Samsung Galaxy S3 - the status quo

Here are some hand picked user reviews, comments on Galaxy S3 that
suggest where the flagship is heading or already headed

[Sources: GSMarena, XDAdevelopsers and several others ]

"Do ALL S3s have Gorilla Glass? I'm Brazilian and people here say that
the Brazilian S3 doesn't have it. Is this true? Just the Brazilian
ones? So unfair"

"Does anyone know when Sapphire Black version will hit Europe (Netherlands)...?"

"If the phone takes more time to get fully charged than it used to be,
it could be because of your charger. For example; Dc 5v~1A or 1000mA
will charge quicker than 5v~0.5A or 500mA"

"Guys try MOTOROLA RAZR MAXX WITH 3300 mAh battery and an all day long
phone. Its the longest battery life in the market now"

"Personally, I don't recommend Juice Defender or kinda apps. Cos the
app itself will keep running in the background & that will consume
battery. Try out different settings first before using those apps"

"Charging time can increase depending on the USB cable being used. If
charging on a PC, it is also affected by the output voltage of the
port (USB1,2,3,4)"

"I really miss BB blinking light. I know S3 has notification light.
Does it work like BB? I mean is it reliable & bright as BB? I don't
know why manufacturer ignore such a useful feature in smart phone. I
miss blonking LED since S/E p800 days but found one again on BB, Nokia
had its breathing light as well..I too wish Samsung would use
notification LED"

"I am considering extended battery but you loose NFC cause its built
into battery"

"Everytime I start Kies, there's a little notification in the lower
right corner stating that new firmware has been downloaded for the
phone. But... in kies it always says that I have the latest firmware
installed. I've heard that JB is supposed to be out in Sweden, where I
live! Is there a problem with my S3 or Kies (latest update) ?"

"Android is full of crapware, bloatware and spyware that consumes
power and data unknowingly. Had both the Lumia 900 (bloatware free,
and Windows Marketplace has only few crapwares ) and GS3. Performance
wise, S3 wins. But it drains the battery alarmingly faster and
consumes data larger than my 900. And when I do multitasking (like 3-4
open apps) it gets very laggy.,I can't wait to upgrade my l900 to
Nokia Lumia 920 and compare it to S3. But I think the L920 already

"If you are talking about Adobe flash player, I'm using flash in the
web browser and I'm on jelly bean. You just have to download it from
XDA developers and install it. Version works"

"What is different in jelly bean? Well here is my list after using JB
for some weeks.

1. JB has smoother scrolling and flicking (makes ICS feel very laggy)
2. Faster home page refresh when you tap the home key and you're in an app
3. A block mode from that task bar that after set-up, allows you to
quickly block incoming calls, notifications alarm, timer led. You pick
what to block or what contacts to allow pass the block. And even time
a start and stop time to the block.
4. Some widgets were added, some were updated.
5. Load full email soft key has been moved from the bottom of the
email to the top.
6. The floating video box can be resized.
7. You get a multi line email and SMS preview in the notifications area
8. There is a clock/date in the notifications area
9. Drive mode has been removed.
10. Home screen has 2 independent modes you can set-up. Basic mode
(the one you know) and Easy mode (which is new)
11. The layout of settings has changed.
12. The voice to text library can be downloaded for off line use.
13. The built in Google search was updated to a flash cards format. I
think I got it all, the rest of the interface is the same"

"ICS is better as JB doesn't support JavaScript anymore and not
everything had been converted to HTML 5 yet."

"I have just found out something today that baffled me for years.
Samsung smartfones has 5.1 surround effect but I have never noticed
any real effect of surround sound.. On tech radar they say that the
effect only works with Higher Bitrate Encoding and since all my MP3's
are at 128Kb/s thats why its never worked"

"I always encode at 128Kb/s obviously to get more songs the card.
However with bigger cards on the way I may start encoding at 320Kb/s
and re-rip some of my CD'S to this bit rate. Just thought I would
share that info"

"I have a small black-on-black dot (about half the size of a pencil
eraser) on my screen. It realy bothered me until I googled "Black Ink
spots on GS3 Screen" and found some pictures that were much, much
worse. Apparently it is a common problem with the Amoled screens and
your chances of getting one that is any better are slim"

"Does anyone notice the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 having black
dots and lines (2 lines at right down side of screen) on the screen
when you are in a very dark room and your screen is pitch black?"

