfectly fine (SSH is also working).
Extra Information
Screen Sizes Because most Android phones come in many different screen sizes, it would be amazingly difficult to resize the iPhone screen to make it larger or
smaller then it needs to be. So instead, the Android devices will be booting to an optimized iPad 2 firmware. The iPad 2 Firmware makes it easy to resize the screen
to the correct sizes. Since most Android devices have fairly good quality of images & colours, similar to retina-quality, quality should come out, if not better then
displayed on Apple devices. This means that the dual boot works on tablets, but no extra support toward tablets have been added yet.
What Devices Work Best with BootDroid?
BootDroid works with most Android devices, but some devices work better then others.
HTC Desire HD: With the latest, fastest processor and large screen with great graphics, iOS runs flawlessly on this phone.
Samsung Galaxy S & S2: Both have fast processors & fairly good screen sizes, runs just as well as the iOS would on an iPhone.
Motorola Droid: Fairly good processor & screen size, iOS works with this very well.
Nexus S: Again, works fairly well with iOS because of fast processor and good screen size.
Again, BootDroid works with most Android devices, but works best with these devices above.

Link : Project Home

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