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Is NOKIA set to fire or kindle the smart phone market again ? too early to predict. Following is a pile of immaculate user opinions, reviews ( they designedly left at major forums ) on finnish brand's latest attempt LUMIA800

Im using this phone for 5 days now. Im having trouble with the battery life. I leave home at 7am and by 1pm the battery is already consumed. This is if i leave the data connection, 3G, checking emails, friends status, using apps, calls and txt messaging. My previous iphone4 was better than this because it lasted until 7pm. But if i turn off the data connection, battery lasts till 8pm. Do people here experience this too? Im wondering if i bought a faulty lumia 800

Just dial ##634# and then check battery status if it shows law

Nokia "bluetooth headset 803" is the best currently available in the markets, but Lumina 800 windows platform does not support it.

I like the text scrolling smoothness,....but one thing is very clear , files encryption and text files transfer/manipulation is not supported on Lumina fones

An excellent nokia headset that is best for music and compatible with any nokia phone, Nokia Bluetooth Headset,BH-214

Bluetooth supports voice transfer but not data

We have to purchase a "new case" every time the old battery replaced by Nokia servicing centre ?
I think it will be very expensive for the customer

To change your ringtone into your own personal song , go to zune add ringtone and enjoy

Personally, I've had this phone for a couple of days.. and its been okay so far, however thats bieng said my battery tends to go rather quickly

Do hell with android....THIS DEVICE GOT is really awesome....i mean i used the android phone earlier but this man... This is something that i never is for boring nerds.....i like to stay cool ....THE FUTURE IS NOKIA LUMIA.....

To change your ringtone into your own personal song, cut an mp3 to less or equal of 39 seconds,make it less than 1 MB DRM- free MP3 file. You also have to change its genre to Ringtone

This mobile is extremely over priced !! i got a samsung focus ( runs on windows mango too) on for 14k !! and compared with this mobile , the display in focus was way more awesom than this ( it's a super AMOLED too , same 480 X 800 pixels).. it has a bigger 4 inch screen (compared to 3.7) and wider viewing angles !! I also took pics in both and compared , i found the samsung focus to have a tremendously better cam than this ( i mean to say that even though lumia 800 uses 8MP cam, the lens is not good at all) .. the only advantage this mobile has is that it has 1.4 Ghz processor vs focus's 1Ghz .. i find the 1Ghz good enough for the apps in marketplace and i never had to wait for anything to open !! I'd advice ppl to buy focus on comparison to lumia 800 !! I've used it for few weeks now and its great

Lumia 800 is awesome and ten times better than samsung omniya as its display is far better

There is no secondry camera.. and data transfer only via pc..very costly,, cannnot download vedio and song via browser directly

In the age of 3G , Lumia is not providing front facing camera

In the case of applications its just the starting

Samsung & HTC WP7 devices have FFC & video call capability

I just feel like the software of wp7 is for people with bad eye sight, everything is huge on the main display, are they targeting elders?

In one word excellent

I prefer Motorola droid Razr xt910 over both current Nokia and Samsung products for possessing a solid durable body designed with max. functional capabilities

Windows app market has already crossed 50000 mark in 2 months

No bluetooth file transfer, no nfc, got less memory. N9 has 1gb ram and a 64gb version. N9 only missing whatsapp

If ur more of an app person go for ios or android !

Its just the starting.

And even android struggled in the starting for about 1.5yrs. It was galaxy S which made android popular. Just check out the figures Nokia has already shipped 40million LUMIA phns in the market.

More the number of apps more the possibility of having good apps !! In windows u find less apps and most are crappy !! If u don't want apps get nokia 1100 :\

No app for video calls on N9. Even skype doesnt support videocalls on n9, also, the nfc only works with nokia nfc capable phones, there are very few of those on the street.