"Love this Samsung S3. 100 times better than my lousy LG P880. I made
a big mistake purchasing the LG 4X HD"

"When I use wifi the part down the battery gets hot"

"It is not 1GB RAM. It is 779MB RAM memory. It is not 16GB. It is 11
GB phone memory"

"In Philippines, there's only Jolli Bean"

"On a full battery charge you can get one of the following on a GS3

19 hours of music or
8.5h internet on wifi or
5h internet mobile or
11h video or
12h 2G talk or
6.5h 3G talk or
3.5 2d games or
2h 3D games or
1.5h GPS nav or
8h VOIP wifi or
7h VOIP or
2.5h video chat or
5.5h of photo shooting or
3.5h record video or
15h wifi online radio or
10h mobile online radio or
17h recording voice

"Go to an iPhone forum and ask a user to do the same, what will be the
result? If you want mix use times figure it out your self"

"It has the led notification light at the top left corner"

"Get the white one then u can buy red or brown back cover later, it
will be great"

"The charger got replaced 3 times only in 4 months but still has
problems, poor Service by Samsung"

"I tried an appkiller and it shows that, too many apps that I didn't
even remember running, are playing in the background consuming a lot
of memory, like poweramp, maps, socialhub and the list goes on.
Solution was to freeze them. Eventually my Android died when I had
root installed and stupid cousin clicked OTA update, voila, my L7 went
deadboot. Now I am happy with lumia 900, buying the lumia 920 pretty

"I can not get into the Google play store. I live in Myanmar. Some
people said can not get in Google play store if you live in Myanmar,
so I can't download anything in play store"

"I really miss BB blinking light. I know S3 has notification light.
Does it work like BB? I mean is it reliable & bright as BB? I don't
know why manufacturers ignore such a useful feature in smart phones"

"ODIN Is a program for you PC that will let you flash ROMs you
downloaded even if it was not intended for your region/phone. Kies
will only flash a ROM versions depending on what version/region ROM
you already have on your phone and it does the download for you"

"I have restarted my phone several times, even tried factory reset. I
have no problem over GSM internet. I can do everything over GSM
internet. My problem is over wifi. Over wifi I can brows internet but
I can not download anything from google play store via wifi, but can
download via GSM internet"

"I updated my S3 software. After updating has finished, in top left
corner, a warning symbol is shown. Could anybody know wats that
warning symbol means?"

"To update follow these steps: Menu -> Settings -> About Device ->
Software update -> Update"

"Privacy? Using Twitter & and Facebook private? Is cloud base service
private? Are web cookies private? Are GPS logs private? Are SMSs
private? Is using a public WiFi private?Only phones come close to
being private is the blackberry. That has to go through there
encrypted server and even that I would question. You gave away privacy
the day you went online with any device"

"Does anyone notice the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 having black
dots and lines (2 lines at right downe side of screen) on the screen
when you are in a very dark room and your screen is pitch black?"

"I own an iphone 4s, the best apple product ever and I recently got a
S3. I have to say I'm proud to have the best of both worlds! To be
honest, I was sort of blown away by the "freeness" feel of the s3, the
power of multi-tasking and the breath-taking super-amoled screen! To
new s3 owners, here are some of the tweaks and free downloads I

Go Launcher - even the free version rocks! allows you to change your
home and drawer interface, resize icons, change icon row and column
settings, screen transitions and animations etc.
#Live Wallpapers
Just go to Playstore and type live wallpapers and download to your
hearts content! Recommended samples: koipond, fire free, icecream
sandwich WP, Jellybean WP, Fireworks, etc.
#Fingerprint Scan to Unlock

Temple Run
Nova 3
Need for speed
Fruit Ninja
Sims 3
Fat Booth
Zombie Booth
Ghost Booth
Adobe Viewer

"Still not getting my Google services to work; local, places,
navigation, play store, maps and also not able to set-up my Google
account as it takes forever to sign in but doesn't. Plus, now my
Samsung Account is also not setting up and no matter how many times a
day I try to set-up my Samsung account, it keeps on saying a "Samsung
account update" available. I do that as well but no progress"

"If you can handle size of NoteII, then its the best most advanced
gadgetry (smartfone) available. They have thrown everything at it"

"Although I find nothing wrong with the photos taken, I can clearly
see a scratch across the back transparent round "lid" of the camera"

"Had to do a full reset today, could not get any network connection.
Anyhow got home and tried SIM in another fone but for no avail. So it
wasn't SGS3. Cleaned copper SIM contacts and all working again.
Sometimes we dont think of the simpler things and jump straight"

"SGS3 Marble White version is a "Real Beuty" in term of design"

"User has to understand that the glass is scratch resistant but not
scratch proof. So its really up to you to use a screen protector"

"Poor speaker and sunlight legibility. Battery; about 7 hrs of medium
usage. Does look pretty miserable from the back. Not too impressed,
still has some stutters and couple of force closes. Mine's chipped off
top left. Expensive for what it is. S2 is a better choice"

"Im using the Galaxy S3 since 3 months now and its a really amazing
phone and stands out above all, but occasionally, I have some lags and
the apps force closes. This mostly happens when playing high graphic
games such as FIFA 12 and GTA3 etc. And the RAM is empty most of the

"My S3 camera fails to function on demand. Seems to be a production
error. All camera functions including keys dont respond. I have gone
to Samsung center and the bill to fix it was half the cost price"

"I have done everything. Even right now I have plugged it in and it
has charged only 2% in half an hour"

