Opera needs to lead in an intimate way!

It's Opera season !

"Clean up your computer to have the gift that can change everything"

Opera encourages users to spread awareness to try Opera desktop as a "Holiday Gift"

"A new browser is a gift that changes everything," claims Opera Software ASA, the developer of the massively successful browser in mobiles with ever growing user base - presently with 220 million users worldwide. " Opera 11.60 satisfies holiday techno lust" they further adds in a new press release celebrating their new release of its desktop version.

Press release dated Dec 6 2011 announces their newest venture is just in time for the holiday season to allure away almost 50 percent of the world population that has never tried a browser stepping out of the comfort zone of their computers default browser.

"Help them discover something better this year" asks Jan Standal, VP of desktop products of Opera Software. "A browser is a gift that keeps giving all year around"

"Its better to give than to recieve. So why not give that special someone a new browser" he emphasises.
"People spend more time working with their browsers than they do with their cars."

Founded in 1994 based on the idea that access to the web is a universal right and with the vision "One Web For All," Opera also delivers distribution, monetisation, engagement and marketing insights to developers publishers and brands around the world.

The new desktop version claims to have a "Star It" button to add favourite sites to speed dials, a redesigned new mail client, a new HTML5 parsing algorithm and a smarter secure connection that boost the speed of SSL site rendering. Stating ten reasons why you should try Opera, they continue to say that since the year end season is a time that you clean up everything and go for new things, may be you should try Opera new

It seems, browsers are more efficient taking people where they want to be, than automobiles these days.

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