The man who saved android

The man who saved one of the most influential free moves

The man who saved Android

The Android, undoubted and undebated world's most loved and used mobile operating system which was listed as the best-selling smartphone platform worldwide in Q4 2010 by Canalys ( over 200 million Android devices in use by November 2011 ) and ultimately paved the way to found the Open Handset Alliance that is dedicated to advancing open standards for mobile and tablet devices, has reportedly drained founder's pockets at a very initial stage of it's development.
The Palo Alto start up in October, 2003 by Andy Rubin and several others with the objective to develop smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner's location and preferences, operated within much closed walls-according to early reports- only disclosing that they are after mobile apps. However the devoted secrecy had not paid a dime when the company had poured all the milk and cookies into the project setting the company in a financial fireball and the further developments had been at a risk in the same year the company had initiated its operations.

The saviour had been a benevolent enclosure in an envelope amounting to a lump sum 10,000 dollars by the man behind the technical mastery of the motion capture technology in the face of Benjamin Button {in the motion picture Curious Case named after its protoganist ) Steve Perlman who has refused anything in return.

Stephen G Perlman, the electronic engineer, software inventor and entrepreneur who devoted himself to pioneering Internet, entertainment, multimedia, consumer electronics and communications technologies and services is best known for the development of such works like QuickTime®, WebTV® and Mova® Contour™ facial capture technologies

Once being a Microsoft division president and a principal scientist at Apple Computer, Steve's never resting inovativeness is not to retire soon, in 2011, Perlman announced that he and his fellow engineers at Rearden have invented distributed-input-distributed-output (DIDO) technology, an experimental wireless communications system that could render cellular connections obsolete.

Android inc acquired by Google. in August 2005 making it a subsidiary of Google Inc

However its unclear why the aspiring enterpreneur and the visionary didnt like something in return and refused any stake in then thriving universal tech concept which was to pay off in the days to come and whether the face motion capture tech genius expected any cover up. But if the mystery man wasnt present then with the small financial backscratch, the Android would have been a total different story or a story we have never heard of

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