"Got a 64GB memory card, formatted it on the phone, then tested the
memory card on my PC. At first it couldn't read the card. Installed
the Exfat file system update for Windows and after a reboot, Windows
can read the card. So it must be that Galaxy S3 now supports Exfat
from Microsoft

"Galaxy S users are still waiting for a working navigation. That would
not be acceptable for most other brands, only Samsung and HTC could
leave a flaw for that long without getting fried by the buyers.
Funniest thing is the original Corby, it still doesnt work, the users
stopped waiting for updates two years ago. Galaxy S will beat it soon.
And now many S owners will tell me that their S had ok navigation, and
I will laugh as much as usual by their fanboy delusions"

"I dropped my phone from one meter high and the front glass is
completely broken. I was looking for a replacement part and dropped my
phone again and the screen doesnt work anymore. Now I have to replace
the LCD screen, digitizer and the front glass. I have used a lot of
smartphones and this never happened to me. Phone is very very fragile,

"OneX has the best screen on the market. But I think, overall it's not
better than GS3. It has a inferior camera, weaker battery (and
non-removable too), less-feature UI, better looking interface,
arguably less capable graphics (but better games) and at least on ICS
it's not as smooth as GS3"

"I have had this phone for over 3 months and never looked back. The
battery has only ever given up on me once and that cause I forgot to
charge at night. The phone is superb, you WILL NOT be disappointed
with the phone or additional SD card slot! Im open to all things but I
have never had NOR WILL EVER have an Iphone. Underpowered, limited
devices by small minded individuals! If u want simple get an iphone,
if u want boring get an iphone if u want FREEDOM get Android!"

"Rocking Official JB on my White S3 for few days, its simply EPIC! The
changes though not that huge (coz S3 on ICS itself was awesome!) are
still noticeable. I esp. love the pinch- zoom feature for
notifications on the Notification window. All in all, the Beast"

"For me, screen brightness usually stays below 20%. I find it glaring
anything above that. It's really a personal preference. I'm using
Standard for screen mode. It's cool to see those little thumbnails
moving at the same time. U can try to switch off Screen Rotation if
not needed"

"Mine is running 15hrs 25min with 37% left. I mainly use it browsing
net through WiFi. Screen brightness at about 10%"

"Actually, I was pretty sure buying SIM free would get me Jelly Bean
straight off, obviously not. I am Uk by the way so thought it would be
here now.."

"Use a battery extender thats embedded to a cover, a phone case with a
built-in battery and kick stand. You do not remove the original
battery or its cover"

"Baseband version' just denotes which region e.g. Europe, Asia, US
etc. you live in"

"Flashing any of the Galaxy range of phones with Odin is quick and
painless. I've done it so many times, now I can flash a phone in less
than 10 minutes. That's not boasting, I'm just pointing out how quick
and easy it is. I have successfully flashed at least a dozen phones"

"If you have flashed your phone correctly to the Official Samsung
Firmware on your phone, it is always upgradable"

"This is going to cause some arguments but its not as fast as iphone
and browser is slow. So had to download Opera mini. Over next week
going to get rid of any apps I never use and tweak settings and
disable email / twitter background refresh"

"My battery stats are 63% screen, 14% cell standby, Haunted mansion
game 10%, mediaserver 3%, Android system 3%, Android OS 3%, Flashlight
2%, Operamini 2%. Battery today lasted 8hrs and 12 minutes with 2%
left, so decided to kill screen brightness or get big battery"

"I dont see why I cant enjoy my screen at full blast with its glorious
colours. Oh well cant have it all"

"Both HTC One X & GS3 are good phones, depends on which one you
prefer. Just don't bother with the LG P880, it's the worst of the 3
quad core phones mentioned here! I've all three of these quad core
phones, the build quality of the One X is best. Call quality & signal
strength so so only. WiFi & Bluetooth connection have some issue with
mine. GS3 very strong reception, overall experience very good, Amoled
screen is very comfortable to the eyes (some people may say IPS HD
screen color more accurate, but who cares? ... when looking at the
screen of a smartphone for a long time, it's most important that your
own eyes feel comfortable; not how bright or accurate the color of the
screen is. Bright screen also hurt your eyes). A phone that you
purchase may come with a lot of issues, while others who purchase the
same model may have no problem at all, so this really depends on your
luck! You should try out both the GS3 & HTC One X before deciding
which one to choose. There's going to be a HTC One X+ coming. BTW, GS3
holds it's value better, not as good as iPhones; but definitely better
than any other phones out there. I'll suggest for you to go for the

"See the micro scratches with all that finger grease on the screen?
Plus the thin plastic screen protector scratches a lot worse than if
the phone had a normal pain of glass for a screen (which it does not).
It also adds additional friction to the touch surface, so your fingers
no longer glide across the screen. Over time they get a tint because
of the UV breakdown of the plastic or maybe it's the adhesive. On some
model phones that tinting messes with the behaviour of the proximity
sensor. What do you think about how it will look like in sunlight?

