Samsung Galaxy S4 - WatchOn Pros & Cons

WatchOn Pros & Cons - RockOn or WatchOn? (or WatchOut?)


1. WatchOn, the four-in-one power house is a universal remote control for home and office appliances (from TVs, DVDs and Blu-ray players, media streaming to airconditioners), a TV guide, an entertainment and a Netflix portal. Its a nifty control system for the entire home theater system in association with a built-in infrared port.

It combines S4 with TV service providers and remotely controlls appliances. Lists Programs, channels, lets pick shows and channels simply working as a remote in the meantime. Only thing it lacks is, it doesnt have a button to controll your children. Quite similar to "Peel" but customized. It asks your zip code and piles up a number of TV service providers in your region. A large database preinstalled, thus, out of the box functions.



1. A universal TV portal. It houses descriptions of shows, popularities based on votes and their comments. You can cast your own vote and have your own saying.

2. Powered by Peel.

3. The setting up process is straightforward. You can instruct WatchON on which way you get your channels, from TV, set top box or cable. Then it inquires couple of questions and set up the controller to perform the task in the proper way.

4. Some providers let you change channels with TV remote. With some others, you have to use the set-top box remote for the same purpose. Most times, same goes for the audio output. Either have to use the TV to output the sound or an AV receiver. What a mess! Interestingly, it knows the nature of the messy home setups. The app will ask about your setup and present a unified remote control interface even if you have multiple hardware remotes to control all the devices. End of excruciating home setups.

5. Very brisk at getting the right codes for devices.

6. A new design and UI is enhanced.

7. Buy a brand new Samsung Smart TV, can wirelessly mirror from the TV to the phone (transfer live video from the TV to S4) over Wi-Fi network.

8. WatchON chooses programs for you.

9. You can see a full channel list, or a curated selection of TV shows and movies.

10. A very nifty "Peel" based search and recommendations for your cable box, Netflix, Blockbuster, and some other players in the industry. Not only Google is having an Algorhythm, it calculates your up votes and down votes you cast at shows and provides a personalized guide for shows based on your preferences. Great recommendations come from WatchOn or Netflix.

11. Convenient. Changing the channel is a breez of ease.

12. Bear the traits of Peel-based apps. The experience can be familiar.

13. Setting up can take some sweat. Errors may occure. Mostly, since it tunes itself to your TV set, cable box and sound system. But from then onwards, its cheese.

14. Categories.

15. Categorized by show titles, not by channels.

16. Can set favorites.

17. Can set reminders for upcoming favourites. It will remind you when show is "Now Showing."

18. You can also set reminders for shows you want to watch.

19. It has got a plethora of content than HTC One, specially the Video Hub implanting itself with its own zone inside the app.


1. Soon the remote controll world will be smart phone driven. The OEMs will deliver deep integrations to smart phone universal remote controll systems like WatchOn.

2. Devices are organized by rooms. Users can configure different rooms of their home or office with different device types allowing you to take the phone with you and still have it as a remote.

3. The remote control functionality is not demarcated to Samsung products. Recognizes products from other brands. Thus, eliminates the biggest barrier to most universal remote controls.

4. Functional and easy to set up. Can be connected to multiple entertainment systems without hassle or dazzle.

5. Get rid of messes of remotes.

6. A lock screen widget for the remote control potion of WatchOn. Can change a channel or turn the volume up or down from the lockscreen.

7. The remote control gets in in the notifications menu or on lockscreen as a widget. HTC One lacks this feature. The only phone that carry this besides S4 is Optimus G Pro.


1. The app is hard to navigate. It's good but not the best.

2. It wont connect to some Media boxes including those made by Samsung.

3. If you are trying it for the first time, mind that, it wont work properly. Give it a second try.

4. A too simple interface. Lacks more complex buttons or functions and only fewer buttons present.

5. The remote (of Galaxy S4) cannot compete with Logitech Harmony Touch.

6. WatchOn wont work with the Note 8.

7. Netflix portal wholly available. Just one hitch, those features's functionality depends on cable provider and equipment you use.

8. To get the best, out of Netelix features, you have to have a Google TV.

9. Peel dependant smart remote and listing apps debut on the HTC One and Galaxy Note 8.0. Thus, its not new.

10. At the initial steps of the setting up process, app tunes itself to your TV, cable box and sound system. So process undergoes trial and error.

11. Even when tested with a Samsung TV, TV’s inputs get mixed up.

12. Can't stream content you buy, wirelessly. Only possible way is, to a TV with a wired connection. Screen mirroring should be enabled.

13. HTC One wins in setting up process. Its mightier. Though S4 runs the process smooth, not all the functions are functional at the end of the day. You have to reset the codes.

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