iphone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 - what real users are saying - Part 1

Here are a hundred and a few more things that users have uttered for
the past few weeks since that shiny gadget was launched, on there
selected platform against its arch rival

Sources: XDA developers, phonearena, androidforum, GSMarena and few others

"Observed the display model of iphone 5 is getting visible scratches
in showroom and iPhone 4s still looks much better even after
undergoing longer torture as display piece. Read that they are having
same issue with iPad mini. So waiting now to see if the quality gets
better. I hate covers"

"ip5 screen keypads too small for normal fingers to do faster text typing"

"Actually I opened 43 apps in my Nokia 808 pureview"

"I already sold out my I5 yesterday due to screwed up design and IO6.
If you already have I4S, better wait I5s, because nothing much
different for this i5 and i4s. I'm planning to see note 2"

"Looks like I must go for nokia lumia 920"

"I once found out my phone was running over 60 apps at a time. I
realized when I sensed a periodical lag while playing Need for Speed
Shift, I exited the game and went to advance task killer and saw 32
apps running, Killed most of them, Then I went to Android assistant
app and saw another 16 or so still running and killed them, went to
task manager and closed another 6 running apps, Then I cleared the
ram, went to runing app option in settings and I was like what the
f***? Over 12 apps was running which I had to force close, I did face
this kind of multitasking crisis 4 times, don't know why this occurs"

"The only reason IOS runs faster is because it's so flat and basic"

"An iPhone is a good investiment, For me is the best! The iphone 4
still gets updates and it was released 2 years ago! With iPhone 5 I
have a super smartphone for 2 years at least! And allways updated! And
android phones? You buy one top android phone and after a couple of
months some company release one wich is better and with a new version
of android that your mobile doesnt support or supports but cant use
all the bells and whistles"

"Think their creativity peaked in iOS 4 and the iPhone 4"

"Looked at a white unit, no scratch marks. Decided to give it a good
scratching. No scratch marks appear"

"I was on a call with my friend who just got a s3. Dropped call"

"Dropped calls, random phone reboots, random crashing, random page
reloads, waiting for updates, waiting other updaters to fix another

"Was on a website, I needed the wide view, to look at the page, So I
turned the phone sideways, to see sideways view, bloody thing reloaded
the entire site!! So I lost my search! WTH. Is the S3 really that

"2012 is quadcore era. this is only dualcore"

"The Samsung Galaxy S III was good phone but I eventually got pissed
by it occasionally freezing and some apps crashing"

"I've purchased a new iPhone 5. It's all so different from and better
than Samsung Galaxy S III. It's so fast, and buttery smooth, never
encountered a single crash on my apps"

"Worse part is playing HD games on iphone 5"

"Really surprised, first of all the the phone feels cheaper in quality
than the iphone 4, yet its more expensive"

"I expected them to add 4mm to the width. It makes it
dis-proportionally longer. My car does not recognize ios 6"

"Now Apple's strategy of delivering on time shows a standard rushed
product, that does not fit with the apple culture"

"No major apps are prepared to launch with this phone. How different
it was when Steve launched the iphone 4"

"Apple have also go wrong with its new operating systems. I never want
my MAC BOOK PRO into an IPAD type Gadget!! Most people have standard
professional applications they want to use on there PC. Many people
are not interested in cluttering their PC with semi professional
applications which end up being used a few times as they would on an
iphone. What hurts even more is the core programs that distinguished a
mac have not been well updated to function smoothly. In the past Apple
used the motto 'everything Works with a MAC' Apple lived to that
Motto. Now before Apple keeps launching a new OS every year I think
they should make the software companies have their software updated in
time so that 'EVERYTHING WORKS' AS things stand now"

"Real Iphone gone with steve jobs...we dont care about Iphone
now..very pathetic n outdated features..lame"

"Do u know what is nokia s40 os? d same as IOS"

"Mine lasts for a whole day as I call for 3 hours and do a little
gaming and web browsing"

"Nano SIM locally not available now"

"I try to buy from Uk but they show me a waiting list of 2500 people,
and finaly I buy it from Bulgaria @ 1050euro"

"It has got Purple Lens Flare Problem during photos ...so bad"

"If these folk want to play games its stupid to buy a phone with tiny
screens and more expensive"

"iSwipe to enable swype text input"

"No USB Mass Storage mode
No FM radio
No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot
No NFC connectivity (though that may be nitpicking)
Stuck with iTunes for loading content
Mono audio recording in videos"

"kind of boring, is the same as iphone4"

"This is the worst innovation of the year. Nothing new. Same old grand
daddy story"

"Only those cannot see logic will say this is a good phone. Yes better
IOS but not fantastic as compared to competitors like SIII or Optimus
4X. I think Lumia 920 will beat iphone 5 with one eyes close"

"iphone 5; every one in Cambodia doesnt like it"

"No wireless charging"

"Still no Swype text input"

