Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons - Hardware Cons

Build - Cons


1. Its still plasticky with just a little flex in its body. It’s made almost entirely of plastic and just a polycarbonate strip runs along the edge of the phone.

2. The silvery band around the sides looks like metal, but its still a part of the plan, Plastic!

3. The plastic back panel is still fragile. Avoid removing it too often.

4. Polycarbonate is rigid and stable but the HTC One wins in the "Design Race". It has a more premium build quality and a look. Its an aluminium unibody.

5. Polycarbonate used doesn't impress enough and doesn't feel premium like Nokia Lumia 920's or HTC One X+'s.

6. The diamond pattern found in the front and back is an uncomfortable eyesight, specially in the Black model.

7. A tiny Bezel, fingers may accidentally slip into the screen and funny things can happen, unless irritating.

8. A fingerprints magnet.

9. Too glossy and Hyperglazed. Sweat will make it slippery.

10. Its a carier's nightmare. Slippery, slimy and smooth and glossy, simply unpleasant in your hand.

11. The checkered pattern is not for a better grip.

12. The 2,600mAh battery also acts as the NFC antenna. If you replace the battery, you loose NFC.

13. Its hard to distinguish where it differs in look from S3.

14. Two capacitive buttons and one physical button. Nexus line has done away with those. A waste of space.

15. The capacitives wont be lit up unless a touch take place. You will find it difficult to identify which side is which, Menu or Back. When you press Back mistakenly, you loose everything you have done on open apps.

16. The volume toggle is bit hard to access when held in right hand.

17. The menu key is in left and back key is in right, a total different layout from other Androids.

18. The physical button is a definite "Hit" when the surface is fiddled, swiped and when fingers reach the bottom of the screen.

19. Samsung has done away with "inspired by nature" model. the pebble look and feel will no longer be available in stores.

20. Its big, small hands should worry.

21. Consumer electronics warranty provider SquareTrade, tested S4 for Durability and concluded that the device is more fragile than its predecessor and the worse, scored weaker than Apple’s iPhone 5. They considered water resistance, grip, edges and resistance to drops (the S4 faired in water resistance test and front and back panel designs test).

22. Where it failed to impress the panel? Slide, drop tests, size and grip. Anyway iPhone 5 won the test.

23. Why its breakable than the iPhone 5? The reason is simple, its large or is it just me thinking?

24. Wireless charging options currently not available.

25. Anyway, its better you buy a silicon cover to protect it.

26. Need to force the little plastic clips (back panel) to all sit firm.

27. Pressing Back button long enough, your taken into the side bar for the Multi tasking window. But to get it into work, you have to enable it. Otherwise it wont listen.

28. The HTC One feels premium (but metal phones are notorious for radio signal issues).

29. The white plastic strip between the front and back metal is poorly made and fitted.

30. You will have no idea whether the phone is upright or upside down until you hit a Menu, Home or Back button. Its ridiculous, most times you will even plug headphones into the micro USB port.

31. 16GB of internal storage, but on both versions, Exynos or Snapdragon, they only offer around 9GB of usable space (in the case of the HTC One 32GB, the smallest model, about 25GB is available right off the shelf)

32. USB on the go lets the user to connect a USB dongle to Galaxy S4 and transfer files without fiddling with microSD card and peeling off the back plate of the phone. But you need a separate cable, and they are hard to come by, finding one is hard.

33. Kind a texture present, interestingly, is actually smooth. Wont disturb fingers but its still there for no use.

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