The next Android?

The next Android ?

The rumour reveals that Nokia is planning to pull back the finnish brand from its smart phones line and willing to stick with feature phones giving away its smart phone forgery to the american soil, to the short term friend Microsoft. Now its factual and crystal clear that the giant is full heartedly after basic phones with the news that the Smarterphone, Oslo, Norway based software hub which is focused on producing a much smart phone like OS for so-called feature phones, is being bought by the sinking breed so that thay can swim together

The company is financially pampered with millions by investment firms and tech personals like FerdCapital, Kvaleberg AG, Innovation Norway, Trolltech founder Haavard Nord and management consultant Lars Øberg from the very outset.

Whether the leader in the phone manufacturing is after fresh flesh, blood and souls or the operating system will parade along with Windows, Symbian or S40 is unclear. Financial terms of the deal are not disclosed yet.

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