HTC Droid Incredible is truly incredible

HTC Droid Incredible saves the day

A club valet ecapes a ferocious firing proving he made the smartest choise when selecting his smart phone which is even smartly bullet proof

" The HTC Droid Incredible smartphone is officially incredible" , claims a news article dated back to Jan. 7, 2011 from the's news archive.

According to the report, it hadn't been a good day for the nightclub valet John Garber when two customers get thrown out of the night hub had returned with their handguns and started firing at the rest of the club folks who didn't get an early kick out
One bullet destined to pierce Garber's chest had found its way through his coat but had been incredibly stopped from its wicked purpose by an HTC Droid Incredible, which sat in a pocket in exactly the right position proving its loyalty and solid durability even when the owner is stranded amid a gun battle in a wild club scene without any signal of hope for life.

As the marvelous news pick reports, "The bullet had hit the phone and the battery had managed to stop it dead.

" Garber walked away unharmed and with a great story to tell, and HTC has a customer for life " the story further reads.

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