My wife have been using Lumia 800 for nearly a month,and so far she's very happy with the phone. Migrating from Iphone 3GS to Windows phone which is in fact not much a big change. Lumia 800 using Zune which is quite similar to Itunes for Iphone, and the best of all u can sync Zune through Itunes if you previously have media contents at your Itunes. Sadly Microsoft doesn't provide Zune for Mac user and you have to download Windows 7 converter for Mac from which is quite similar to Zune. Internet explorer on par with safari(Iphone) and google(android). Camera average, me
n my wife thinks iphone 4s the best video/camera. Youtube a
bit blurry compared to my phone(P970 LG nova display).
Bluetooth seems can't paired with my P970(a case of dejavu
with Iphone?)Marketplace similar to Market(android) and
Apps Store(Iphone) but not much apps (especially free ones)

Nokia Lumia 800 is a very beautiful phone which I secretly admire. Hopefully the next Nokia will have a few
tweaks like HD graphics with HDMI output, a better camera,
bluetooth connectivity with android and perhaps a merger of
market apps with the android

Why can't we just have a set of buttons at the bottom of the screen itself and remove the once at the side,as thats the bad selling point about Windows phones?. Buttons you see take up the part of the screen, so no chance to take Full advantage of using the Full lcd screen. It spoils the look and turns me away from buying it

Raw device with a lot of software bugs and very often workmanship defects. OS updates don't install properly, sometimes can harm the system (from my personal experience). on the other hand, the design, the ergonomics, connection quality are fairly good. generally, rather -1

Touch-sensitive controls

AMOLED capacitive touch screen


Corning Gorilla Glass

Nokia ClearBlack display

JAVA not supported

Only MicroSIM card supported

SNS integration

Active noise cancellation
with dedicated mic

Document viewer/editor

No Pentaband

No USB mass storage (file management and sync pass only through Zune)

No video calls and no front-facing camera either

Non-user-replaceable battery

No native DivX/XviD support,

Videos have to be transcoded by Zune

Wow what a phone. I have got both phones lumia 800 and gs2 but unbelievable browsing speed in lumia.Compared to sgs2 lumia is far best and touch feel also is very good. After a long period Nokia has launched a very good phone I love my lumia800

Why would Nokia abandon pentaband with move to WP? Is it that WP does not support it?

I'm very happy with lumia 800

NOKIA is just fooling people with such phones. I am not saying that these phones are bad but they have less features in accordance to their high prices

Galaxy s2 has video calling, 1gb ram 4.2 inches AMOLED screen and price same as LUMIA 800

Its not about nokia or samsung but about the features

N9 got better battery life and camera quality

Lumia could be more durable in body structure but it's only a partial empty trunk box when compare to Razr xt910

Just got this phone a week ago...Trust me guys its a superb phone with super cool apps. Nokia is all set to rule the market with this phone ,the carl zeiss lens gives an awesome photography experience. Geotagging is in real time. Its sleek and sexy....if u r planning to buy a phone in the range of 600$ or so then this is an awesome choice.:)

There is 710, a cheaper alternate to lumia 800

Why the hell I should install over 350000 apps on a phone?

A year old N8 makes iphones camera look like a joke

Use Nimbuzz Better than Gtalk. You connect thro' nimbuzz to gtalk

Iphone 4 doesnt have flash..only androids

I have an n8 for 1 year, no protector at all, 0 scratchs

WHY Omnia is cheaper and better than this phone
1. Samsung has its own semiconductor division, they have in
house production of microprocessors etc. You will be surprised to
know that Iphone 4s processor is manufactured by samsung.
2. In house camera manufacturing division.
3. In house electronics component manufacturing division.
Nokia has to purchase every thing from outside and that cost
is transffered to cutomer.

Used this device for a month now and I have to say that this
device is superb. OS is smooth, the functions are all there
(except for a front camera but who uses it on a regular basis
What I love most is the design of the phone. Fits nicely in your
hands, the screen is awesome.
In terms of the OS, I feel in love with the FB, Twitter
integration in the phone. There's no need to go in/out of any
of your social network apps. Everything is a smooth flow from
the homepage onwards.
Downside - the lack of apps as compared to iOS or Android.

