World's cheapest smart phone, Nokia 6630

World's cheapest smart phone, Nokia 6630

There are N70s, 6600s, 6680s and few others. But I chose to enthrone 6630 as the world's cheapest smart phone. The reasons behind my definitive conclusion are its relatively cheap price, still strong going performance, solid, sound built quality delivering even after 7 years of integrity and thousands of positive comments from those who still use and cherish it in the luxuriant AGE OF ANDROID and iphone

You can buy a second hand 6630 for 25 bucks these days. The 6630 is a Symbian s60 v2 OS based phone and features GPRS, EDGE, UMTS 2100, a TFT 65k colors 176 x 208 pixels and 2.1 inches display, a RS-DV-MMC card slot, Videocalling, 220 MHz ARM926EJ-S CPU, 10mb usable memory, a 8mb executable RAM and supports both Symbian and JAVA apps.

Yesterday I exchanged my old rugged horse Sony Ericsson W 200i with a 6630 in a total sane state of curiosity. For my part, however, I was utterly disappointed for its multitasking department which was a total disaster( but I still dont dethrone it ). From a meager 20mb mounted RAM, only about 8mb is available to play only a single app once. Truth speaking, actually the RAM shelters for few open apps at a time but if you plan to run about two heavy RAM EATING apps like Opera mini,( both Symbian and JAVA ) you will be in bad luck and facing an ugly reality. Even browsing with opera becomes a pain when incoming calls vapourize the task to dust either attended or not.

The phone is a JAVA apps killer. The emulator is slow like hell when rendering some of the most sought after JAVA apps and games. But does extremely well dispatching Symbian apps.

You cannot run a JAVA and a Symbian app once. The maximum Ram I have seen available so far is 8.75mb. That size is too easily swallowed by JAVA emulator and most times, of all running apps, JAVA takes the lion's share out of the memory.

The web browsers available by third parties are

1. Opera mini, symbian and java versions
2. Opera mobile 8.65
3. Netfront (a heavy data sucker)
4. jb5
5. UCWeb ( JAVA and Symbian )
6. Thunderhawk ( out of service. nice UI though )
7. Skyfire (file corrupted)

Ram booster?

Before buying I launched few researches and confronted some web sites that claimed strategies which would unconditionaly boost Ram, but as I later found out all were futile. All I could do was compress memory which enabled me to free about 650kb at maximum with few mentioned apps or file managers. Task killing or terminating had nothing to do with Ram boosting as every time I slayed them, they reoccupyied the Ram. I would flush few bucks if anyone can boost my RAM by at least 5 mega bites.

Unlike most feature phones, it allows the user to store apps in the memory card. Otherwise, your stuck with 9mb usable C:


1. When surfing with Opera mini the connection is periodicaly lost. Every time the connection is lost I had to close the app and restart it to have the connection back
2. Maximum downloading speed in Oper mini is between 3kb to 8kb
3.Built in Web browser hangs a lot
4.The online connection is always on and cannot delete or kill that ALWAYSONLINESTARTER.EXE file. It eats the battery juice.
5. The loudspeaker doesnt go beyond 1 minute during a call and the call is automatically deactivated when the battery is law


1. Wikipedia lies!, it says the handset only supports Dual voltage mmcs. But it supports normal mmcs

Suggest it for those who have still stuck with feature phones. Overall I entitle it as the POOR MAN'S SMART PHONE if poor men are after smart phones beside some phone freaks like us.

PS: Solved a mystery. How to copy paste was intricate at first and I couldnt figure out a way to do it with 6630. As I later discovered with intense efforts it goes like this, you long press edit key and navigate with navigate key up, down, left or right as it necessitate. Copy or cut required text then. But make sure you first release the navigate key

Update: 04/12

"Enhancement not supported"

It was at first an innocent looking naive dwarf. But finally it began to throw magical fire balls at me. At first the massage appeared when I started the phone and seemed harmless. I thought it was looking for attached accessories at the initiation. But soon that time passed and lapsed. Then came the most furious state of the regime. It almost invaded my activities and the massage was ruling the entire system. The commoner- in this case, me-understood that its the time to launch a world wide search in seek of a lasting peace solution to a land previously drowned in eternal sun shine. As it came to light, the monstrous rebellion was the dust that had been gathering for 7 consecative years in a form of a conspiracy. I took my scent bottle a cotton bud and cleaned up the pop port entirely. Most times the dust is taking cover at the side its soldered to the circuit board. There's a tiny gap between the edge of the board and the end of the sharp metalic port. Clear the dust and regain the Symbian Throne back. Have a nice day!

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