"I've been using a panoramic camera on Symbian since before iPhone ever existed"

"Apple Help Centres not available in the near by cities"

"Samsung is like that little kid who likes to steal cookies from the
jar, but becomes very angry when caught"

"If you want to listen to music and browse web at the same time you
should carry around an iPod as well as an iPhone and also an iPad if
you want a bigger screen"

"Its same old wine in new bottle"

"Unless I'm mistaken, smart still means clever. And iPhone can't do
much compared to it's competition. So as a Smartphone it seems quite

"Instead of trying to fairly compete like Samsung does, Apple just
tries to destroy their competition"

"ios is very simple to use, which I kinda hate. I mean smart phone
should be complicated like Androids"

"I usually get 38 hours battery backup. I use JuiceDefender ultimate,
Ad kilter Pro, Advance CPU tuner, Lookout Security Premium, Battery
Percentage. Jb updated and rooted. My friends ip5 has browsing time
around 7 hours where Im browsing for nearly 15 hours, twice as much
than ip5 and yet this metal junk costs twice as more than s3,,,

"Samsung S3 now; I got 612 applications in my phone, My phone runs
nearly 35 to 42 application at a time without any lag, can the mighty
iphone can perform this"

"I bought it two days ago and accidentally fell out of my pocket but
fell on soft carpet and now it has a cracked screen. I don't even
believe it"

"Still no Flash"

"ip5 is fast bcos there is no true multitask. Thats simple, they dont
even dare to make true multitasking for ios bcos they know their
hardware is limited. Otherwise more lagging than android"

"Problems; black out screen, SIRI giving worng weather updates, freeze
up screen, maps is hell worng, most of the app are not full screen,
battery dies within 6 hours full used. ios6 is dump on 4inch device
apps are too small you have black bars"

"Main problem is no attachments with Bluetooth to other mobiles. Only
used with apple to apple. A big disadvantage"

"Apple maps is so data efficient, it's automatic caching saves more
than Google maps offline mode"

"Unbelievable! Apple bought 1GB memory at US $ 0.42 rate and selling
to customers for US $ 6.25 each, making a clean profit of 93% margin
per GB sold"

"Majority of Android phones are still at risk of the data wipeout
malware and helpless to do anything unless they root their phones"

"Ever wondered why WP8 philosophy is closer to iOS even though Android
has the larger market share? iPhone is a proven success, while Android
is grappling with unsolvable systemic issues. Malware, fragmentation,
and this crippled because of an agonizing slow upgrade path, making
solutions impossible"

"When u install 64gb things in it, it will surely hang! or become a
turtle! but for s3. it can support maximun 128gb memory card! but
still no hang"

"It was engineered by APPLE with 1000 engineers on the job perfecting it"

"90% of singaporeans use iphone"

"In S3, graphics are very detailed, I played Dead Trigger, Counter
Strike Mobile etc. It runs so smooth, while in the 4S, it sometimes
lag in 3d games. But when it comes to handling, I prefer 4s coz I can
text smoothly unlike S3 which is much bigger"

"Very impressed but the fact that I cant connect to a lot of other
bluetoothed phones mean I cant swap photos ect with friends and

"IOS is faster because it has no homescreens, no widgets"

"I think LG Optimus G will be best"

"If someone manages to port iOS to the s3 and then benchmark it, it
will be a disaster for Apple"

"You can't even call iphones smart phones"

"Try anrdoid for just one day"

"iPhone beats S3! What happened? Thats engineering, apple proved
itself yet again, its easy to build a higger device with more specs,
but to build a device even more compact then its predecessor and yet
better then it in every aspect is called INOVATION!"

"iPhone 5 price is more expensive than Galaxy S iii, but the
specifications are almost same with Galaxy S ii"

"Each Android OS version upgrade is much advanced than iOS. And more
app developers begin to focus on Android because Android user market
share is 67% compared to iOS's 18%. Apple can't win with competiton"

"I wish Steve Jobs still alive"

"If you want innovation, go with Nokia Lumina 920 and Windows Phone 8.
It's the year of Microsoft! Apple is on it's way out"

"Looks like Samsung won the presidential seat with hundred varieties
of phones to choose, daily millions of customers from rich to poor"

"More than 100 types of Samsung phones, a 25% share. 5 types of
phones, a 17% share.. OBVIOUSLY APPLE RULES"

"I am a programmer and an expert game developer. Apple policy is "we
will sell you a car but you can not attach any device to it and you
can not drive it over 30 m/h. The car wont broke. Any car wont broke
if you don't drive it over 30". Apple is basically sealing a brand.
The worst telephone on market from view of any non Apple developer."

"Still no FM radio huh?"