Be smart by getting an iPhone 4S !! or even iPhone 4 , as siri can now
be cracked and installed in iPhone 4 too !! and the apps in App
store are in millions against 1000's in windows marketplace !!

Look at focus's display, I compared both, and this device's display was poor
when compared to that and cam isn't good at all even if its
8MP !! and yeah focus has a wider viewing angle !!.Brightness is better in focus !! these guys are
screwing ur money :| samsung focus is half the price and has
way better display and cam !!

I have one problem which seem to be
imposible to solve...the battery life is not great, it doesn'st last
long..after its fully charged made a few phone calls there and
then dead... very disapointed with it. So i wouldnt
recommended to anyone

LUMIA 800 has a great look for SHOWOFF

Get the n9, is better, bigger and brigther display, camera
quality is better, longer battery life, u can send files via bluetooth

Doesn't support flash

Bluetooth functionless ! what ? USB on-the-go where ? (who needs it on modern smart fones ?)

JAVA, NFC gone !

Can play video directly from sites like youtube without buffring

Nice mobile from nokia but its price is too high and there is no 2nd camera. In lumia710 there is 2nd camera and price is also low

You will never be able to watch TV or play flash video games like FarmVille directly from websites as Nokia lumia does not support it

This phone has an amazing homescreen with live icones. The display is great with its anti reflective amoled gorilla glass thing

Windows 7.5 not bad but luk @ this:no java,no flashplayer support,no mSD slot,no videocall cam,Microsim??? WT...?!..

When we have ie9 with HTML5, no need to download any flash players. I dont know whats the need of java..Only storage memory is 16gb but you will get 25gb storage in windows live on skyDrive. I think 41 gb for a smart phone is enough

Microsoft has made 25gb cloud space available for all window fones ie Samsung, HTC, LG and recently including Lumias, but its purpose is only for synchronising/storing your data from fone memory and nothing more. If you could play movies, videos directly from websites with Lumia without re-downloading, its a mirracle. Lumia lacking ...flash support is the main reason why text files could not transfer and managed by bluetooth.

As an Indian, if we could not watch live cricket games from mobile TV, what is the purpose of buying this Lumia 800 ? even crap cheapest handsets can make voice calls

Design is same as Nokia N9, only different platform. HTC HD7 is better than this and much more cheaper.

I would personally like 2 speak 2 'Stephen Elop'


Lumia missing not only video call camera but also flash video games , movies, TV, NFC and Bluetooth files management facilities. There is no expandable memory slot either. The most frustrating thing is ...its battery not user replaceable

Lumia has no flash support

LCD screen on the Lumia 800 is taken up by buttons at the bottom. Best phone for customizing, is the Galaxy S2,you can change wallpapers and themes but the Lumia 800 has just got the Squares which spoil the look of the phone

How do people plan to use Skype with no front camera?, may be u should give a free mirror as a bonus attachment..And any body mention anything about 4g?

Bad camera

No wifi hotspot

I was a dedicated fan of nokia hand sets but had a very bad experience with n97 and switched to samsung galaxy s2 and trust me it is more nokia anymore for is playing with the money of consumers

Main disadvantages:
•Non-expandable storage
•No mass storage
•Zune-only file management and sync
•No Bluetooth file transfers
•No Flash (nor Silverlight) support in the browser
•No DivX/XviD video support
(automatic transcoding provided by Zune software)

The phone gets too hot while charging and during internet connection

I don't get what is all the fuss about a missing front camera!
How many of you actually use it for video calls and how often?

Its music player can not be opened without ZING like in IOS

If u want to send or receive via blue tooth, 1st u have to download zune player

Microsoft Windows Mobile??
No thanks.
Do some research, there are many reason why you shouldnt buy this phone.

