Few of the best Java games and apps I have ever played

Here is a list of few of the finest java games and apps I have ever played. Java isnt dead, at least it haunts in the big heads of Google these days. I have listed only the the best though its small in number. It may avert you from downloading a bunch of games and crappy apps or Krabby Patties. Most of the games and apps are multi screen

1. Opera mini - yes I know, you already knew it. No argue, Opera takes the first place. m.opera.com, the official website says my old sony ericsson w200 doesnt meet the repuirements to run opera 6.5 which pisses me off and changed my mind from installing Opera Next to my old rugged hoarse, Sony ericsson w200i

2. UC WEB - another mobile browser. Mobile screen rendering is great. In some instances, where Opera becomes non corpoporative, UCweb delivers

3. Bolt by Bitstream - a mobile browser with a PC like website look and one of my favourite mobile browsers. Here, die hard Opera fans should get one thing clear of their chests, Opera doesnt support Javascript which Bolt was partially compatible with. It's untimely demise was a shock to me

4. Java mobile back up app- you may lost your phone but not your contacts if you have installed this app and uploaded your contacts to app's server. To download go to mobilebackup.com

5. GMAIL app by GOOGLE - a simple but usefull app. Only flaw is hyperlinks you get in emails are opened in default browser of the phone

6. GOOGLE MOBILE MAP APP - the most exciting java app of all, now with 3D street view. This is the app I recommend to use when your bored (except when your lost). Use street view and go to Newyork, London, Tokyo sitting at home. It will be a sweet memory

7. Mobichess - playing chess online on your phone? Yes, with mobichess its possible. Trust me, I get defeated everyday. There are so many mobile chess games that promise that (no, not beating me to the pants, online gaming), but reality is far beyond. Only mobichess can handle it (but the service is dead now I guess)

8. Chessbuddy - mobichess is for playing online. To play single player offline, the best of the best is CHESSBUDDY. TRY TO BEAT IT, if you can. It must be the most advanced java game one can play on a mobile

9. Snaptu - inbuild Picasa photo browser, holywood box office, Facebook, Twitter, sudoku, RSS feeds, news channels, crick info, what else? Snaptu has (had) them all. Snaptu, as a browser doesnt come close to even UCweb's low memory version. But its elegant homepage and UI make it a downloadworthy one. Now the app is swallowed by the big bad wolf, Facebook and rendered nearly useless

10. VRADIO - virtual radio lets listen to online radio stations. Data charges apply.

11. DEEP by FISHLABS - one of the best games I have ever played in my life. May be the best. You will be amazed at how much can be done with J2ME

12. V-RALLY 3D by IFONE.COM - I have played thousands of 3D car racing games with phones. But Vrally was diffent. Its the worlds only java car racing game that has the best, most realistic and most smooth drive. 3D graphics are relatively good

13. ASPALT3 3D STREET RULES - for the most comprehensive 3D racing game experiance you need aspalt3 3D STREET RULES. 3D graphics are relatively at its best

14. 20Q MIND READER by DIGITAL CHOCALATE inc - think about anything, it can guess what it is. Asking 20 questions and few more if necesarry, it will read your mind. 20Q was the most addictive game I ever played apart from the pleasure I had with it

15. THE WITCHER CRIMSON TRAIL by BREAK POINT - You run, you jump, you run and again jump. You hit a thug inbetween - a barrier actually. So go the things with most adventure java games. THE WITCHER isn't different from the above criteria. But its the best java fantacy game you can play on a mobile

16. TIME CRISIS - a nicely moving action, shooting and a battling game. The PC like 3D rendering prompts you not to put the phone back

So end of the journey. There are few more that deserve mentions in the list, but I am bit lazy to add them. Enjoy your gaming!

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