Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons - Pros and Cons of the Hubs

Hub - Pros & Cons


1. Samsung's online media content empire, TheHub lets you buy (and in some instances sample) Books, games, music, digital magazines and online newspapers etc.

2. Samsung has integrated all hubs (Hubs like Music, Game and Book which previously existed in different locations) into one mighty warrior Hub. What triggers your mind? Sorrow, passion, cheating, beating and lying all built into one entity? You can even replace your own Hubby with it.

3. Free music samples. You can see a preview of a song which lasts for 30 seconds, before buying any solo titles. A relief when you buy boring "White" labels from YankeeYork. Do they still produce music?

4. You can buy individual tracks or whole albums.

5. Vested with a "Windows Mobile Tile" like image centered interface. Its the only piece that differs from the rest of the UI.

6. You can buy or pre taste Premium games. It lets you try the games before buying them.

7. Social games present.

8. Some Gameloft and EA titles are exclusively available which are not available on the Google Play Store otherwise.

9. WatchON app is built right into the Hub. Nice and Wonderful.

10. Swipes present, which will let you get through a hell lot of content in no time.

11. The home screen (of the Hub) suggests media for you. After all, you are a buyer, right?

12. MusicHub is utilized with search, charts and lists of new releases.

13. Some premium and exclusive apps available.

14. Buy one and take one home free.

With the advent of the Hub, you get under two roofs when it comes to buying entertainment, in a more clear sense, you get two official app stores, two video stores and two music stores. Here comes the "Hubs" and Google Play is staring at the corner.

15. Hub is totally redesigned, an impressive work and a look.

16. Prices seem not right.

17. You can access content you buy on Hub from other Samsung's devices like TVs, tablets or phones.

18. A considerably large library of music, TV and movies.

19. Hub is integrated. Now you can sign in with one ID and pay with a single payment system for media and content.

20. Unlike other regions, U.S. gets a special kind of favour. They get the largest selection of content.

21. Samsung is an Innovator . You may see other integrations it will do in the future (in the days to come which will roll in as upgrades maybe) to the Hub in accordance with other products they build in home labs like TVs and Blu-ray players etc.


1. The Hubs are comparatively less populated than other Dictators like itunes, mighty Google Play, Amazon and Nook (specially when eBooks on Amazon and Nook are taken into consideration). But surely more titles will catch on like fire in the following months.

2. After Smartphones, comes the Restrictions!

If you want to watch bought movies on other big screens, a HomeSync device is required (connected via an HDMI cable with HDCP). Neither you can use AnyCast to port movies into Samsung TVs nor stream video connecting to a TV using AllShare. Its a pity. You buy the ticket but you cannot enter the theatre. But "HTC Watch" is an exception here. It lets you do that even for cheaper prices.

3. For its hefty high price tags and restrictions, its not the best place yet for buying Entertainment.

4. Samsung currently - I think due to wide usage - is having licensing issues with major movie studios.

5. Netflix in the VideoHub for streaming? Nah!

6. eBooks are more expensive on the Hub than Amazon (and maybe anywhere else).

7. "Sociability" is absolutely gone in the Hub. You have to find a way around to socialize the Hub. A pros or con?

8. Pretty old stuff are often categorized as “new releases” in some Hub home pages.

9. The games dept caters you with only few noteworthy titles. Titles are nearly sparse.

10. Availability of Movie, TV and music content is country dependant.

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