No Wi-fi Hotspot
No Usb mass storage(file management and sync pass only throught zune)
Cant use as a modem

Great phone, awful sync software! shame

It has a homescreen, and it has unlimitted tiles . You can even put a contact as a tile(HS shortcut)

Simply superb

No sendings for songs in bluetooth directly, download that separate software

No 4G

A smart fone without a replaceable battery and a memory card slot will definately scare away .....all customers.

I've been using this device for a while now and my advice is to STAY AWAY from it until they sort out the battery issues. The phone does funny things particularly when it 'thinks' the battery is dead. It won't turn on or reset..or recognise a connection via USB or charger. You basically have to spend about 30min worrying whether or not your phone is done for before it finally turns back on. I charged mine last night to full, when I woke up this morning the bloody thing was off and it's taken 30mins of messing around to try get it back on. I like the new phone a lot but this is just not on NOKIA...SORT IT TODAY

To be honest, if you've actually used the Lumia, you'll immediately notice how beautiful and fresh the dynamic live tiles are. Oh yeah, same goes for Zune. It's really fresh and beautiful, plus the Smart DJ mix is just right not to mention it's far better than iTunes and far more user-friendly

You'll never be able to customize its look! Only its color and wallpaper! you'll never have the options like in Android for installing launchers, themes, widgets, and lockers. If I'm not mistaken it is also dependent of ZUNE every time you connect it through your PC!

Current Lumias are only trial versions with very limited utilities. The Real Lumia tango OS is coming by January 2012 and apollo OS by june 2012. The real Nokia Lumia fones with rich specifications and utilities to be

Apple tried to sue Nokia but failed baddly

Downloaded apps from Android Market do not always work properly, unlike iOS.

Android phones are laggy!!

USB otg is missing, bluetooth is functionless without ms Zune, ie .....Lumia 800 cannot use as a modem for laptop/pc in net browsing

One gets mesmerised if he sees and hold the fone in his hands but once they go thru the features of the fone they really get disappointed

Tried out this phone today, it's even smoother than the iphone4, unlike android phones with a lot of lags!
service provider advisor told me that Nokia will fix this battery issue in a short time

Why on earth would one buy a smartphone and then sit in front of the laptop to convert the videos just because stupid phone does not support popular video formats?, time is precious

To send one sms to many, go into sending messages and after selecting one contact you will find + on your right hand and you can add another contact

Lumias looks very cheap with colourful plastic doll like wide-frame rims

No FM transmitter

Hey guys,I'm using my Nokia lumia 800 to write to you about my experience with this phone.Believe me,it is one of the simplest phones I have used so far, the typing is great and can be compared to the iPhone.The only thing about it that was a little off for me was the battery life,which will last at least 6-7 hours when heavy using,but I have read that an update may be coming to improve on its battery life. Another thing is that if you think that there is alot of restrictions using this phone like not getting able to download movies or songs whatever, you will have this Zune software created for windows so it will actually help you convert it to its own format,but you will not be able to download stuff directly from your mobile from the internet,cus it will say that the format can't be recognised.I have been using this phone for almost a week and I don't find
it much of a problem.
The camera to my surprise was quite good if you compare it
to other 8pix cam,the pic looks better.Yes,there are quite alot
of apps in the market so you don't need to worry about it.The
interface is really good and there wasn't much lag.
This phone would be strongly recommended for those of you
who have not even tried a windows phone before. Think before
you speak,it is a great phone.
I actually wanted to buy the n9 but now,I think the lumia is a
better phone considering it will still be supported throughout
the years rather than the n9.
Hey!There's lots of memory in it,so stop worrying and being
afraid it won't be enough cus I think it won't be finishing it up
so quick.
Those who are heavy users on using the front facing
camera,take note it doesn't have it.
So far,Great!And a proud user of it

