Bolt browser wont wake up!, Bolt is not brave enough to go forward

Bolt, the downloadable third party mobile browser that empowerd the millions of owners of entry level Java phones with a PC like web page rendering and a video streaming capabilities, officially demised few months ago. But most believed that the browser will wake up from the ashes. Now months have passed and its crystal clear that it wont arise and make bolt moves again

Bolt debuted as a private beta on January 15 2009 and released to the mass on february 16 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was one of the earliest mobile browsers to adapt a server side web page rendering service and was based on Webkit rendering engine to give the user a PC like surfing experience. The browser was highly acclaimed for its full webpage displaying. The browser was best known for its SMART Javascript rendering and patented Splitview mechanism at its peak.

The browser in the following years boltly moved on to display full screen mode where some other browsers like UCWeb still struggle to deliver. Even its Javascript performance was remarkably in order which even Opera denyies to output. Through the years followed the browser saw a stable string of developments. From the earliest version number 0.86 the software rapidly jumped to the stable version of 2.52 withing a short period of time and gained many competitive features like streaming video capabilities, support for Javascript and AJAX, direct edit on text boxes, download manager, lengthy video streaming, cloud server infrastructure back up, syndication of favourites through Bolt Space and unprecedented web widgets.

Time to say good bye to a bolt venture

Photo credit: official website

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