Samsung Galaxy s4 AirView & AirGesture - Pros & Cons

AirView & AirGesture - Pros & Cons


[] Personal Computing History rewritten, AirView and AirGestures let you input commands from the Air.

[] In assistance with capacitive sensor (AirView) and IR sensor (AirGesture), phone detects when your finger is hovering over the screen, but not touching it. Litteraly, it turns your finger into an S Pen. All you have to do is just wave finger above the display and a preview of extended information of selected content in a form of a pop-up will be displayed or some functions are carried out without the intervene of a touch. For an instance, hovering finger over an email or a folder in the gallery app, you can see the content inside.

[] AirView detects your fingers 1cm / 0.5" away from the display.

[] AirGestures let you change tracks, swipe photos, answer calls, switch between tabs in the browser and scroll through a web page from giving commands to the phone by sweeping your hand over the screen. It turns the S4 into a mini-Kinect and can detect your hand up to 7cm (just under 3"). Wave a finger left and right to switch between items on open apps, Up and down for scrolls.

"AirGestures" Varieties

1. With "AirJump," , by waving your hand up or down, you can do page-up and page-down scrolls.

2. AirBrowse lets you switch from one browser tab to another. Just wave your hand from side to side.

3. Relocating icons can be carried out with AirMove, such as apps and calendar appointments etc to other pages by holding them with one finger and waving your free hand left or right.

With them both you can,

[A] Have information previews for SMS texts, calendar entry text, videos (pointing to a spot in the timeline), S Planner events, folders and speed dial contacts.

[B] Move between tracks in the music player (the next track in the music player by hovering over the next button and the previous with previous button).

[C] Accept a call.

[D] Move app shortcuts.

[E] Magnify links in web pages.

[F] Scroll web pages in the browser (vertical waves) and switch between open tabs (horizontal waves).


1. It was present in Galaxy Note 2 in a similar fashion, but on S4, no S Pen is needed.

2. Air view detects your fingers 1cm / 0.5" away from the display. So, no worries of your fingers accidentally tapping the screen when you intend to use Air View instead.

3. Believe it or Not, AirView will find its way into your daily life.

4. Works in Photo gallery, the dialer, Samsung's native browser, email client and Flipboard. Emails can be previewed (Emails show first lines of recieved messages.). and also lets you preview messages. So you can check you have the right thread rather than going in and then back again.

5. The ability to preview images from a gallery, when you have a plethora of photos in the Gallery, Air View becomes handy in navigating them all promptly.

6. The calendar pops up day's appointments.

7. In the video player, hovering over the progress bar, brings previews of the playing videos. The timeline brings up a thumbnail of that part of the video, allowing you to easily skip to the scenes you like. Most importantly, it wont disturb the main action.

8. You can see which speed dials are assigned to which number. The other way around is to press and find.

9. Effective than Smart Scroll.

10. Accurate and responsive.

11. It keeps track of swift and erratic movements and there's little lag or stuttering.

12. Nice for zooming in out of web pages. In the Browser, you are provided with a magnification window to view small text with ease. It magnifies texts in the browser.

13. Flipboard is the only third party app that supports AirView. You can open a small preview of items there.

14. In the Setting menu you can customize its performance, turn it on or off for emails, messages, video previews and web text magnifying etc.

15. Gimmicky or not, its actually usefull in the Calendar.

16. Enable the haptic feedback for AirView, it gives it a physical tangible response. It will be easier to navigate with Air View this way. A tiny laser pointer guides you on the lock screen when you are Air Viewing over it.

17. Soon it will have an SDK. Developers will be able to integrate the feature into their own apps.

18. Perfect for the busy, who make their meals on online recepes in haste, always dirt on their hands and thousand things on their minds. You can scroll the screen without touching the screen.

19. Good for regular eaters (or eating). Now dont have to feed the phone with dirty fingers or worry about "Fingers licking Good" or not before answering a call in the mid of a food session.

20. I started using it while I had something in my hand. It will find its own way to your daily life too.

21. Extremely usefull when your hands are wet.

22. Stop worrying, your Air Gesturing. 'Call accepting' is unnecessary while driving. All you have to do is wave the finger when accepting a call. I seriously wanted to write "Make sure that you are wearing a Handsfree". Nah! It goes automatuically to the speaker phone.

23. You can set a locked phone so that it recognize when you gesture toward it to pick it up. Doing that, when it's turned off, gives you a quick glance at such stuff like the time and unread e-mail count etc.

24. Can scroll through PDFs.

25. You can jump at large scales when scrolling through web pages. Read with leaps and bounds.

26. AirGestures, AirViews and SmartPauses, all in one.

27. Note that, only the native apps support them, third party apps will not work with them (even Chrome that comes preinstalled on the phone).

28. Air Gesture, debut in Note 2 with Quick Glance. A year old technology. But usability is expanded this time.

29. Hover your fingers near a contact in your address book, it reveals more details without your having to open the contact.

30. You can turn pages by waving your hand nearby.


1. To find the most effective way to use the feature, have to spend time fiddling with it. To use Air View properly, you have to master it. Practice holding finger inches away from the screen hovering it daily, if not hourly.

2. Useless in video scrolling. There you can slide finger on the screen to do the same which is easier to perform than Airviewing.

3. Air View only works in Samsung's native apps (Flipboard is an exception).

4. Not available on Gmail and Chrome (both standard apps of Jelly Bean though).

5. The screen is bit over sensitive. While you are Air Viewing the email client, info can pop out like pasta and screen can get cluttered. If you are sane enough, you will be irritated.

6. Its fiddly and nearly useless in the Samsung browser.

7. AirGesture, you have been warned! It's pretty often inaccurate.

8. When browsing photos not with Air Gestures but with physical touches (or doing anything similar) it can still lead to unnecessary "forwards" or backwards. Your finger on air might be misinterpreted as an Air Gesture.

9. Can answer calls with a wave of your finger over the screen, but limit it only to situations such as in a car.

10. Simply unpredictable! You will be taken backwards when you intend to go forward. Resetting or retrying the process will make things worse. It's hyper sensitive.

11. Often scroll backs when you're just moving your hands around. It sometimes tempted to jump as you point something out or showing someone a photo.

12. You might end up leaving both Air View and Air Gestures on, mostly, just to show off.

13. Takes effort than it should to be.

14. Most times, touching remains as the best option.

15. Delivered in the middle of a developing process. Not plenary.

16. AirView is well integrated. Air Gestures are much more difficult to reliably activate than AirView.

17. Maybe they will ever remain gimmics in your phone, though how much effort put into it building it at billion dollar labs of Samsung.

18. Most prominent of all cons is, "YOU CAN SIMPLY TOUCH THE PHONE!." You are paying couple of hundred bucks for waving a finger over an already touchable phone.

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