Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Q&As

Best Video Format or best settings to convert videos to play on arc S ?

try these

resolution: 854x480 or 1280*720
frame rate: 30fps
bitrate: >1.5Mbps (you can set even higher bitrate like 3Mbps or 10Mbps for a better view[works well with mp4])
Encode in H.264
mp4 format (smoother
than other formats)
audio: AAC 128Kbps

try MoboPlayer, vPlayer or for 720p.mkv try Diceplayer

Camera doesnt focus?

Due to accidental falls the lens may get stuck. give it a gentle tap

Low on space? Law internal memory issue infuriating you?

1. clear cache
2. transfer some of the apps into ROM. Use titatium backup to move apps as system apps, then push to ROM
3. Move all movable apps to sdcard
4. Use Link2SD to move apps to SDcard

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  1. Hey, I use Sony Xperia Arc S and can you tell me how to do number one and two? Can you email me?


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