"I got rid of this phone after a month. This will be my first and the
last time I buy a Samsung phone. I got myself an iphone 5 and I'm
loving it"

"The New Rivals HTC One X+ AND HTC J Butterfly just pay some visit and
tell me what do you think. We generally don't admire or idolize a
phone on paper performance but on actual performance, so HTC has
proven to be the best in the last decade and so. HTC remains to be the
King of Smartphones AND Iphone the queen of Smartphone AND Samsung the
personal assistant for both the KING & the QUEEN. Lastly, Nokia is the
security man in the Royal House/Palace. Who can beat HTC? let's be
honest once in our lives"

"I have used both phones, Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Personally, I
prefer One X to Galaxy S3 regarding battery performance. However,
according to their used phone market price, Galaxy S3 is far more
expensive than HTC One even though One X released just 2 months

"When I installed my first Rom and the camera stopped working, I put
back on an unlocked ISC. They did say it would be needed if you were
planning to upgrade to JB. I SEE now that it is true. Before you
start, make sure that your S3 is in 'debug mode'. Goto:
Settings/Developer options/USB debugging and tick the box ON"

"I know you've flashed your phone before so you shouldn't have any
problems doing it, but remember to flush the Cache out after flashing.
1)Power off your SGS3 I9300 completely. (I always remove the battery,
wait 30 seconds, and reinsert).
2)Press 'Home' + 'Volume Up' + 'Power' buttons and when the screen
switches ON release the buttons.
3)When the main Recovery menu appears, you should select 'wipe data /
factory reset' with the Volume up/down keys and confirm with the Power
or Home button.
4)Now select 'reboot system now' and wait for the phone to boot normally"

"Download Easytether app fromgoogle play and install it. Connect ur
phone with datacable with lappi or PC and you get GPRS in ur PC or
lappi through your S3 or any andriod device"

"I have never used an Android device before, I'm using a blackberry
curve 9300 and I can't wait to change my phone. I want to get an
Android phone. Tried Nokia, its boring. BB is just too slow and its a
pain in the ass with all its hanging and crashing etc. I need
something more complicated and 'fun to have'-I need Andro:D. I have
read almost all the user reviews of SGS3 and I must say of course
there would be haters, but SGS3 is the way to go"

"Screen went on black. I have pebble blue S3 GT-I9300. Closes when
unlocking the screen, answering an incoming call or attempting to turn
off an alarm"

"The Sprint versions of S3 dont work in India. Only the AT&T version will work"

"Mine blacks out after unlocking the screen, then it goes black and
screen becomes unresponsive. It happens intermittently and even after
3 times of reprogramming done by the head technic"

"I've flashed the International ROM back onto my phone for now. My
poor phone is getting a different ROM on it every other day. It's
wondering what's going on!"

"Jelly Beans update now in Europe"

"I have updated my S3 to JB but the problem is I could not find the
voice command control. Before it was on language and input, now its
gone. Does anyone know where I could find it. I love to take picture
using this voice command"

"You wont get carrier ROM updates if you no longer have the carrier
ROM. But if you have a ROM that can be updated by Kies you will get
updates, but it will be for what ever region ROM you have on which is
better than no updates at all"

"You have to charge it till the LED turn from orange to green when the
screen is off. Charging from a USB port on a PC could take up to
4hours for a dead battery on a low powered port"

"Use Odin3 and put on jelly bean. When it officially comes out for
your phone, use kies to restore your phone"

"I always go for Mugen batteries, they are very well finished and good
quality. However the 4600mAh one is 55 GBP and so sought after its
still out of stock. Still its not bad price for its gauranteed quality
and new back door. My last 7 Mugens shipped direct from Hong Kong"

"I have been using iPhone 4S for 10 months. What I have learnt from my
experience is that iPhone is not just about what things you can do
with it, but how you do it. Other phones might have 100s of features
which are not there in iPhone. Some might be useful of them but most
are implemented just for the sake of differentiating from iPhone. They
are seldom useful. On the other hand loads of features that iPhone
have are much much better implemented on it. Just a bigger screen does
not makes a phone hugely advanced than a smaller screen phone"

"Price of iphone 5, its not an issue, not many iphone 5 buyers pay
their phone straight up, its by far most sold on contract. A lot of
iphone users have below average personal economy, meaning they cant
afford a high end phone but they want it for bragging rights, so they
commit themselves to 24 months contracts with the service provider.
Yes also other phones are sold on contract but for iphone5 the numbers
are remarkably high"

"If you face WiFi issues try this:
1. Open up the Galaxy S3 phone dialer
2. Then dial *#0011#
3. Look for the "ServiceMode" screen and press the left menu button
4. Select "WiFi"
5. You should see that the "WiFi Power Save Mode" button is "ON" - now
put it on "OFF"
6. Your done! Just exit the menu, switch off your WiFi, then switch it
back on again. If your router details are saved and automatically
connects, get your Galaxy S3 to forget or delete the network
information. Then reconnect, putting in all the required information"

