Most Google websites dont do well in Opera Mini. What Opera Mini can do and cannot do

Its frustrating and nearly exhausting. I have tried for years the "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" with Opera mini with futile results. The heavy JavaScript site doesnt do a d*** thing with Opera mini and adamantly reluctant to at least show what the website is all about. The now defunct Bolt browser was an exception. It neatly obeyed its master and rendered the mighty JavaScript and few new advanced elements. Now the browser is gone and we have to however cope with the browser that has won million's hearts for nothing. Actually, I cannot over exaggerate the thing, Opera does nearly well with all the web standards we throw at it. But not delivering the Big G's stuff nowadays is not a good sign since they are used by the most millions all around the world on a daily basis. Here is the list of Google products that Opera Mini doesnt do well with

1. Google's Adwords Keyword Tool

2. Blogger's new interface

3. Google Groups new user interface

4. Google Mobile's Image tab

5. Adsense new interface: it works fine but you cannot generate a new ad code unit and copy it. Its totally stubborn. The Adsense code is unalterable. But Opera goes beyond what its supposed to be delivering

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