Hi, I am using this phone for 15 days now and take it, it is a great set. Nokia put there 100% in it but Mango OS still needs a lot to improve.
Great hardware
All by Nokia, only contribution from Microsoft is People's Hub
All by Microsoft Mango
No synchronization with Outlook contacts and calendar
No sync with your PC's documents, only possible through skydrive
If you have to send SMS to many you have to put contacts from your contact list one at a time. You can not choose contacts selectively
Group facility in contacts limited to 20 contacts only
Moreover you can't sync groups with your Live hotmail contacts.
you can't sync your contact's photo either.
Very Poor Office Suite; no folder system
You can not delete rows or columns in Excel
You have to adjust zoom and column's width setting every time you open same Excel file
There is no Tab or Ctrl key in keyboard, without these working in Excel is a headache

Such a sexy phone, I checked it
with a gs2 of another friend and didnt felt lumia is slower than gs2
even while using internet.Also windows UI is cool and android
looked so boring and cramped. Battery backup of both is
similar I think. Also screen of lumia is smaller but rest, it rocks

Has a negative battery life and when its in the middle of charging ,the phone
does not even switch on.ANNOYING HANDSET

A memo to the CEO,
Don't put off the fire with petrol !

(i had symbian, iphone & android lg opt black)
Built: excellent
Os: good
Apps: below average
Battery: ok
Camera: poor (not to nokias expectation)
Nokias effort on this phone is nill
MS has done a good job on the tiles and the entire os Like FB, twitter etc
Making a phone call is a problem especially if you come from symbian or android
Searching for contacts is a real pain
No smart dialing (tried many apps but no good)
Contactnames are clear but numbers are too small (why?????)
Nokia music is missing even nokia pop radio is not there in my phone
IE 9 is super fast but no flash makes it dull
WM7.5 is like IOS cant download music
Videos and zune is not my stuff
Copy past is excellent
Contacts should have merge option (symbian users can understand) due to many contacts from FB, gmail twitter etc
I am not able to send or receive MMS neither the company nor the service providers have any idea of how to do the settings
Windows 7.5 is a great os and definitely has a great future, it should try to reduce taps to get the work done for example starting wifi , warning prompts etc

SVG support in browser

Prone to finger-prints

No Face Detection.

skydrive have a filelimit. u need a huge bandwith cap to access. Only 5gb are syncable, get the nokia n9 (is better and have 64gb black version)

£449.99 in the UK sim free

It doesnlt support 1080p video recording and video playback..
But one thing you gotta know there is 25Gigs of cloud storage after 16gb inbuilt

News is that most of the mobile developers are heading towards windows phone operating system, hope all the drawbacks will be fullfilled rapidly and will be a great os

Ya ! it is fully loaded with ass, semi-paralysed features

Nokia is trying to fool people with this over priced mid
range phone.

Highly recommended for donkeys.

No WIFI Hotspot, still bloody old Bluetooth 2.1Vs while 4 has come up

I think ELOP is doing nicely, burning fort Nokia to the ground so that M$ could pick it up for a song. Use its patents to attack iOS and Android

Manufacturers are not putting everything in a single unit.
Why? It's business

We JAPANESE people rarely use fone primary camera for video call, most of the time we use FCC for video conferences.

Windows uses tiles instead of icons and claims they made something out of the box, what is the difference between
icons & tiles? they have exactly the same use. Its just like a
two lane set of icons. Icons are even look more attractive &
friendly to use than tiles. Yes the wp7 transition is amazing but
the UI as a whole is complicated

Cannot record video beyond 720 X 30 fps

World's most searched for /most popular mobile phonesonline

This work is solely based on the Daily Interest Rate/Percentage Stats of which is not an accurate measure but an approximation . The daily interest rate or percntage is feebly and relatively lied on the total number of hits the website recieves on a daily basis . Thus, its strictly advised that the final data sheet concluded here may have inaccurancies or discrepancies. Use for reference purposes only