"It's not that simple. If you 'clear all application' after boot
(restart or anything like that) you'll get around 430-510mb. But like
other Android phones, it's getting larger from time to time, after a
day the total available memory that you can access is probably only
180MB or below, which is very very meager. As a result, it kills it's
launcher even when you do a very basic task like messaging for about
1-2 minutes, open fb, etc"

"I got my Red SGS3 on 18/10. Flashed it with the International ROM
(I9300XXDLIB) on the first day. Then found I9300XXDLJ1 UK ROM
yesterday and flashed that onto it, but found out that the UK ROM is
the 3 network ROM with their software on it (and it shows the 3 logo
when you boot it), so I flashed it a 3rd time back to the
International ROM. Poor old phone's had 3 flashes for three days"

"LTE availability depends on your operators allocated frequency band.
If they use the frequency band that is not compatible with your phone
(not limited to Samsung S3) it would render your phone useless. The
frequency band range in Asia would be 1800MHz to 2600MHz. Some phone
could operate in 1800MHz band for LTE (a.k.a LTE1800) and some operate
on 2100MHz band and so on, thus called regional. Some phones have TRI
or QUAD band, meaning they could operate on most bands. So, you need
to check if your operator operate in the same band as your phone"

"Login to Dropbox. Click on "Get free space!" link. I think as soon as
you're logged in to your Dropbox account, there are some steps to
follow to claim the remaining 48GB of Dropbox storage size. Complete
the steps as required and you'll get your free space after. I have
tried it myself"

"Task Killer maybe the last app u wanna install. Android is smart
enough to manage its memory for apps. Check what apps are hogging the
memory first, if u don't need, uninstall it"

"Damn, such a shame, I spent 650O on a phone and its lagging like
shit, WTF? And I am not the first one, once I got back to the shop,
they told me I was the 450 person who had the same problem and worst I
have to wait 3-6 weeks before I have my phone back! Thnx samsung,

"When I flashed my first Galaxy, a i9000, I set up Odin, loaded the
files, connected my phone and had my mouse pointer over 'Start' for
about 5 minutes before I had the courage to begin the flashing. Now
I've done that so many times that I can do it even my eyes closed"

"I have just listened to an hour of drum and bass using my Soundmagic
E10's. The SGS2 cant cope with low bass without crippling the volume
and sounding muddy. The SGS3 just plays it full whack no problems. My
ears are numb now. My Senheiser CX300 was good but CX300 II's bass was
light so went on Amazon and upgrading from CX300. Going for Soundmagic
E10...The DR DRE's are bit expensive for me"

"I found out how to restore your service provider's ROM using Kies if
you were trying the JB ROMs and wanna go back

1. Disconnect your phone from the PC and remove the battery
2. Start Kies
3. Go to tools> firmware upgrade and Initialisation
4. Put in your model name (see sticker in battery compartment). It is
case sensitive
5. When ask put in your s/n (see sticker in battery compartment), it
is case sensitive. Then you should see the ROM info
6. Return the battery to the phone and start it in restore mode.
7. Connect it to your PC and follow PC instructions. Good luck"

"Using kies in my desktop Windows Vista. One hour before it was
running smoothly until a new version arrived, of course I updated my
kies into version The problem is when I start running
the application an error occures saying kiesPDLR has stopped
responding. Now I dont know what to do and until now I am waiting for
this jellybean update. I have a baseband version I9300XXLE8 and a
build number IMM76D.I9300XXALE9"

"I am a vista user that got the latest Kies update and its
problematic. It's being caused by the program wanting administrative
rights and having it blocked. The fix is easy

1.Go to the start menu and un- install kies from "all programs"
2.Download the new windows version from the Samsung web site and do a
clean install. Problem's solved"

"The black lines apparently have something to do with auto brightness.
Turn it off and see if it makes a diff"

"I flashed my phone with I9300XXDLI8 two days ago. I did it in 3m 40s,
see if you can beat it"

"To do a HTML5 test, from the built in browser go to It should be around 412 in S3"

"Does anyone notice the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 having black
dots and lines (2 lines at right down side of screen) on the screen
when you are in a very dark room and your screen is pitch black? Got a
replacement but the replaceement also had the same problem"

"Android does not have more malware than iOS or WP8! Having the same
kernel as Windows 8 could be a big virus and malware-problem for Lumia
920! Lumia 920 is a bulky plastic brick, 185 g is more than Note II
and even more than HTC Desire Z that is made of metal and has a full
slide-out keyboard! Lumia 920 does not have a FM- radio and can not
play Adobe Flash 11 in the browser and Metro-UI is really ugly (but if
you like the Metro-UI you can install a launcher on any Android to
make it look and feel as WP8, but you can not install any different
launcher on WP8)! I can have more than 30 apps and games open on my S3
with no lag at all!"

"To prevent the browser from opening last viewed page when opening it
again, clear cache, press Menu -> Press on top right of the browser ->
Press (-) to close current page"

"Here in Shanghai iPhone sells for 7,500.00 RMB and Galaxy for
3,300.00 RMB. And screen size is incomparable; I can actually watch
videos on that thing. You may argue that I can do the same on iPhone,
but I would have to use big magnifying glass. In expert comparison
they are about the same, what have swayed me was the quality and
screen size."

