HTC One X - Status Quo

Some htc one x variants predict inputs in local flavour, like English france or any asian rather than more commonplace English US or English UK. Use a custom rom. Many roms work in Asian firmware variant or any local variant or install apps to change location like MoreLocale2 or LocaleSwitch and set your locale

The best Custom Rom for HTC One X? Simply you can stay with the stock ROM, unlock the bootloader and just root it. But in this case ARHD (Android Revolution HD) is recommended by most users as an alternative. However according to custom rom killers the standard stock rom of the phone is way smoother

The AT&T variant only available in 16GB internal storage version

Google play error 500

try these,

1. Re-set APN
2. Delete the proxy number

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline doesnt work

Those who have rooted and managed to upgrade to 1.28 are experiencing Sense UI issues. If your one of them, reinstall the 1.28 and reflash the SuperSU

If your having a set with dead pixels, little green or yellow dots, screen flickers, flexing screen and so on get a replacement. Most probably the handset is a faulty one. Better wait until HTC wipe out the faulty onces from the initial batch. Many have replaced their item for the fourth time and still waiting the arrival of replacements

The font size in apps like Email or Messaging is annoyingly large

What do you want from the screen when you receive a text? You want the screen to "Turn On' when you receive a text? Go to privacy settings and adjust as required

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