120 Pros and cons of Apple ipad 3 Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi + LTE (4G)

Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad Wi-Fi - 4G's CDMA capabilities available only if sold and activated for use on a CDMA network. LTE otherwise known as 4G is only supported on AT&T and Verizon networks in the US. Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks in Canada also furnish 4G for the ipad3 Wifi + 4G slate

This is the Tablet with no support for GSM voice. Most Asians will carry that memory to their next lives

Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is carrier dependant

On Wi-Fi + 4G, only MicroSIM cards are supported

9.7 inches display

~264 ppi pixel density, you wont distinguish the pixels with the naked eye


Scratch-resistant glass

Oleophobic coating

No Alerts

No memory card slot

16/32/64 GB internal storage options



Touch focus

Secondary cam

Videocalling over Wi-Fi only

iOS 5.1

Apple A5X Chipset

Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU

PowerVR SGX543MP4 (quad-core graphics) GPU



Safari browser

No Radio


iCloud cloud service

iBooks PDF reader


Retina display comes with 2048 x 1536 pixels. its four times the pixels of the PreviousPad2

Clear images with sharp details

The resolution is ready-made to give a print quality resolution for Digital magazines

1080 HD videos, movies

Its heavier than the Predecessor

More resolution means apps and movies will need more space to store

The display will deliver multiple characters and languagesat the same time

Voice dictation accepted

PowerVR (quad core) is two times faster than the Tegra 3 and will be four times ahead than the Nvidia’s chip, when it come to graphics performance

5 element lens

Image stabilization

Hotspot via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

LTE iPad versions cost $130 more than the Wi-Fi versions

A wide f2.4 aperture for low-lights

An infra-red filter


Most graphics heavy apps and games are not optimised for the device yet

A Proprietary USB connector, a standard microUSB is not available

44 percent improved color saturation

Expensive: WiFi-only iPads are priced at $499 for 16GB. A WiFi + 4G 16GB iPad will cost $629. One who aspire more space on this toy may spend $829 for a 64GB WiFi + 4G model

There are 3.1 million pixels on the new display in total, 1 million more pixels than your typical HDTV set

"FaceTime video chat still won't work directly on the 4G network", TheVerge.com confirms

For Wi-Fi and 4G versions, they are charging additional US$130 bucks

The LTE connectivity is for data usage only

GPS with A-GPS support is optional and for the 3G model only

Bluetooth 4.0

11,560 mAh battery, what a monster!, but most users claim that there isnt any significant improvement in the battery life

Four and five-finger gestures
To do a 1080p TV-output you need the Apple Digital AV Adapter which is sold separately for about$39

720p video streaming

Supports magnetic cases

Every iPad and iPhone app is supported without any tweaks or tricks

1080p video recording at 30fps

VGA secondary camera do lets to have FaceTime calls

You will still need iTunes for uploading most of your stuff

Do poorly under sunlight

Same CPU as the iPad 2

Thicker than the iPad 2

Flash is missing in the web browser

Non replaceable battery

No stereo loudspeakers

No GPS receiver in the Wi-Fi version

Beware!, it gets hot during heavy usage

You cant both charge it and use it at the same time

Most basic iOS apps are gone with the wind. Apps like weather, stocks, clock, calculator and voice memos arent there

Not only a bunch of more pixels added, also a powerful GPU is added to take care of the extra pixel handling

Wi-Fi only iPad doesn't have Wi-Fi hotspot

You can Video chat and the reciever can recieve video frames at a speed of 30/fps

No Multitasking

You cannot Drag and Drop to manage files

No SD card reader for the Huns

Cannot connect as a disk drive to the computer


Aluminium unibody

A screen rotation lock. It also works as a mute button

An ambient light sensor which does the trick. It automatically adjust the screen brightness levels

Old Smart Covers will be much reluctant to work with the new iPads different orientation of the magnets polarity

Bluetooth is for hands free and headphones only. Bluetooth file transfers are not catered yet

Compare, iPad 2 has a 0.7MP still cam. But the newest is empowered with a 5MP cam which is capable of recording 1080p videos

80,000 apps

iTunes U app delivers university lectures, keynotes and verbal courses

Apple won't charge you for the FaceTime app

iBooks is a virtual bookshelf. But it is not the only eye-candy you will confront there

Not your typical e-reader, reading on a backlit LCD display is not similar to that of an e-ink display reading experience. If you stare at it for lengthy hours it will pop your eyes out

The color scheme seems bit yellowish than the ipad2

Most apps have the option "split screen"

No dedicated key to launch cam

The notifications are displayed on homescreen and lockscreen

The Notification center- the pull down menu-accomodate widgets

The bonus pixels have had no gains from the plethora of added-dots. The UI isnt optimised for the plenty of pixels

The GPU -PowerVR SGX543MP4- has four cores and is the one that power PlayStation Vita

The ipad new is better than iphone 4s delivering javascript and HTML5

GSM, UMTS, CDMA, EV-DO, LTE all in one

An easy navigation combination discovered!. Four/five finger pinch zoom out will fetch the homescreen, and the app thats working on will hide in the nearest background forest

The pinch zoon out and left/right swipes wont work on the homescreen

The swipe up gesture is omnipotent

HD calls only, which looks pretty bad on the Retina display. Can iPad's front-facing camera handle them beside/beyond 720ps?

LTE or CDMA?, actually you need a contract with a carrier that provide the respective band. No matter how your network of preference matters, you will have to stick with some alien network for the sake of ipad

The first iPad which tethering is impregnated

USB charging is a mystery. It doesnt show whether its taking it or not, but its still charging

Pinch zooming in browser

The multiple tabs supported in case of a wild Safari

The Reader mode in the browser wont save you anywhere anytime. Its not available with every page out there

The 3G/LTE version lets the user to use active data connection for A-GPS and cellular base station triangulation

Multi-touch gestures

A task switcher

To use ipad as a photopad, you will need iPad's camera connection
kit which downloads images from a memory card directly

No Divx or Xvid

You will have to hold the heavypad until the Titanic sink!. Its heavy and hard to hold by two hands during an entire flicks

MOV files at 1080p supported

iTunes is reluctant transferring MOV files that go beyond its imposed bitrates. (third party apps do the trick well)

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