"My Polaris Office 4.0 no longer works now that I have updated to
jellybean. What app should I use now to edit Microsoft Office files?
.docx in particular"

"In the first 10 days of charging the battery gonna feel discharging
fast, mine after 10 days or 12 got better and better. I use ipad2 and
the S3. The S3 browser is way faster. Another thing is its a big
display, 4.8". If you gonna use it at 100% full brightness, sure it
will consume more battery. From my extensive experience with Androids,
I can say, what kills the battery most is the high brightness and
mobile data kept constantly on. I solved it by using a car charger and
while in work connecting via USB to charge to my laptop. Thats how I
always have good battery backup. Also I tried html5test from the
browser and it was about 412, exceeds even the desktop browsers. The
bad thing is in gaming. Playing the new Need for Speed Asphalt7, it
lasts only 6hours"

"Pebble Blue is a beauty, but I really like the Garnet Red. It's a
shame that it is a CPW exclusive. It costs e519+ e10 top up.
Ridiculous price when Asda are selling the Blue and White at e399"

"I bought my Galaxy S3 from Dubai shop, model; GT9300, base band
model; I9300XXLFB, Build number; IMM76D.I9300XXBLFB. Can someone
please tell me which country it was destinate for and if locked or

"I am using my nokia 808 pureview charger, its 1.4A faster than the 1A
charger that comes with the S3"

"16GB GN II Indian version directly comes up with jelly bean on. So,
need not worry about JB, if you re purchasing it from India"

"You might get more money back when you sell iPhone but the S3 is
still cheaper and a 64gb iPhone costs over e200 more than a 16gb S3
with 64gb memory card"

"You paying a Hell of a lot more for Apps and features on iPhone, so
overall it could easily cost more than three times as much to run an
iPhone than an S3"

"I am from Romania. I had Galaxy S. That was limited to Gingerbread. I
rooted it and put on it a custom Jelly Bean because Samsung thought
that their 2 years old former star couldn't handle ICS or JB. That
didn't bother me that much. Altough there were a lot of other similar
phones from other brands that got ICS update. Even that tiny Xperia
x10 mini. I felt terribly sick. So I sold the S1 last week and the
next day I bought the S3 on subscription from Orange. Now, I am in the
same situation as you are. Last weekend Vodafone Romania was the first
operator in my country to get JB update for S3. Today it was released
for S3 from Cosmote operator. Orange will be the last operator here in
Romania to receive the JB update sometime next week. Now, should I say
that Samsung is not being loyal to me though I paid a lot for my S3?
Should I buy a shitty iphone instead? As someone said before, Apple
has 4 models to update, while the Galaxy family ishuge...I will be
patient, I love my phone even if I have my own frustrations"

"I reached the decision today that I can no longer remain loyal to
Samsung. Regular readers here will know that I have always loved
everything Samsung but that is no longer the case. Why? Because
Samsung has not been loyal to me. I am talking about the Jelly Bean
update. Here in the Uk, O2 has had the update for 2 days now, Vodafone
is getting it now, but T-Mobile and Orange haven't got it. Some of you
will comment that it is because different carriers insist on their own
version of the Firmware, but what irks me is that users with unbranded
phones won't be getting the update until November, despite the fact
that the International version was released weeks ago. I know that
because I flashed myphone as soon as the ROM appeared on the Internet;
it has the English UK language on it, and it works perfectly. That
being the case, then it should have been released in the UK at the
same time. Well, in that case I will be looking elsewhere in the
future for my next phone. If that is what Samsung thinks of it's loyal
customers then they don't deserve my loyalty to them"

"I think screen protectors are a rip off. But the rest of the phone is
"gorilla nothing". So invest in a gel case. Protect against shock
damage that can damage internal parts. Battery covers scratch easy as
well Screen protectors are really for brush scratching not really
going to help for the damage that could be caused by dropping"

"This is fake, he is a fraudster, will ask you to pay via Western
Union to someone in Istanbull/ Nigeria and you will never receive your
phone. So dont go for any deals with this and never pay via Western
Union to any unknown dealer. Its a fake site"

"OCS is better as JB doesn't support JavaScript anymore and not
everything had been converted to HTML5 yet"

"I have bought S3 yesterday. I made Dropbox account from that but its
only 2GB. How can I upgrade it to 50? It is mentioned in specification
as 50GB Dropbox for 2 years"

"Why worry about battery when we can buy as many batteries as we want?
Hey, we are not talking about iphone here"

"Working on a docx today on pc tapped on "save as" to save it to my
phone which was connected. And it was not in the list. Things like
that I miss. This phone has a media mode, camera mode but no true
flash drive mode. So I can't save from within programs or my web
browser on the pc, straight to the phone. Little things like that
suck. I'm not going to say don't buy this phone because it doesnt have
it. It just sucks that it is missing"