"Played with it for an hour. Same, borring stuff. Sells like hot
cakes, but dont't know why. It's like iphone 4S long"

"As I tried the computer out I couldn't help but notice an Apple Store
employee taking a key to a black iPhone 5, just as you've seen in the
videos . The customer he was helping had a coupon for an
InvisibleSHEILD in her hand, and was asking about how the iPhone 5 is
reportedly prone to scratches. After the employee finished scratching
the iPhone (without leaving a mark, may I add) he handed it back to
the customer. The customer then threw the coupon in her purse,
responding with "I guess I won't be needing this after all."

"How can dual core with a very high price compete a quad core for half
the price?"

"Where is true multitasking and files grab/drop facilities on this phone?"

"I returned the opened set for resale at a 500$ loss"

"I have an Iphone on my hand and battery back up is horrible"

"Aluminum is the cheapest material to use, but some people consider as
premium. Imagine, your phone has the same material as your home screen
door or sliding door, boat, window frame, power lines, etc. It's cheap
because it is abundant. Aluminum is categorized as POOR metal in the
periodic table. When aluminum corrodes, it produces white powdery
oxides leaving the surface scarred. Aluminum is particularly extremely
sensitive to acids and leaving it exposed for few minutes produces
oxidation leaving the surface damaged. Aluminum is a soft metal that
falls on the same category with Lead in the periodic table"

"I'm using Iphone 4 and excited that I'm given 500 bucks voucher so
that I can upgrade without cost to Galaxy Note II. But, my voucher
expiry can only
allow me to get Iphone 5 before
expiry, and the Starhub Telco
called that they can deliver
Iphone 5 right to my door steps,
the 64Gb version and at no cost. Out of convenience, I agreed, as
Samsung Note II is not launched in Singapore yet, and my voucher can't
wait. I merely "upgrade" at no cost to me based on Convenience, as I
do not have burning desire to get the iphone 5. Well, after receiving
it, physically, yes, slightly longer and lighter. Software wise, I
think I'm not impressed nor excited at all, as what I'm getting is
some minor software tweaks, just like 4.0 to 4.2 kind of upgrade.
Let's not state the obvious, as there are tonnes of reviews out there.
However, my experience had not been very pleasant.

1. It got overheated and show me a message like "overheated, please
let it cool before use" can't remember the exact phrase though. This
is NEW to Iphone 5, I never see this message in my Iphone 4.

2. Battery life is extremely bad. I thought my Iphone 4 is bad, but
I'm left with 30% at 1400hrs, I'm full 100% charge at 0930hrs. I
didn't answer call, but having 8 miss calls and some sms. that's all.
Well, perhaps I got a lemon with defective battery. As far as I'm
concerned, I'll be selling it away and getting Note II, will never
return to Apply until real innovation comes in their future phones,
and not 6 rows for Iphone 6"

"I'm sick of companies such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung releasing
several variants of the the same phone every year. What's worse is
that those who buy into the hype and purchase a so-called "flagship",
device that's outclassed only months later, run the risk of getting
delayed software updates or no updates at all. Even though HTC said
the One X will get Jelly Bean this month, who knows how long it'll
take for carriers to push that update through. By the way, remember
that remote wipe hack that was discovered recently? It has been proven
that exploit can be used against a number of phones that aren't made
by Samsung. My personal phone, the HTC Sensation is at risk, but do
you think I'll ever get a security update? I don't."

"Iphone 5 is cool and easy to use. It is for busy people who have no
time to learn new things"

"The one and only thing I like about the iPhone 5 is the display. sRGB
and "almost" properly calibrated. It would be awesome if it was 100%
properly calibrated"

"Absolute rubbish"

"Absolute rubbish phone. Waited 4 hours and it was pretty much same as
4S. Returned it to Apple and staff looked at me as if it can't be
because its 'so good'. Apple maps is rubbish, I travel a lot on
business and use google maps to find places but can't find anywhere
now. People will start switching to competitors because Apple isn't
the 'only' phone on the market"

"I'm an iphone 5 user and the wifi connectivity just sucks so much
compared to my 4s, I think they focused so much on LTE connectivity"

"I had iphone 5, but its already back into the box it came and being
shipped back to AT&T. Why? Cuz that phone is garbage. No I dont own a
S3. I went back to my old Galaxy Nexus. I will wait till Galaxy Note 2
LTE comes out or the Xperia V, both phones eat iphone 5 for breakfast"

"Paint on Aluminium is fading off... LED light leak.. Apple EXEC say
its NORMAL... Home button making very loud sound.. (same sound as
clicking on the lock button).. threw the iPhone 5 away, picked up my

"Ios 6 a piece of shit, coz I have installed the ios 6 to my iphone
4s. After I installed, my wi-fi has greyed out, its nearly 2 weeks. I
spoke to Apple customer care. They said still working on it. I have
tried all the options to get rid of the wi-fi issues but no luck.
Wasting my hard earned money on internet data"

"Apple maps is up to five times more data efficient than Google maps.
Apple now has to work hard to improve the map data set , and only then
will the actual map app shine"

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