Samsung Galaxy S3, the Price Saga

What users, buyers world around utter about the price of the new flagship that sailed from the Korean soil?
Will they get aboard?
Keep reading. Here is a good candidate, a list of Wows, Ouches, Oops and Meows

"S3 i9300 unlocked, in Cambodia priced only at 555$ (Note costs around 500$)"

"The price for blue version is higher compared to the white version"

"Verizon, 85.00$ per month with 200.00 for the phone/ contract"

"T-moblie owned by DeutschCom offers unlimited everything for 52.00 a month, insurance is 7-8 $ a month and data is capped at 2GIGS for 4G service. Then data isnt stopped. VERIZON just slowed to 3G for the remainder of the cycle. 250.00 must be paid up front for the phone, can then be financed with no interest for 20 months or paid off completley right away"

"It's not that expensive only $200 w/2 year contract. The same price as the I phone 4s At Sprint"

"The S3 is available on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, but is in short supply and T-Mobile have set a ridiculous price tag of $329, on contract, with a $50 mail in rebate which takes the price down to $279"

"Price difference between the phones are 3- 4 K in Bangalore . One –X is around 34K and S3 37K, depends on the store and your bargaining capacity"

"$777 at JBHifi in Australia, that is very close to the price of an unlocked iphon4s when it was released"

"Approx 38K, prices ranges from 37.5k to 38.5k from shop to shop, prices analysed in Vadodara and Pune"

"Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in Kenya through Safaricom Telecom at a subsidized price of Ksh. 59,999"

"Its available in (U.A.E) United Arab Emirates at 2,599 Derhams (equal to 707.44 U.S dollars) Samsung i9300 galaxy s3 white and blue on board with 16gb storage"

"In pakistan it was introduced at US$765 but within 4 5 days priced around US$625"

"The cheapest price of it in Brazil is around USD 880.00"

"From kerala India, at a price of 36500, in Rajasthan 39000"

"Here in Qatar, it is currently priced at QAR 2,699.00"

"In Dubai for 680$"

"Price in Saudi Arabia is SAR 2999"

"Guys, GSIII is available in iran but its 1000$ !!! one hell of a price"

"Indian price for SGS3 will be 38000rs in Showrooms, But Retails shops may offer it for 35k (16GB version)"

"16gig iPhone 199$ 2year contract vs 249$ 16gig SGS3"

"In Malaysia for RM2199"

"Costs around 33,000php (Philippine, $700) for an unlocked version"

"Price is too high. BDT 67500/- OMG (Bangladesh)"

"Its 523LVL (Latvia), exatly 925.83 USD. With 2 year contract its 0 price, first deal + 16.95LVL (30.01 USD) 24month + internet and tarif plan. Its like minimum 42.38 USD every month for 2 years"

"Do NOT buy this phone in EU, coz is overpriced (over €600), in US, sim free for $550!"

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