"It's impossible to move Apps to external SD because Samsung changed
the way external memory gets mounted. So it is now recognised as
separate memory and not as just a partition of the internal memory
like every other Android does. So the only way is to install App
called Directory Bind and that lets you move any folder to external"

"Normally how much does this fone takes to get fully charged if the
battery is at 10%? My S3 is taking 5 hours to get fully charged. I
dont know what has happened now. Earlier it used to get fully charged
in less time"

"The area where battery and SIM card are placed gets heated very fast
during playing games"

"I can't get into the Google Play store. I even tried with my friend's
Huawei8825, but it was also fruitless. I don't know why, maybe they
block the store especially for Myanmar? Most of the people here cannot
get in too"

"Phone was working just fine, till yesterday. The WiFi stopped working
and says obtaining IP address and nothing happens. I've tried every
possible solution I found on the internet, still not fixed! I dont
know what to do!! Restarting the wifi router always worked before but
not now"

"The competition today on smartphones is not about the physical look
or design and not also the hardware, size of the RAM or Memory your
phone has. It's all about the manufacturer/maker of this smartphone on
how they can sustain and support the software. Upgrading of software
and updating the device with bug or else to improve each smartphone we

"Jellybean ups UI framerate to 60FPS. FPS is important for smoothness
and smoothness means no lag"

"My S3 is showing some bugs and lags. I do not know why this happens.
It suddenly comes to home screen when I touch or enter into any
application. I also had Avast anti virus protector. The mobile does
not have the fluidity. Why does it occur?"

"Where is the jelly bean update? I bought this phone for jelly bean
and I dont like ice cream, makes my brain freeze"

"Screen protector is - for sure - useful, the only drawback I noticed
is the less sensitive response of the screen with the screen protector
(referring to the GS3 only - it's not the same case with all other
touch screen phones)"

"Had my S3 for two weeks. Battery needs charging twice a day. The
seller told that phone lasts a day. Mine lasts 12 with virtually
everyting turned off. WORST phone I've ever had"

"I've just bought myself a white GS3 and recently noticed that if I
play sounds from any source (YouTube, Video Player, Music Player,
ringtone etc), on near maximum volume, the sound on the loudspeaker
becomes a bit distorted, muffled. It plays fine on low volumes. I
wonder if it was the way the metal plate grill on the loudspeaker was
designed. How it has a lot of small holes on it and perhaps these
limit the amount of noise coming out from it"

"Still not getting my Google services to work (local, places,
navigation, play store, maps and also not able to set-up my Google
account as it takes forever to sign in but doesn't. Plus, now my
Samsung Account is also not setting up and nomatter how many times a
day I try to set-up my Samsung account, it keeps on saying a "Samsung
account update" available. I do that as well but no progress"

"One of my favourite features of the Galaxy S3 is the new and improved
lock screen. With the latest version of TouchWiz, Samsung has not only
included some key shortcut spots on the lock screen, they have also
given you the ability to customize them and add your own selection of
app shortcuts"

"I previously had HTC SENSATION XE, so my Gmail ID was registered with
it. Now I bought a S3. So how can I change Phone from my Gmail ID
settings? When I go to it says I have HTC SENSATION XE
(actually free 48GB Dropbox is also activated in the same ID. So I
want to use same for S3"

"S3 is great, the only complain from me is the 1GB RAM. Its
insufficient. And that could be the same case with One X+. However,
One X+ is using a DDR3 RAM clocked at 1.6ghz which is superior than
the One on the S3, but the amount of memory is still the same. Lumia
920 is a great smartphone as well but it's likely to be released with
a higher price point than the One X+, and just remind you that the
apps on WMP isn't as great as on the Play Store or App Store, both in
quantity and quality (or at least until now, but I believe it's
growing very rapidly). You might want to check out Galaxy Note 2 as
well as an alternative"

"I was so excited after much research and the commercials to get this
phone. But after I got it, I was extremely unsatisfied. Almost
instantly, in less then 12 hrs the so called "gorilla glass had cracks
all over it and I never dropped it, just had it either on the counter
or in my pocket. The promises of being about to share data is nothing
more then sharing on google+ and anyone with or without this phone can
do that. The volume on this phone and the vibration are so light that
I missed all my calls and texts for the day. Matter of fact, if I
didn't have my old phone I wouldn't have even known that I had text
messages. Sadden by this cheap phone, very disposible. I will be
returning it after less then 30 hrs with it. I am actually excited to
go back to my old old phone"

"Gorilla glass-2 is 20 times stronger than former gorilla glass.
Resistant to all forces either scratches, bending, explosive shocks or
liner force apply at 20,000+ mt/s. Yet, it's not resistant against
strong direct compression force and is still brittles as glass"

"You obviously installed a beta JB off a website and now the camera
isn't working. Just wait a couple weeks for the official jellybean
update. Pretty sure the Cam will still be working just fine"

"My friend just got the contract iphone5 and tried to show off to
me...lesser than a minute holding iphone5 in my hand, I have to give
back to my friend and I'm glade that I have SGS3!"

