Samsung Galaxy Nexus - few random thoughts

Perils and merits of unlocking bootloader

1. With an unlocked boot loader, you can root your phone
2. you may be denied warranty
3. you can always relock easily
4. you can have softwares that arent available for your phone
5. Its stable and secure with a locked bootloader
6. With a locked bootloader, If you lose your device, data
cannot be easily accessed ( you should have to have the stock recovery
installed, USB Debugging disabled and a password on your device. But still your phone is accessible and hackable by many apptricks)
7. cannot use fastboot
commands (cannot flash
or boot images, which is a time save)
8. cannot try new radios
9. cannot backup data
10. cannot root (on 4.0.4 and later)
11. cannot manually update to the latest version of Android ( have to wail until your phones version is officially out)

Do Live Wallpapers lag?

Go to settings > developers setting. Check whether you have force gpu dissabled. Forcing gpu to your
homescreen and wallpaper slows the phone

Is Galaxy Nexus a HDPI or MDPI device?

Galaxy Nexus is xHDPI

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