Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons - General

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros & Cons - General


1. Games can be moved to SDcard, but not the 1 GB+ HD variety. You are left with about 9GB of internal memory for that kind of ventures.

2. Lags in Contacts and Dialer apps. It still takes a second to open the contacts and logs even after a number of updates. Even premium apps from Playstore are dependant on stock dialer and contacts app.

3. Heats up a bit while charging.

4. After every reboot, you get about 1.3 to 1.4GB free RAM. 2GB RAM only available in paper.

5 Need to recharge it twice a day.

6. It sliped. It getting a big crack on the upper side is another story.

7. Safari browser of iOS 7 beta 2 beats the native browser.

8. Try Facebook on an iphone and on S4, there is a difference.

9. Using phone just to make calls on an average of 10-20 minutes in 24Hrs, have to charge the device after every 24Hrs.

10. Airview is not working properly.

11. Samsung is selling a 16GB version is misnews. They are selling only a 9GB (internal memory) version.

12. According to Samsung, bloatware eaten internal memory can be freed up with software optimisation. But a recent update only made some of the Galaxy S4's tweaks optional, rather than installing the lot from the off.

13. The screen is very dim compared to S3 and Note.

14. Users are jiggerd to find a mysterious function that when they take their eyes away from a plying video, it pauses for nor any apparent reason. Reportedly, they are literate, but not techliterate.

15. It heats up while playing heavy games. GangstarVegas, ModernCombat4, Batman, and Nova3 are few to name.

16. Hangs.

17. No sign whatsoever of an imminent camera update.

18. Motion blurs.

19. Note 1 beats GS4 hands down with crisp stereo effects and clarity.

20. Wi-Fi connection is horrendous if you use a D-Link router. Troublesome routers identified as the D-Link DIR-655 and DIR-855.

21. No FM radio.

22. Its plastic rear is flimsy.

23. Camera is slow.

24. Can be slow to respond when changing modes.

25. Though megarpixel count enhanced than the 8-megapixel S3, both use the same size of sensor.

26. Low-light performance is disappointing.

27. Highest brightness level (display) isn't that great and colours are oversaturated.

28. The screen goes blue-ish when the phone is tilted, colours look oversaturated unless you change the colour settings.

29. Screen blurs with fast motion.

30. Closing every battery draining gimmics, cleaning RAM and cash and keeping brightness at 10-20%, still battery sucks.

31. Playing 1080ps is not smooth in most formats like mkv, mov ect.

32. Samsung's Customer Care Service, should be improved with immediate effect. trying to chat online with a customer agent always brings a familiar "No Agents Available" message.

33. In the interface to send a query directly, cannot select model number from the drop down menu. Hillariously enough, S4 isn't listed.

34. Replacing factory defective, faulty pieces can be onerous. They might keep on sending you from one W__ section to another.

35. Updates solve problems and give life to new issues that never existed.

36. Third party, Non-OEM batteries are notorious for causing reception issues.

37. By default, the Home button is destined to bring the Svoice when tapped twice. You press Home button once to access home, but it is irresponsive. You press it twice and as destined, it brings SVoice. Now convey your Grieve. (Can open S Voice and turn off the "Open via the home key" option anyway)

38. According to Samsung service centre, its better to let the Samsung Workshops do the firmware upgrading. Upgrading firmware by Wifi or any other online means, is not up to the mark, can cause troubles. Such practices might bring incomplete new upgrade package of firmware to the phone due connectivity problems.


1. 3rd update within 1 and half month. Samsung is listening to customers.

2. A recent update fixed bugs in Gallery, contacts and logs. UI is smoother.

3. It heats up while playing heavy games. GangstarVegas, ModernCombat 4 are few to name. But after the upgrade, it is considerably reduced.

4. Samsung will make a metal version of the Galaxy S4.

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