30 Samsung Galaxy S3 facts you should know before buying

1. No option to mount usbmass storage to PC

2. If wifi/data is always on, your battery will drain like a flashback of your Galaxy S2's poor battery life

3. The application memory is 16GB out of which you get around 12GB for all apps. Like it or not, you have to eke out . There is no "move to SDcard option" either

4. The native Browser is lightning fast

5. The Video Player is always praised for being capable of playing any piece you throw at it. But some files are played with a constant pause. The video is played ahead of sound, or vice-versa. But the good news is you can resolve this by downloading another player

6. Operations are slow and sluggish

7. The total RAM available for user is about 780MB to 750MB out of 1GB (the rest is eaten up by the loaded OS). In most instances, the 750MB-530MB of the free RAM is further swallowed by other running apps. As the math goes, you finally get a total free RAM of about 250MB to 161MB. Be prepared to do the Mortal Combat, constantly clear RAM and kill apps

8. The recieving party is having hard time hearing what the calling party has to convey. Such was present in the S2 too

9. Hangs and restarts reported in considerable numbers

10. APPS2SD is incompatible

11. Run Like Hell, Fruit Slice, Samurai Vengeance II, Gold Miner 2 and Highway Rider work pretty well. GunBros lags but playable. Splinter CellConviction starts but shuts down within a few seconds after the first mission starts

12. Auto bright feature or Ambient Sensor takes few seconds to adjust with the surrounding lighting conditions or may force you to readjust the brightness manually

13. When you try to have a good grip, you may accidentaly press the volume buttons

14. Physical home button isnt built solid. No wonder if you feel it may fall

15. The notification may lose audio when the phone goes to lockscreen

16. Forces the user to tag pics

17. You dont need to zoom in to read web pages In the browser. The unabridged desktop versions are readable with the naked eye

18. The latest firmware "i9300XXALF2" via OTA, takes about 15 minutes to download and is a file of about 8MBs

19. Smart call feature isnt perfect

20. To access the camera from the screen itself, you shouldnt have any "locks" on the phone

21. Kies Air isnt a security hole in your phone that let every one have a look into your stuff. You can monitor and see who's connected to the phone at any moment and grant or reject access to computers

22. You can stream music and videos stored on the phone with Kies Air

23. Smart Stay works provided the place is well lit and face visible clearly without any bright light behind

24. When move from page to page on the main screen, there will be some lag

25. Internal memory isnt fragmented like in Galaxy S2. Install apps as many as you want without exceeding 16/32 GBs

26. The pictures in low lights may have a lot of noise and may not sharp at all. Not typical for indoor pics

27. The option to take a screenshot by sweeping your hand across the screen works like a charm

28. In U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) its available for 2,599 derhams (707.44 U.S dollar) in white and blue colors with 16GB on board

29. Maybe not a good multi tasker but a task killer. When plying HD games and pause them to do other tasks, like launching the browser to prepare a saucy search on Keira knightley's photos, you may loss (game's) progress. There is a rhyme in the above sentence but really is a pain in the (user's) butt

30. When play video on the browser, video may freeze while audio may continue playing stupidly and independantly in the background headlong

31. Phones sold in UK do not support Persian

32. Face recognition to unlock the phone is actually handy

33. Update the flash player to the latest Adobe flash 11. It may kill or solve some video freezing issues or you can try other alternative browsers if your totally dissatisfied

34. Not your typical USB flash driver replacement. With S2 you could quickly save files on the device via USB without having to install a bunch of drivers

35. The MircoSIM slot is not as easy to use as the slot in SII, especially in terms of removing SIM cards

36. With the meager, unreliable, unpredictable RAM conditions, you may find difficulties in transferring large files via bluetooth

37. Battery life? It wont last a day even when the power saving mode and all the other adjustments are set (for moderate users, its a different story)


  1. lol at #36. who uses bluetooth to transfer files anymore?

  2. Ho come on dude. YOUR NO LONGER SINGLE AT LEAST!

  3. if you correctly maintain your phone,there would be no drawbacks


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