World's most searched for / most popular mobile phones online

Mobile and the Daily interest / Popularity as a percentage
Nokia N9 91%

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 91%

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II 64%

Samsung Galaxy Note 61%

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 59%

Nokia Lumia 800 55%

Apple iPhone 4S 42%

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S 40%

Nokia C3 38%

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 37%

Nokia N8 32%

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 32%

Nokia 700 29%

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S 26%

Nokia C2-03 26%

Apple iPhone 4 24%

Nokia N900 24%

Nokia 701 24%

HTC Wildfire S 23%

Samsung Galaxy W I8150 23%

Nokia C5-03 23%

Nokia E5 23%

HTC Sensation XE 22%

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V 22%

Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II 21%

Nokia 500 21%

Motorola XT615 20%

Motorola RAZR XT910 20%

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727 20%

HTC Sensation XL 19%

Nokia C6 19%

Nokia E7 19%

Nokia E6 19%

Nokia C5 18%

Nokia X2 18%

HTC Sensation 18%

Nokia C7 17%

Nokia X2-01 17%

Nokia C2-00 17%

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 17%

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus 17%

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type 16%

Samsung I110 Illusion 16%

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo 16%

Sony Ericsson Xperia mini 16%

LG Optimus 4G LTE 16%

HTC Wildfire 16%

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman 15%

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 14%

HTC Rezound 14%

Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro 14%

Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE 13%

Samsung S3850 Corby II 13%

Samsung S8530 Wave II 13%

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman 13%

LG Optimus Black P970 13%

Apple iPhone 3GS 13%

Most popular Blackberry phones with daily popularity percentage

BlackBerry Bold 9790 22%

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 19%

BlackBerry Curve 8520 17%

BlackBerry Curve 9360 16%

BlackBerry Bold 9780 15%

BlackBerry Curve 9380 14%

Hottest search on Ebay

Hottest search on Ebay " Android tablet "

No doubt, Ipad rules the tablet market with a brimful share but android tablets are evidently catching up fast. According to ebay's top 5 searched items list, android tablet tops the list making it a worthwhile buy as ebayans are eagerly looking for home ragged android tabs

A big chunk from the reasons behind andy pads demand and that they have become most sought after at ebay, goes to the abundant advent of cheap chinese Ipad clones that box freely available android solar systems (oops! ecosystem) and the incessant and consistent updating of the OS which compel the owner to throw the tab that carry the old version.

However most listed items at ebay under the category '' Android tablets '' for mouth watering $99 price tags that measure at a 7" display and claim to have a 4GB inbuild flash memory are from shadowy chinese ebay stores which ultimately have proven to be scams.

Ipad, ipod, hp touch pad fill the rest of the top 5 list respectively. Its convincing in the meantime that hp touchpad which failed at retail outlets earlier this year and now sales at pennies has fueled a new market niche for the flopped tablet or rather has triggered a new marketing trend?

Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T - Pros and Cons

4G Network LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100

AMOLED capacitive touchscreen

16M colors

480 x 800 pixels

4.3 inches

~217 ppi pixel density


Corning Gorilla Glass

Nokia ClearBlack display

No Card slot

Internal 16GB storage, is it enough

512 MB RAM, not 1Gb


8 MP cam, 3264x2448 pixels

Carl Zeiss optics


Dual-LED flash

720p@30fps video capturing

Video stabilization

Secondary cam, 1.3 MP, VGA@30fps

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Qualcomm APQ8055 Snapdragon

CPU 1.4 GHz

Scorpion GPU Adreno 205



Proximity sensor

Threaded view


Stereo FM radio with RDS

GPS with A-GPS

No Java support

MicroSIM card support only

SNS integration

Active noise cancellation

Document viewer/editor

Predictive text input

"Those who will purchase one between now and April 21st – will receive a$100 credit to their AT&T bill from Nokia", Nokia guarantees

