A Call Girls Circle in G+ ?

Is a Dhaka Call Girls Ring operating under the auspices of G+ circles ?

Few days back, I searched for people in G+ with the keywords " Mobile Phone " and added any that came along with the search result to my Android circle to spam later in bulk. But an abhorable discovery took place when I recently preened photos from my circles and noticed some of the photos from a Picasa image gallery of a profile named Dhaka Phone Call Bangaladesh had leaked out as the photos were visible to public in broad daylight. At first there was that charming woman's photo and I thought to my self that someone had posted a photo of his intimate one . But when I further looked into it I was horrified to find that the photo is from an attached Picasa profile album boldly named Dhaka Escort/ Call Girls Gallery . There were few more uploaded photos of other girls but the profile lacked any posts. Is a Call Girls Ring operating from Google plus circles ? or were they adulterating G+ to have more exposure as a way to reach to a vast audience?. I am still unsure whether the saucy profile and the attached Picasa image gallery are social pranks by some urchin, but the photos were more of an unmistakable nature . Here is the link

Dhaka Escort/ Call Girls Gallery

I am still looking into the thing and you can add to the story through comments

the story is actualy of less significance as a news story and by now the profile probably should have been reported and removed . But it proved that G+ is bit vulnerable in a way that you always should take much care when you upload images to Picasa specially when you dont want to share them with the public and may be some have already begun to spoil the Eco system since the social network still doesnt have a solid user base to report any inappropriate behaviour so soon.

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