"On my rooted S3 I use "GLtoSd" to move gamedata and appdata to my
external 64GB sd-card! But only version 1.9.3 of "GLtoSD" can do this,
no later/newer releases of that app can do this, and the external
sd-card must be FAT32, not EXFAT"

"Whenever I open security in settings and tap on the owner
information, after few seconds the screen will display "Unfortunately,
settings has stopped". I started noticing this of late. Pls has anyone
noticed this?"

"My neighbour purchased a Garnet Red S3 a couple of days ago (lovely
colour, I might dump my blue one and get the same colour). I flashed
JB on it for him. Because I already have the file on my PC, it only
took 5 minutes. He was amazed at how easy it was (and was delighted at
how fast it is now). Just keep waiting, it's well worth it. JB is

"I got S3 two weeks ago and since then I have returned two phones and
waiting for a third one. The camera was not functioning well"

"Each LTE mobile operator (or service provider) has their own
frequency band to operate. For example Frequency band range in Asia
would be 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz. Altho' Japan use JP2500 (TDD)
,1700MHz, 2100MHz for unexplainable reason. Frequency band range in
Europe would be 800MHz,1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz. In N.America they
use US700, AWS, 850MHz,1900MHz and so on and on.... Thus the LTE

"All samsung Amoled has done badly in their tests, plus that even S3
owners admit now that S3 is poor in sunlight. Note II vs original Note
has proven that Pentile is far more inferior on HD displays than we
previously thought. So my suggestion is... ..Samsung can have their
flagships available in both AMOLED for the cartoon color lovers, and
then provide S-LCD or IPS for the rest of us"

"I just got the Samsung GS3 and its simply an awesome phone. The
pictures are stunning clear. There is so much ease of connectivity
with everything including Bluetooth keyboard, synchronisation and
putting music in the phone"

"I think I should still go for theiphone 5 that is more consistant
with its unbiased roll out of updates. With each IOS update, the older
iphone's performance seem to be noticeably slower. Anyway. A good
phone with great features like SGS3 do not really need OS updates
anymore especially to me since I change new phone every 21 months when
my contract ends"

"It was a big downer to find out that the LG Optimus G doesnt have a
card slot, the S3 now stands out as the far more COMPLETE phone. IF we
accept the darker pentile displays. I am aware that Galaxy S4 will
likely not have pentile, rather it will use the new matrix from Note
II, but that doesnt solve the brightness and color calibration
shortcomings. So 2 flagships is what I hope for"

"Phone was working just fine, till yesterday. WiFi stopped working and
says obtaining IP address and nothing happens. I've tried every
possible solution found on the internet, still not fixed! idk what to

"I have gone through the trouble of downloading Kies (77.4 Mb). Just
to connect my phone to a PC. That's disgraceful. No wonder, real power
users avoid it. Onto an old laptop I don't use anymore. (I'm not
ruining my PC with that Bloatware). Anyway, when I connected my phone
to Kies I get the following.... This is the latest firmware and
underneath it shows: Current firmware version
PDA:LIB/PHONE:LIB/CSC:LI1 (XEO) Latest firmware edition PDA:LIB/
PHONE:LIB/CSC:LI1 (XEO) It doesn't say anything about 'no longer able
to update using kies"

"Flashing any of the Galaxy range of phones with Odin is quick and
painless. I've done it so many times now I can flash a phone in less
than 10 minutes. That's not boasting, I'm just pointing out how quick
and easy it is. I have successfully flashed at least a dozen phones,
(i9000 and i9300), without any problems"

"A friend got this phone from a carrier (they're raping us here, $500
US difference for a $ 50 a month plan!). I have small hands (my hands
from middle finger to wrist fit in a computer keyboard) and yet I am
able to hold it perfectly and reach all buttons and one handed use
felt fine. This phone looks smaller than it is. It fits in my pocket
too! No bulge either (thin). Screen is great, no probs there. Felt
lighter than it looks. Feels good, like a wide slab and weight all
distibuted nicely. Great audio output on my solo beats headphones and
fast web browsing, He didnt have any HD games so I didnt try that. I
highly reccomend this phone! Im buying an unlocked white 32GB off ebay
and a spare battery to go with it. By the way, N8 user Audio is top
dog using Wolfson DAC"

"Quadrant with power save on, maximum FPS 40 but with it turned off,
it hits 70 FPS. Almost a double performance"

"I think my brain is not engaged and still cant keep pace with the
speed of Android. Guess what? If you go to settings and scroll to
power saving, well I have had that switched ON. If you actually tap on
the setting it brings up a list of the power saver settings, I did not
know you could tap on these settings. It just looks like you switcH it
ON/OFF. This should be made more clearer.. I switched it off and ran
Quadrant and got up to 70 FPS. If you want your device at full power
stuff that setting cripples your device. Thats more like it back up to
speed now. The thing is fair enough it saves battery but no need to
cripple the device that defeats the object of a powerfull smartfone in
the first place"

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