"We identified a software issue. In short, a memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity. This issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself.". official website says. However the issue is being identified as an issue prevailant in first batch and now been addressed. Anyone who bought one can grab new one in exchange with the faulty one or update the software

Polycarbonate unibody

1830 mAh battery

8-megapixel camera has a wide aperture (F2.2) and wide-angle focal length (28mm). Low-light photos will look great

Nokia USA partnered with Monster and yielded the Nokia Purity HD On
Ear Stereo Headset – which now
also available for sale from April 8

Nokia Drive offers free voice guided turn-by-turn navigation.

The exclusive ESPN sports hub come pre-loaded on the Lumia 900

AT&T Mobile U-Verse Mobile allows AT&T U-Verse TV subscribers to schedule and manage their DVR and even watch TV shows while on the go. There are more than 100 TV series and 700 TV shows available for consumption

Biggest yet thinnest Windows Phone to date by Nokia

First phone to support high-speed LTE data transfers

The Nokia Lumia 900 has picked up CNET’s best of CES smartphone award

Was built exclusively for AT&T

Data downloads up to 50Mbps on AT&T’s 4G LTE network

SkyDrive cloud storage

If you switch to flight mode and use it just as an MP3 music player, it’ll keep going for more than two-and-a-half days.


Skydrive is not your dropbox on Lumia 900

AMOLED display, one of the best ever

Nokia Drive offline/online GPS nav

Voice search & voice launch apps

Power button placement is uncomfortable

Can't change volume when screen is off

Only 85,000-100,000 apps at launch

Needs a notifications section

Some older games lack fast resume Summary

The Polycarbonate housing is very solid, smooth and of high quality

The cyan color really stands out as a special phone

"Everything else just looks plain and boring next to this phone. The ClearBlack AMOLED display is absolutely gorgeous and blows away any washed out LCD like the iPhone's. Colors are much more vibrant and images appear to float on the top of the screen like an actual photograph", a mesmarised user utters

Blacks are so dark and inky that you can't even tell where the screen meets the bezel

The signal strength is amazing

Calls clarity is outstanding

Visual voicemail is included with this phone for free

4G LTE speeds are blazing and Yankees are overwhelmed. You can get downloads in the range of 20Mbps on this phone if your in NYC

Internet connection sharing with up to 5 other devices is available on some data plans

The external speaker on the phone has great volume and since it is on the bottom instead of the back. It doesn't get muffled when you put the phone down on a surface or hold it in your hand.

The camera can be brought up even when the phone is locked just by holding down the dedicated camera button.

You can snap photos in widescreen or fullscreen mode and upload directly to Facebook Twitter or Skydrive without having to open another app.

25GB of free cloud storage with SkyDrive.

"Battery life is incredible by smartphone standards. After using my phone all day yesterday to look at apps, browse the web, take photos, listen to music, etc. I had almost 50% battery left by the end of the day." a user recalls

This phone can last you a day and a half easily on a single charge.

AT&T includes some nice apps like

1. U-verse video streaming
2. MyWireless to check your data usage, change your plan or pay your bills.

There are also exclusive CNN, ESPN, Univision, and college sports applications on Nokia's Lumia

You can earn Xbox Live achievements on the go. You can even see your friends avatars and edit your Xbox Live avatar on this phone!

Few of the usefull apps on Windows Phone

1. YouTube Pro lets you download and upload videos to Youtube right from a tile on your start screen. It can play videos in HD as well and you can pin any Youtube channel you subscribe to on the start screen. The pinned live tile will update with the image of any new video that is uploaded to that Youtube channel.
2. Radio Controlled is a Pandora music app that plays all of your Pandora playlists
3. Gmaps Pro gives you Google Maps on your phone including Google Latitude to track your friends and family
4. "Hey DJ" lets you use your voice to load songs, artists and playlists.

Voice to launch any app just by holding down the Windows button and saying "Start Netflix" or "Open Netflix."

You can also search for weather by saying "weather" or find movie show times nearby just by saying "movies." (is this Siri?)

Voice to launch app is very swift

The 1.3-megapixel front-facing cam video cast is terrible

Shutter lags, takes some time to focus before capturing a photo

The cam doesnt give smarter closeups when focusing on subjects located at distance

Cam shots bit yellowish

iPhone 4S photos are sharper, more vibrant, have more contrast

Apps are more expensive

Though it support 4G, most countries lack such kind of towers. So outside US the 4G capabilities wont be a deal maker

Angry Birds Space, the latest avian attack instalment, is not available yet in the market

Few usefull apps available at the market

Kindle/ Audible
USA Today
Fox News
MLB at Bat

By the end of May the Windows Phone platform will have over 100,000 apps in total

If you have a lot of videos or a ton of songs you are going to need to compress them to fit on the 16GB of storage

Zune PC software compresses files on the device itsefl

With Zune you can impose the exact bitrate you want it to make of all your songs

Not all games have been updated yet to support fast app switching (hold down the back arrow to bring up the task switcher), this is changing over time though as each developer updates their games. All new games seem to support the fast app switching as well

low price

Quality of the hardware

Even when it's so hard for Android devs to make money, its doubtfull that companies going to invest and allocate resources in Windows

Free to new AT&T customers

$49 for current customers who renew contracts at Walmart and $100 if you don't qualify otherwise

You won't notice any scratches

Dual LED flash

Screen is big and bright, but only comes with 800 x 480 resolution

The images seem a bit washed out

The Nokia Lumia 900 is exclusive to AT&T for now.

Cannot change the font size for texts

Most cant believe they are selling something like this for only 100

When you go to the app market you will notice that few of top apps missing

Works great in direct sunlight

Premium look and feel

Life time turn by turn navigation

People Hub

Local Scout

Social network deep integration

Camera doesnt do well

The housing is not coated. Some may find their fingers glued to it. A fingerprint magnet.

No FM transmitter

No bluetooth file transfer

No plug and play to pc (requires zune)

Smooth navigation

Simple interface

Lack of customization options

Cannot customise ringing settings

No way to set sound profiles such as 'Normal', 'Silent', 'Office', 'Meeting', etc

Artistic interface

Cannot individually control the ringer volume and the text-to-speech volume

Synchronization of contacts between Facebook, Windows Live!, and Google is straight-forward

Facebook app will be obsolete thanks to the 'People' tile

The screen itself is great and on par with the Galaxy S II's AMOLED+ in terms of color, brightness, and viewing angles

Speaker is loud and clear

Call quality is good

The phone features voice recognition for speech-to-text and a few phone commands such as "text this person" or "listen to music etc

Syncing with Zune is easy, but you may have some problems with DRM on old CD's which you have ripped years ago.

Cannot choose which options you'd like to sort your lists by with Zune; instead its only "Albums", "Artists", "Title", etc

The phone is great for business and work-related items especially having a condensed version of MS Office which includes Word and Excel as well as a PowerPoint viewer

Buy a rubberized case for it and a screen cover. Fingerprints show up easily and the case is a little slippery if you don't have a full-handed grip on it

The power button is too easy to hit by accident

You may end up locking the phone screen when hit the volume rocker

One-thumb scrolling

Reported LTE speeds -20Mbps down 7Mbps up

Unique and elegant design

25GB cloud storage

Elegant & speedy OS

Nokia Drive offline/online GPS nav

Voice search & voice launch apps

Most users claim a staggering 2-day battery life

Can't change volume when screen is off

Only 85,000-100,000 apps

Needs a notifications section

Some older games lack fast resume

The best smart phone deal on American soil these days

Blacks are so dark and inky that you can't even tell where the screen meets the bezel

The signal strength is outstanding

Visual voicemail is for free